The Things I Do For You

The Things I Do For You

by Mary Carter


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ISBN-13: 9780758253378
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 07/31/2012
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 8.10(w) x 5.50(h) x 0.90(d)

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The Things I Do For You



Copyright © 2012 Mary Carter
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-0-7582-7984-2


Bailey Jordan couldn't believe she was going to get away with it. Were they insane? Was she wrong to take advantage of their crippled mental states? If they all survived a plane crash but were stranded on a snow-covered mountaintop without so much as a bag of chips, would she eat them? Could she eat them? She kept waiting for them to tell her it was all a big joke. But they didn't. They kept walking. This was how people got ahead in the world, they bulldozed over friends and family the second they let down their guard. So she would do it. She would not only cross the finish line, she would sprint past it. She would show them. She could not blow this. Because the real reason they were letting her do this, the only reason they were letting her do this, was because they didn't believe she could actually do it.

I could eat you, she repeated to herself. Wouldn't want to — but could. I could eat you, I could eat you, I could eat you.

She was on her way to show an exclusive penthouse overlooking Central Park. It didn't seem real. Yet here she was, strolling down Fifth Avenue. She should be taking deep breaths, visualizing the sale, and soaking up the faint scent of tulips swaying in the warm May breeze. Instead, she was obsessing on eating her mentors. That couldn't be good. She should focus on something else, anything else. How about shadows? There were the shadows of the trees looming over the sidewalk, her long shadow striking out ahead of her, and of course, the two elongated shadows tailing her.

Shadow one, her aunt Faye, owner of Penthouses on Parade. Shadow two, Jason Biggs, an ironically small man and the second in command at the high-paced, high-profile agency. Jason was being a good sport. If Bailey were him, she would hate her. Faye was only letting Bailey do this because she was family. Jason was the one who should be showing the penthouse. He had the experience, and the seniority. Bailey had only had her real estate license less than a year. She didn't deserve this opportunity; she knew it, and everyone else knew it. Losing herself in shadows was the only thing keeping Bailey from shrinking into a ball of nerves and rolling down Fifth Avenue with the rest of the midday traffic. Faye's high heels clicking on the sidewalk and Jason's cell phone constantly beeping were driving her crazy. If only she could figure out how to remain classy, yet firmly kick both of them to the curb.

Instead, she focused on putting one foot in front of the other. She crossed Fifth Avenue, snapped pictures of The Frick Collection (a gorgeous small art museum where her prospective clients had recently married) with her cell phone, and peeked in her purse to make sure the chocolate-chip-scented candle was still in one piece. Then, because Faye and Jason were lagging behind, she stopped and fussed with her hair in the window of an off-duty taxi parked at the curb. Was it her imagination, or had the lovely May breeze just turned into a kite-flying wind? When they finally caught up, Jason's look said it all. It took hours for her stylist to straighten her frizz-prone chestnut hair, still hanging slightly below her breasts despite her stylist's desire to hack it to chin level, but only seconds for the great outdoors to whip it into a frenzy. This afternoon Mother Nature was acting more like Mommie Dearest.

Bailey pulled her hair back, secured it with a rubber band, and practiced the spiel she hoped would cinch the sale of the Fifth Avenue penthouse.

"Imagine, if you lived here, you'd pass the Frick museum every day on your way to work —"

"Don't mention work," Faye interrupted. "You never want them to associate work with home."

"Oh," Bailey said. "Of course." How could she make such a rookie mistake? Because that's what she was, an amateur. She was hardly a cannibal, a disappointment to the tribe. Sweat pooled underneath her armpits, and her new high heels carved blisters into her feet. Why didn't she bring deodorant, or perfume, or Band-Aids, or tequila? "Imagine. If you lived here you'd pass the Frick museum every Saturday on your way to the park for a leisurely afternoon stroll —"

"Rich people don't stroll," Faye said.

"Or go to the park," Jason said.

"They're too busy," Faye said.

"Too busy to stroll or go to the park?" Bailey asked.

"Both," Faye said. "They walk briskly —"

"And gaze at the park from their balconies, marveling at all the tiny people below them," Jason said. He touched his Bluetooth and turned his head. "Penthouses on Parade, Jason Biggs speaking." Two ticks for poverty, Bailey thought. She couldn't imagine a life without strolls through the park. She took a deep breath and started her spiel all over again.

"Imagine, you'll pass the Frick museum every day in your limo and remember where you first made your love legal," Bailey said. She could already see Faye shaking her head.

"That makes it sound like their affair was something illicit," Faye said.

"It kind of was," Bailey said. "But you're right. I won't say it." She took a second deep breath and gestured in the direction of the Frick. "Remember where you first took your holy vows."

"They got married in a museum next to a floor full of koi," Jason said. "How holy could it have been?" Bailey wanted to rip the Bluetooth out of his ear. How could he navigate two conversations at once? Bailey felt her stomach cramp, and she prayed they didn't notice her grimace.

"Relive where you first fell in love," Bailey said. Still not right. Their famous clients, Allissa and Greg, fell in love at first sight on the subway. She was a fashion model who fainted on the uptown four, he the financial mogul who caught her in his arms as she went down. It was Fashion Week in New York, and Allissa hadn't eaten in four days. Neither of them had ever ridden the subway before. She was doing it for a reality television show audition; his Lexus had been hit by a bus. As he cradled her in his arms, his overpowering cologne woke her up. The cameras following Allissa for the reality show had captured it all. It wasn't long before the video went viral, even overtaking the one of the rat on the train, climbing up the arm of a sleeping homeless man. Turns out New Yorkers were softies after all.

The fashionista and the financier. Their day of transit slumming led to a whirlwind romance, nonstop media attention, and marriage. New Yorkers had dubbed them "the Fairytalers" and couldn't get enough of the dynamic duo. And Bailey was the lucky Realtor showing them a penthouse. And not just any penthouse. It was the most beautiful two-bedroom, two-bath Bailey had ever seen. She would die to live in it herself. She couldn't imagine anyone saying no to it. And oh yes, it was just down the block from the Frick museum where the couple got married. It was like winning the lottery.

The opportunity of a lifetime. One she had no intention of squandering. One that would not only skyrocket her reputation and pay handsomely, but a sale that would give Bailey the one thing she wanted more than anything else in the world. A baby.

She was thirty-six; they had to start trying. But her husband, Brad, having grown up with a mother who spent money on gin and cocaine first and incidentals like food, heat, and electricity second, third, and fourth, insisted they not start their family until they were financially secure. And he was talking New York City financially secure, a whole different ballgame than, say, middle-of-nowhere Midwest financially secure. He wanted their child to grow up loved, and fed, and clothed, and educated. So did she.

But so far they slightly disagreed, couldn't quite put their fingers on an amount guaranteeing security. The commission from this sale would definitely do it. She could already feel their baby in her arms, see the two of them strolling through the park. For despite what Jason claimed, when rich, they would still stroll through the park. And play on the playgrounds, and visit the animals in the zoo, and picnic in the meadow, and ride the carousel, and eat hot dogs and ice cream in moderation, and take turns carrying him or her on their shoulders, and watch Little League games, and share a quiet smile when their exhausted but happy child fell asleep on the way home. She could see their entire family life unfolding in the park. She hoped their baby had her olive skin and Brad's dimples, her loyalty and Brad's charm. But, of course, first and foremost, they just wanted a healthy and happy baby.

Seize the day! She'd been repeating it to herself ad nauseam, trying to psych herself up, build up a little momentum. Unfortunately, that wasn't the only thing building up in her. Gas. Big mistake, having Mexican for lunch. It was all Brad's fault. He just had to call her and rave about the Taco Truck. How he'd seen it on a cooking show, how it was winning all sorts of awards, and how fortuitous it was that today only it would be parked near Faye's office on the Upper East Side. Brad made her swear she'd try it today and report back to him. It was starting to feel like her report was going to be nonverbal: silent but deadly. She was going to kill him. She couldn't lose this sale to flatulence. If she felt something coming on, she was going to have to find an excuse to run out to the balcony. If all else failed, she could always throw herself off it. Death by Taco Truck. Bailey laughed at the thought. Faye shot her a look. Bailey relaxed her lips and donned a more professional expression. The only person she would have shared her crazy thoughts with was Brad.

For the first time in their wild love story, Brad was the one out of work, waiting at home for her. And if she didn't pull off this sale, he would be there to comfort her. He had two bottles of champagne waiting in the fridge. The expensive one in case they were celebrating, and a cheaper one in case they were just drowning their sorrows. It was Brad's idea, and Bailey loved it. Of course she still prayed they'd be popping open the Dom, but knowing they were going to drink champagne either way eased her anxiety. And she had a surprise for him. A silver rattle. It was exquisite. So soft, and slightly heavy, and so comforting cradled in the palm of her hand. It had been expensive, but well worth it. The perfect way to announce it was time. After toasting with the bottle of Dom, he would say, "Speech, speech!" and she would pull out the rattle and clink it on her glass and shake it with a come-hither look. He'd probably rip her clothes off right then and there. Her stomach gurgled. Jason glanced at her and then exchanged a look with Faye. Oh yes, she could eat him. Beano. Why didn't I buy Beano?

"I will do this," Bailey said as they neared the building. "I will make this sale." Faye reached out and grabbed Bailey's arm. For such a tall, slim woman, she had a grip like a linebacker.

"Darling," she said. "You have to know the Fairytalers have no hope in h-e-double-hockey-sticks of ever making up their minds. This is practice. Nothing more."

Faye and Jason had already shown the couple hundreds of hot properties in Manhattan, and they'd snubbed every one of them.

"They're a fairy-tale couple all right," Jason said. "Goldilocks and the Bear. This one's too small. This one's too big. This one's too old." As he prattled on, Faye grabbed Bailey's hands and held them up for inspection.

"I thought you were going to do something about this!" she cried. Bailey yanked her nail-bitten hands away.

"I got my hair done instead," she said. She'd done her best, and clearly, it still wasn't enough. Salon-straightened hair and a new outfit: a pencil-thin gray skirt, matching jacket with just a touch of her black camisole peeking out, classy pearls, barely black hose, and her new black stilettos. Brad had gone with her to pick out the outfit, and even bought himself a new pair of shoes. It tugged on her heartstrings, how happy Brad was with a new pair of shoes. Everything from his childhood was pre-owned. She hated that he'd had such a tough time as a kid, but she loved the appreciation he had for the things most people took for granted. Who was she kidding? All these years and she was still insanely in love, bordering on obsessed with her husband. Thus, the Taco Truck. One of these days she was going to have to learn how to say no to Brad Jordan.

"Are you limping?" Faye said. "You look like you're limping."

"New shoes," Bailey said.

"Rookie mistake," Jason said. Bailey ignored them. Despite the pain in her feet and the rumble in her gut, she felt sexy and sophisticated. And afterward, she figured the outfit could do double duty and she'd seduce her handsome husband with her new, sleek self. But she'd forgotten to take into account the wind, both outside and inside. And she hadn't had time to get her nails done. Besides, she didn't want fake nails, and there was nothing she could do but wait for them to grow out, or finally grow up and stop biting them. She certainly didn't expect Faye to examine her so closely. At least she'd removed the silver coyote-head ring she always wore on her middle finger.

"Whatever you do, don't let them see those gnawed-on mitts," Faye said.

"Do you have gloves?" Jason said. He mimed putting on long pairs of gloves like an opera diva.

"Certainly," Bailey said. "And rope, and a stun gun, and duct tape. Everything I need to ensure a sale. Real Estate 101, my friend."

Jason rolled his eyes. "Hold your hands behind your back," he said, demonstrating. "And smile." Bailey smiled. She looked at Jason and stopped. How many condescending expressions did the man have? "That was way too much," he said. "You want to look friendly, but not happy."

"Why wouldn't I want to look happy?"

"Because they're not happy."

"They're not?"

"Of course not. Nobody's happy. So if you look too happy, it's going to depress them."

"So why don't I just not smile?"

"Because you have to pretend to be happy. Just a lot less happy than they are. You want them to think you're secretly miserable but pretending to be happy because you're so jealous of their 'genuine' happiness. My God, Faye, have you taught her nothing?"

"She's stubborn. She gets it from my sister."

Jason shook his head and clicked on his Bluetooth. "Andrew Jackson, assistant to Jason Biggs."

Bailey turned to Faye and raised her eyebrows. Faye smiled and pointed to herself.

I taught him that, she mouthed.

"Sorry, he's not in right now. No, the two-bedroom sold, but there's a lovely loft in Soho that he's just dying to show you. No, there's not, but there's certainly room for one. Of course not! In fact, Jason showed me the place just last night and I thought to myself, what this place needs is a full-sized carousel. I can't believe how you read my mind. Uh-huh. No outdoor space, but the fire escape fits at least six. Pets are a no-go in Soho. A python? I don't know. Does he come when you call him? Then it's probably a pet. Sorry, that's my other line." Jason clicked off. His head began to swivel right and left.

"What's that smell?" he said.

"It must be garbage," Bailey said, clenching her stomach.

As they approached the entrance to the beautiful limestone building where their penthouse awaited, Bailey's attention was arrested by a patch of bright yellow tulips shimmering in the dredges of the afternoon sun. Bailey loved the month of May, littering the city with her favorite color. How simple happiness was sometimes; how free. The color yellow made Bailey happy. It was one of the things Brad loved about her, how much she loved the color yellow.

"Because of you," Brad had said, "I'll never think of yellow the same way again. No matter what." She was twenty-one when he said that to her. First she obsessed on how romantic that was, then she switched to analyzing the "No matter what."

What did he mean by that? Was he already forecasting a future breakup? She'd forever changed his relationship to the color yellow. Was that supposed to be a consolation prize? And if so, was that enough?

"Bails," he said when she complained to him. "Name all the things you can that are yellow. Go."

The sun, flowers, signs, school buses, traffic lights, lemons, plastic squeeze containers of mustard, not to mention the mustard itself, urine —

"Urine?" Brad said. "Urine?!"

Gross maybe, but it still counted, and since he drank a lot of water, always carried around whatever new magic water was on the market, it was a logical choice.

For the rest of his life, simple, everyday and sometimes mundane, ugly objects or disgusting bodily fluids would remind him of her. And she supposed that was good enough.


Excerpted from The Things I Do For You by MARY CARTER. Copyright © 2012 Mary Carter. Excerpted by permission of KENSINGTON PUBLISHING CORP..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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The Things I Do for You 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
thewriterslife More than 1 year ago
The Things I Do For You is one of the best Mary Carter’s books I have ever read. I loved her writing style and it was one of those books you wanted to savor every word. Well defined characters, wonderfully constructed plot and I loved the little twist at the end. Definitely one of the best books I have read coming from Kensington Books.
THESELF-TAUGHTCOOK More than 1 year ago
When Brad was clinically dead for thirteen minutes, his life wasn't the only one forever changed. The effect this had on his wife Bailey and his marriage was unimaginable. One moment she was about to be a successful Manhattan realtor, and the next moment, she was married to a man who had "been to the light". A man with secrets, and a man who apparently wanted to go back to the light, literally. The secrets Brad is keeping and the changes in his behavior threaten to tear apart the fabric of their marriage. Bailey must decide whether or not to fight to save her marriage, or just go back to her old life. So many books are being written today regarding paranormal experiences, both fiction and non-fiction, that this should be a bestseller. Brad has the quintessential near-death experience with the tunnel of light, the out-of-body experience, the whole shebang. Combine that with Aunt Olivia who may or may not need help crossing over, a melancholy/mischievous ghost, a cast of memorable characters, romance, and a bit of mystery, and you have something for everyone. The feature I liked most was the setting. While I have never dreamed of owning a cute little B&B, the idea of a lighthouse just grabbed me from the beginning. And I must warn you: if you read in bed, or for that matter, in public, there are some laugh-out-loud moments in the book. I won't go into detail for fear of a commiting a "spoiler", but in Chapter 4, at the end of the chapter, the conversation Bailey had with the nurse caused me to laugh so loud that I awakened my husband. I volunteer here and now to review any and all future novels by Ms. Carter. 4 stars
MaureenST More than 1 year ago
Bailey and Brad Jordan have tried and failed at several business. They now live in NYC and Bailey is selling real estate to support them. While she is about to show a penthouse and make a big commission, she gets a frantic call. Brad has been in a fatal accident along with his Aunt Olivia. While his Aunt does not make it...Brad who was clinically dead for 13 minutes, is brought back to life. Brad has had a near death experience. His personality has changed and Bailey is worried that she will not get HIM back. Aunt Olivia has left everything to Brad....a thrifty odd individual...she was a closet gambler. Brad ends up with a Jaguar, they didn't even know she had, and a half a million dollars. What he does with the money without even consulting Bailey...he goes to an auction and spends everything and buys a Light House on the Hudson River! Bailey begins to come around, and they move forward and plan to change the Light House into a B&B. She is just so happy to have her Brad back. Pretty soon unexplained things start to happen, and there is a rumor that someone hanged them self in the attic. You will love the things that go on...Brad not wanting to get rid of Old Aunt Olivia's ashes...some really different clients that come to visit the B&B. A lot of surprises are ahead!! and I love that there was an epilogue! I received this book through Pump Your Book Virtual Tours, and the Author Mary Carter, and was not required to give a positive review.
Celticlady1953 More than 1 year ago
Last year I read The Pub Across The Pond by Mary Carter and fell in love with the book. So when I saw the author had another book out I jumped at the chance to read and review it. The story starts with a horrible accident that changes the lives of Brad and Bailey Jordan forever. They have known each other since they were ten and stayed close friends all the way through college. They then married and started their life with a few adventures. They traveled all over and started various endeavors such as a surf shop, a sweater store and a cafe. It seems that Brad has all these great ideas but soon gets bored. After his life altering experience and seeing "the light", he purchases a lighthouse on the Hudson River with an inheritance from a beloved aunt. Bailey wants to have children but it has not happened so far as she is determined to do whatever makes Brad happy. The Jordans renovate the lighthouse and start their business as Bed and Breakfast owners. This is when to me the story got exciting, I love lighthouses and the descriptions of their progress in the renovations and then when they actually have guests were fun to read. There are some really quirky guests that come to the lighthouse, both paying and non paying. This is a story of love, faith and what a marriage means and how secrets can destroy relationships. Told with lots of humor and a hint of the otherworld, as we all know lighthouses are haunted, this novel will draw you in until its ending. I highly recommend it.
Heart2Heart More than 1 year ago
Bailey Jordan is finally on the fast track in her life with her husband Brad. After following his whimsical dreams to open a surfboard shop in California, a sweater shop in Seattle and finally a coffee shop with none of them lasting long enough to be a success, she finally is making enough money so they can stay in New York in hopes of beginning a family. However on the day of making what could be the biggest sale of her life, she gets a strange premonition that something isn't right about the day. Not knowing what she is feeling or why she tries to push away the feelings. Brad doesn't know what he is feeling except free. Funny how seeing the accident doesn't inspire him to want to help but all he knows is that looking at the body of the man in front of the electronics store is that he isn't going to make it but he really does have nice shoes. He wonders what his wife Bailey would think if he just took them, after all it's apparent the man on the ground in front of him doesn't need them anymore. Suddenly he sees a bright light and a voice tells him he has a choice, he can follow the light or he can return. He remembers Bailey but thinks he needs to go back for those shoes cause they sure do look comfortable. In the novel, The Things I Do For You by Mary Carter, the reader is in for quite a surprise when these paragraphs introduce you to the Jordan's, Brad and Bailey. What Bailey doesn't expect is how one phone call can completely change your life and make you rethink what your priorities are. When she learns that her husband Brad has been in a serious car accident and that he has been dead for thirteen minutes, she rushes to the hospital. Hoping that she will be able to see Brad one final time, makes her realize how important he is to her. However, when Brad recovers he simply isn't the same anymore feeling he's been given a second chance at life, and feels grasping the brass ring in front of him is something he has to do. The man that comes back simply isn't the same Brad that she married and things are going to be interesting as Brad feels compelled to share his feelings and experiences with a Near Death Experience group filled with all sorts of odd characters, you will love. I received The Things I Do For You compliments of Mary Carter and Pump Up Your Book Tours for my honest review and have to say I really enjoyed it. I actually had to stop at some parts and read it out loud to my husband because of the strange stuff Brad does and wonder how Bailey was able to deal with him. It's kinda tragic in some ways but keeps you entertained in a wide range of emotions all through the book. Some of my readers may be warned of strong language that is found within the pages but overall makes for an exceptional read by the mainstream audiences. For that reason I rate this one a 4 out of 5 stars based on my personal rating system.
jbarr5 More than 1 year ago
The Things I Do For You by Mary Carter Bailey Jordan has worked while her husband, Brad stayed home, til the day his aunt came and they went for a drive. The accident killed the aunt and left him in a coma for weeks. Upon recuperating he learned he was to inherit half a million and got her jaguar. He spent his time online and bought a lighthouse and now wants to turn it into a bed and breakfast. He thinks his wife can commute, it's only 2 hours one way. She just wants to get pregnant and stay in the city and sell real estate. Fascinating to learn about when the lighthouse was first lit in the 1800's using whale oil and what they used over the years. A lot of strange happenings are about the lighthouse and the house they live in. They somehow survive on the island doing some DIY projects to get the house up to par so they can start having guests by the spring. Money is running out even when they sell things and Brad has a lot of deep dark secrets that he knows he has to share with Bailey, but maybe just not all of them. The guests start to arrive, the committee does not pay and then some paying guests arrive and we get to read not only Brad's journal but the guest book at the entry to the B&B. When the relatives come in the fall most of the mysteries are out of the hat but they are there to pick up the pieces.
sunshineJB More than 1 year ago
This is the first book I have read by Mary Carter and I thoroughly enjoyed the story line. The main characters in this book are Brad and Bailey Jordan. I thought the author did a great job with these characters and really kept my interest. Just when I thought I had the story line all figured out a new twist would appear. This book has some great suspense in it. Bailey has her life all turned upside down by her selfish husband Brad. It seems as though what Brad wants Brad gets. Bailey never figures out until the end all the lies Brad has told her. I came to realize that this really was a love/hate relationship. All that Bailey endures shows just how strong she really is. Quite frankly I would have kicked Brad out of the house a long time ago. Brad on the other hand is self centered, hops from one adventure to the next, can’t put down roots anywhere, and has a lot of insecurities. Having a near death experience caused by a car accident leaves Brad saying and doing strange things. Bailey is really beginning to wonder if he doesn’t have some kind of a brain injury. Thus begins the lighthouse experience! I went through many emotions while reading this book. I did some laughing, went through anger at Brad and his committee, felt sorry for Bailey and yes, shed a tear for this woman! Just how much did Bailey put up with? Did she leave Brad or does love win out? Does Brad have some kind of a brain injury? That I can’t indulge or you wouldn’t read this book. I read mostly Christian fiction but I must say other than a few swear words now and then (not too many) I thoroughly enjoyed this different kind of story line. I think the author did a fine job. I must give this book five stars. It was a book that I wanted to pick up over and over again. Every spare moment I had to read a little more. I would love to read another book written by Mary Carter to see if I’m just as thrilled with the next read! I want to thank Kensington Publishing for providing me with an ARC to read and review. The opinions expressed are mine along.
anaavu on LibraryThing 8 months ago
Recommended for: Those looking for a good chick-litty read for the summer :-)Oh my cupcakey goodness! Rarely do I get the amazing emotional journey that this novel provides!This is the first book I've read by Mary Carter and I have to say I'm very pleasantly surprised! This book is a dramatic and emotional journey that revolves around Bailey and Brad Jordan, a married couple who face all sorts of challenges in their roller coaster of a marriage but remain, always, devoted to each other. So much happens in this book, it's a little difficult to narrow it down to a specific genre, but contemporary is kind of a sweeping generalized description that would fit.Plot:Although a story about a married couple may not at first glance seem like your cup of tea, but trust me when I say everyone (except guys probably) will be awed by this book. And if you don't normally read women's fiction (like me), the suspenseful "haunted house" storyline will definitely keep you reading. The book is full of unexpected twists, in the emotional sense. Just when you thought you knew what to feel for a character, a flashback comes along and changes your perspective. Most of the time, I wanted to laugh, to cry, and to throw things at these knuckleheaded people!!Characters:The characters here are quite simply some of the best I've ever seen. Each and every character brings a part of the story, an emotion, and some crazy to the table and take a little part of your heart away. You meet Captain Not-Jack, the man afraid to step into the lighthouse because it's haunted, the Fairytalers who are typical "rich-eccentric", the Committee of which one or two are just plain crazy and nobody has a shred of tact leading to some hilarious conversations at the dinner breakfast table. There's Jake who just might have a crush on Bailey, the selfish and now secretive Brad, and lastly the tough Bailey, trying to keep the chaotic B&B in check while keeping her marriage intact. Do they seem so-so as you read about them? That just means I'm not a great writer, but fortunately, it's not my work you'll be reading and crying to :)Bailey must seriously have been a saint, because very few people could endure so much from their guests and spouses and still love them so much. I personally would have left Brad a long time ago.Narration:In the beginning, I started circling quotes I loved (yes, it's one of those books) but after a while, I decided if I kept doing that, I would cover my whole book will highlights and scribbles! Each sentence this author creates is pure delight, some so touching and insightful, you have to sit there and process them.Overall, The Things I Do For You is a book that you can get completely involved in and tune out the rest of the world. Even though there is no murderer or big adventure in this novel, I couldn't stop reading it. I finished it in two days while on my trip, reading in the hotel when I could have been watching TV or swimming, I read in the car, I even turned down a visit to the Air and Space museum so I could read some more! So this is a warning: this isn't a beach read. You don't want to get up and realize beach hours have closed and you're alone in the dark next to a tide coming in. That wouldn't be very good for your health, now would it?
gincam on LibraryThing 8 months ago
My first book by author Mary Carter has me adding her other titles to my "must read" list. "The Things I Do For You" took me out of my usual reading zone and into a fresh, funny, unexpectedly touching look at life and marriage. Bailey Jordan has made many compromises during her marriage to her husband, Brad, often suffering the consequences of his ill-conceived "guaranteed" money-making ideas. Finally finding her niche as a New York City realtor, Bailey dreams that life with Brad will finally settle down enough for them to start a family. Her dreams take on a nightmarish quality when Brad is hurt in a serious auto accident which claims the life of his aunt. Surviving a "near death experience", Brad is indeed a changed man--but is it a change for the better? He seems to recover physically, but his behavior is erratic and disconcerting to Bailey. Keeping many secrets to himself, including the details of his inheritance from his aunt, Brad decides to buy a lighthouse and turn it into a Bed & Breakfast. Once again, Bailey accedes to Brad's wishes, and thus begins another journey into the unkown, trying her best to keep her marriage and her sanity intact. Then there is the lighthouse itself, almost a living thing, a being which has seen much in its years. The lighthouse has secrets of its own. A sharply-realized, witty, wise, and ultimately poinant look at the fools we mortals be, "The Things I Do For You" is recommended for those who like to laugh when it hurts and cry when they're happy. Review Copy Gratis Library Thing
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
booboo4584 More than 1 year ago
This was my first book my Mary Carter! This book was so good!! The couple and the things they go can so be something we go thur in our everyday life!!! Awesome book!!!
quaintinns More than 1 year ago
My first book by Mary Carter (ironic as this was my ex-mother in law’s name) - Like no other book I have read…it was quirky, funny, crazy, mysterious, out there, jumped around…yet all in all was entertaining! Being in the hotel business loved the lighthouse and the B&B setting….so realistic with the guests….story of romance, mystery, ghosts, adventure, and some good laughs! Brad did get on my nerves and wanted to kick him to the curb at times; loved Bailey’s sarcasm and guts….Mary, you do have quite an imagination!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
dhaupt More than 1 year ago
In this romantic comedy Mary Carter introduced me to a couple that I laughed with and at, cried with and wanted to throw things at too, why because she made them so real and along with her other memorable characters led me down her merry path. Her storyline is a delicate mix of comedy, tragedy and everyday living that she expertly molds into her tale giving it just the right slice of authenticity. Her narrative brings the scenic views from the Lighthouse, the Hudson river and the surrounding vistas to life told in a dialogue that’s easy to read and understand. This is not my first trip with Mary Carter and I know it’ll not be my last either. If you’re looking for a beach read, a novel to take your mind off your own troubles or just a good read this one fits the bill. Bailey and Brad Jordan have been in love since they were ten and grew up to stay in love and marry. During their marriage Bailey has followed Brad throughout Europe, through owning many mom and pop business gone bust and would willingly go through Hades and back. The only thing that would make the union better in Bailey’s eyes would be a child, but Brad will have none of that and is always making excuses why they should wait. After Brad’s near fatal accident which sent him spiraling toward the light of afterlife Bailey follows him one more time, this time to ownership of a Lighthouse in upstate New York that he plans on turning into a B&B. Now in their late thirties Bailey hopes that this time he’ll settle down enough so they can have a baby before her biological clock becomes a ticking time bomb. What follows is a series of events that will forever change their lives, will it be for the better. Let’s check into the B&B and see.