The Thin Fine Line

The Thin Fine Line

by Neil Kimelman


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In this sequel to Improve your Bidding Judgment, the author continues the discussion of the ideas behind good decision-making during the auction at bridge, getting into areas and agreements that were not dealt with in his first book.

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ISBN-13: 9781897106938
Publisher: Master Point Press
Publication date: 11/15/2012
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Neil Kimelman is an expert player who has much more time for bridge since his recent retirement. This is his second book.

Table of Contents

Foreword 5

Chapter 1 Did You Read My First Book? 7

Chapter 2 Assumptions/Mind Flexibility 27

Chapter 3 Preemptive Bidding 39

When to preempt 39

When and how to raise partner's preempt 48

Miscellaneous preempts 56

Bidding when the opponents preempt 58

Chapter 4 Evaluating Invitations 63

Making and accepting invitations 64

Showing shortness 66

Keeping the bidding alive 69

Patterning out 70

Setting the trump suit 72

Evaluating invitations to 3NT 75

Cards in partner's suit(s) 77

Visualizing hands 78

Invitations after overcalls 80

'50%' slams 83

Chapter 5 Declarer Play 87

High card evaluation 87

Picking the trump suit with a long suit and a fit for partner 89

Minimum hands and avoiding penalty doubles 91

When partner has a two-suited hand 92

Lead-directing bids 95

After we preempt and they double for takeout 99

Chapter 6 Negative and Responsive Doubles 101

License to double 101

Defining negative doubles 101

Values needed at the two-, three-and higher levels 102

When we open a minor and the opponents bid the other one 107

When to make a negative double and when to make a 2/1 call 108

Subsequent bidding by opener 111

Responsive doubles 117

Chapter 7 Doubles 1.0 119

Takeout doubles 119

Balancing doubles 129

Penalty doubles 133

Lead-directing doubles 138

Converting a takeout double to penalties 142

Pulling partner's penalty double 144

Chapter 8 Doubles 2.0 147

Showing extra values 147

Bidding when partner has shown extra values 157

Converting takeout doubles to penalties 159

Conventional doubles 161

Stopping partner from bidding more 163

High-level decisions 165

Chapter 9 Doubles 3.0 169

Two bids and a double by the same hand 169

Doubling a INT opening or overcall 172

Penalty doubles when the opponents open a suit and rebid 1NT 180

Doubling to change the contract 184

Speculative penalty doubles 187

The 2NT runout 192

Catering to partner being able to convert a double to penalties 193

Chapter 10 What I Have Learned 195

Strong two-club openers and bids at the game level 195

Cuebids at the game level 197

Bidding with a good two-suiter 198

Showing your values 203

Extended Lebensohl 206

Fit bids 207

2/1 auctions 209

Chapter 11 Highlight Reel 211

Chapter 12 Final Quiz 223

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