Third Wedding

Third Wedding




The German Occupation, the Civil War and life itself seen through the eyes of two Athenian women.

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ISBN-13: 9780873760188
Publisher: Red Dust, Incorporated
Publication date: 10/01/1971
Pages: 303

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No, really I can't.  I can't stand her another moment! Dear God, why did you send me such a burden to bear? What have I done to deserve such punishment? How long must I put up with her, see her horrid face, hear her voice, how long, Oh Lord, how long? Surely there must be some misguided Christian who'd want to take her? Somebody to take this monstrous freak of nature off my hands, this souvenir her father left to avenge himself? Damn those who stopped me having the abortion!
But why am I cursing them? They're all dead now. Anyway, it's not their fault. I shouldn't have paid any attention to them. On things like that you have to make up your own mind. When she was little I used to comfort myself thinking she would change as she grew up. 'She'll change' I said to myself, 'she'll improve Anyway, sooner or later, she'll get married.                                                                        
She'll be on somebody else's back' Well, there you are. It just shows how wrong I was.

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