The Thief

The Thief

by Michele Hauf
4.0 2


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The Thief 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
gigiluvsbooks More than 1 year ago
The Elite Crimes Unit works behind the scenes of Interpol—and employs some of the world’s most talented criminal minds. Because as everyone knows, it takes a thief to catch a thief—or to seduce one . . . The old farmhouse in the French countryside is a refuge for former jewel thief Josephine Deveraux. Admittedly, there aren’t many men in the vicinity, but she has her cat to cuddle up with. It’s a far cry from her former life, constantly running from the law, and she’s enjoying her peace . . . until the intruder in the three-piece suit tackles her. He wants her back in the game, helping with a heist—and he’s not above making threats to get his way. Little does Josephine know that notorious—and notoriously charming—thief, Xavier Lambert, is after the very same 180-carat prize she’s being blackmailed to steal. To his chagrin, he’s doing it not as a free agent, but as a member of the Elite Crimes Unit—the team he was forced to join when his brilliant career came to a sudden end. And little does Xavier know that his comeback is about to include a stranger’s kiss, a stinging slap, and a hunt for missing treasure—along with the infuriatingly sexy woman who’s outfoxing him . . . Review: I have been hooked lately by a show called The Catch and this story sort of reminds me of it, a little intrigue, a little thievery, and a little sexy. I had not read a contemporary story by this Author before, just the supernatural ones. I quite liked the story. The writing was great. She did a good job of setting up the this story as this is the first book in the series. Josephine and the attachment to her cat gave some lightness to the story that I really liked. The cat does get kidnapped but I loved the extremes she went to keep her cat safe. I liked there was an age difference between Seph and X, though I could not really determine just how far apart they are. I loved the back story on how Seph knew who X was and his occupation, it added a great twist to the story. I will say that there were a lot of people thrown into the mix and I did have a little difficulty keeping who was who straight. The terrorist gist of the story really fits into what is going on in the world today. Of course, this is a romance and there is good sexy times for those who like spice in their action. Great start to this new series, not sure how the series will go but would love more X and Seph adventures. 3.5Stars *I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book provided by the publisher.*
etoile1996 More than 1 year ago
the thief should probably be called the thieves, because our two leads are both master burglars. xavier lambert, also known as le renard, has reformed somewhat after getting caught red-handed. now a reluctant member of the elite crimes unit, he is sent out on missions that require his particular skills. his current mission involves stealing a necklace with the recipe and target for a biological weapon etched on the diamonds. when josephine deveraux intercepts and distracts him during his mission he is confounded, confused and incredibly drawn to her. he knows their paths have crossed before, but he doesn't know when or how. and josephine has the answers. she knows more about le renard than he thinks. she has been following his career for years, modeling hers on his. when he was captured she retired from the business, intending to live her life out in quiet retirement. her ex-boyfriend is the one who tasks her with stealing the necklace. and the next thing she knows she's in up to her neck. she doesn't want to be so drawn to xavier. she doesn't want to admit how fascinated she is by him. she doesn't want to admit that he is her perfect match. not just as thieves, but also in life, in love. she knew this the first time she ever kissed him, even if at the time the thirst for revenge was clouding her judgment. but now as passion explodes between them, the thrill of the heist and their need for each other consuming them in a vortex of emotion and lies and broken hearts. there is no way this ends well for them, the cost of being together is too high even though it might be worth it? this is what they need to figure out. is it just the thrill of what they do that binds them together or is the passion and the emotion between them real. is freedom worth it if they can't be together? is the elite crimes unit really such a terrible prison? this is a romance, so you can probably guess the answers to these questions, but the stakes are and the sense of danger and impending doom stays with you as josephine and xavier figure it out. **the thief will publish on april 11, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/kensington books (lyrical press) in exchange for my honest review.
MoniqueD More than 1 year ago
Josephine Devereaux is a retired jewel thief, and after two years, an unwelcome ghost from the past resurfaces and not so kindly convinces her to steal a necklace: and Lincoln Blackwell is not a welcome sight. Josephine had been living quietly in the French countryside, but must return to Paris for the job, which will take place during a black tie charity ball. Unbeknownst to Josephine, she is not the only one after the piece of jewelry; so is legendary thief Xavier Lambert, known as Le Renard – The Fox, for his calling card. Xavier had been whisked from prison from The Elite Crimes Unit under duress, and he now steals for them in exchange for a semblance of freedom. At the ball, Xavier charmed his way in relieving the precious necklace from a countess, although I wondered how a woman would not notice a necklace removed from her person, without being otherwise incapacitated, but Xavier is no ordinary thief; he is a legend! Xavier then encounters a woman in the dark, she kisses him, and when she’s gone, he notices she left with the stolen necklace! Josephine has outsmarted her teenage idol! They have met before, but Xavier can’t seem to remember Josephine, the traitor! But Josephine was not stealing for herself, and Xavier must tell her that it’s not professional pride that has him needing to get the necklace back, it’s a question of life and death to some people! THE THIEF is a heist caper that matches the best movies of the genre, which are also Josephine and Xavier’s favourites! It’s action-packed, fast-paced, infused with a healthy dose of humour, and in a way reminded me of Mr. and Mrs. Smith on some aspects. While Josephine and Xavier run madly around Paris, the sexual tension between them mounts as they bicker, and even manage to chat civilly once in a while, and get to know each other a tiny bit better. But for people accustomed to making a living through deception, trust doesn’t come easily. THE THIEF is a romantic suspense with thieves, basically. I was a bit reckless in choosing to review this book, as I disapprove of stealing as a profession, if you will, but Michele Hauf is a favourite author of mine, and she does not disappoint. I pushed my preconceived notions out of the way, and reviewed THE THIEF objectively. THE THIEF was also a tad more violent than I would have wanted though, and I did not appreciate Gentleman Jack’s presence; I think things could have been dealt with more peacefully. But still, THE THIEF is a very entertaining read with complex and interesting characters, and quite an original premise with fun gadgets galore, and a romance where both characters have to really work at it. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.