The Therapist's Guide to Being Pregnant: A planner, timeline, and guide for therapist parents-to-be

The Therapist's Guide to Being Pregnant: A planner, timeline, and guide for therapist parents-to-be

by Kara Bolling


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“Ms. Bolling nails it in this quintessential handbook for mental health professionals who also hope to become parents. She clearly outlines potential issues a pregnant therapist may encounter and offers a trimester by trimester guide on how to address them. She integrates legal, financial, and emotional advice in a heartfelt and engaging way. I truly wish I had this book when I was having my children.”

-Sharon P. Fisher, PMHNP-BC is the co-author of Beyond The Egg Timer: A Companion Guide for Having Babies in Your Mid-Thirties and Older and is the owner of Nurtured Well, LLC, a women’s mental health clinic in Towson, MD

"This was the book I never knew I truly needed! ...This book was extremely helpful through my journey to establish a timeline, budget, and be realistic about how I'll be feeling emotionally and physically during [pregnancy] and postpartum. ...HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!!!"

-Allison McQuaid, LCPC

"Kara’s book has helped put my mind at ease about being pregnant while continuing my work. ...Her casual writing style is accessible and keeps it “light” and interesting, even while tackling some serious topics relating to pregnancy. It feels like a conversation with a friend. ...It is a quick read but is filled with wonderful insight, experience, possible scenarios, empathy, wit, and practical help."

-Krista Zerby, LGMFT

Pregnancy is an exciting and stressful time when your body and your business will change. Let's think things through together.

The Therapist's Guide to Being Pregnant is an interactive guide for psychotherapists, counselors, and mental health professionals in private or group practice who are navigating pregnancy or even just preparing to start a family. Pregnancy and parenthood will impact how you show up for your work and your clients, both now and in the future, in ways you cannot even imagine. This book will give you the information you need and normalize what you're going through in a fun and light-hearted way.

If thinking and planning helps you breathe easy, this book is for you.

The only book of its kind, The Therapist's Guide to Being Pregnant breaks down the work of being a pregnant therapist by trimester, with prompts to get your thinking going and checklists to help you feel satisfied when you’re done. There are workbook-style spaces for you to make notes about what you're thinking and the author gives personal examples to illustrate the material. Pregnant people are centered using gender-neutral language and with an understanding that every family looks different.

Whether you are a pregnant therapist now or possibly-one-day-in-the-future, whether this is your first pregnancy or not your first rodeo -- this book will answer the questions you didn't know you had and successfully prepare you and your clients for this exciting time of change.

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ISBN-13: 9781734315806
Publisher: Two Suns Healing, LLC
Publication date: 02/01/2020
Pages: 100
Sales rank: 638,629
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.21(d)

About the Author

Kara Bolling, MSW, LCSW-C is a psychotherapist in Maryland. Kara loves babies and always thought once she started having them she'd want to quit social work to be with babies all day (the cuties). Instead, she's discovered that her love for her babies has expanded her creativity and love for her work. Kara wants to help all baby-having therapists find their way through pregnancy and postpartum, to reconnect with themselves and find their parent power.

Kara uses a somatic psychotherapy approach to help adults through relationship issues and trauma recovery. She also works with parents who need support during the toddler and teenage years. Kara lives in Baltimore with her husband and two precious children. This is her first book. Visit her at and on Instagram @karabollinglcswc.

Table of Contents

Preface / i

Introduction / iii


First Things First: Survive the First Trimester / 3

Hurdles to Overcome, What If You’re Unexpectedly Pregnant, The Uncertainty Of the First Trimester, Self-Care for Pregnancy, Short-Term Disability Insurance

Let’s Break This Down: Morning Sickness / 6

Let’s Break This Down: Financial Planning For Taking Leave / 12

First Trimester Checklist & Timeline / 17


Sometime Later: Client Work In the Second Trimester / 20

The Impact Of Your Pregnancy, Preparing For Post-Announcement, Looking Ahead to the Fourth Trimester, When to Stop Taking New Clients, Control Is an Illusion: So Plan for Early Labor, The Parental Leave Release of Info, Making Big Decisions

Let’s Break This Down: Deciding When To Break the News / 21

Let’s Break This Down: The Announcement / 27

Let’s Break This Down: When To Carry On With the

Business of Your Business / 36

Let’s Break This Down: Talking With Potential

Clients / 41

Second Trimester Checklist & Timeline / 50


Nearing the End: Wrapping Things Up In the Third Trimester / 54

Winding Down Your Clinical Work, Have I Talked Enough About Self-Care, Termination, Transitioning Clients to Other Providers, When to Transition, Documentation, Your Last Day of Work, “How are you doing?”

Third Trimester Checklist & Timeline / 66

Conclusion / 68

Resources / 70

References / 76

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