The Thirteenth Disciple

The Thirteenth Disciple

by Peter Canova


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This is the groundbreaking novel that continues Canova's multi-award winning Pope Annalisa and The First Souls Trilogy. It fills in many puzzling passages and mysteries woven into the familiar scriptural stories of the Bible. Using the near- lost gospels of the earliest Judeo-Christian mystics recovered recent times, Peter Canova reconstructs Western spiritual history in a spellbinding thriller of fall, transcendence, and redemption.

Mary Magdalene's story in not just about the lost feminine voice of the early Church-her story is our story, the universal saga of humanity's origin, destiny, and purpose. It is the story of an explosive divine knowledge being silenced by opposing powers to prevent a shocking truth from transforming mankind with a new paradigm for existence. Magdalene escapes slavery and forced prostitution to become the primary disciple of Jesus and bear the secret, radical knowledge he taught to an elect few. Set against the clash of opposing empires and a backdrop of murder, espionage, and betrayal, Magdalene is pursued by a Roman assassin as she embarks on an odyssey across the ancient world. She seeks the key that will make her worthy to reveal the true saving message of the martyred Jesus before she too is silenced and her native Judea is destroyed in a rain of fire and blood.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780982181386
Publisher: Trimountaine Publishing
Publication date: 05/28/2016
Pages: 520
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.16(d)

About the Author

Businessman Peter Canova is a multi-award winning author, speaker, and inspirational visionary. His book, Pope Annalisa has won ten national and international book awards. Peter recently signed a deal with the production executives of the Oscar winning film Black Swan to co-produce a motion picture adaptation of his novel. The theme underlying Peter's body of work is that all people have the ability to transcend their ordinary consciousness and experience information from a higher source within themselves.

Peter conducted thirty-five years of research into ancient spiritual texts, quantum physics, and psychology to understand the startling psychic experiences that altered his life. He learned that modern science is only rediscovering the astonishing teachings of ancient spiritual traditions concerning the creation and the true nature of physical reality.

Peter's dynamic presentations have captivated many different interest groups on a variety of topics including artistic creativity, the holographic nature of our universe, the Mystery Schools, the lost teachings of Judeo- Christianity, Mary Magdalene and the early women of the Church, the Sacred Feminine, spiritual vs. Darwinian evolution, the Third Way between science and religion, the intelligent nature of light, and the wisdom in creation myths.

Peter has been the subject of numerous radio and TV interviews and has spoken at a variety of high profile events including the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment where he was the kick-off presenter for a roster of speakers including Eckhart Tolle, Jim Carrey, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jean Houston, Edward James Olmos, and Fred Alan Wolf. He has been a featured speaker at the Conscious Living Expo, the New Living Expo, the Unity Church National Convention, and the Centers for Spiritual Living National Convention.

Peter's novel, Pope Annalisa (, is the first book in a trilogy called The First Souls. Pope Annalisa is a spiritual thriller about an African nun who becomes the first female pope. It has won nine prestigious awards including the Nautilus Gold Award for visionary fiction formerly bestowed on such authors as Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, and the Dalai Lama.

Choosing to write a novel rather than a scholarly or non-fiction work was a conscious choice to better connect with his readers and communicate profound information. Peter has said, "No work can be personally transformative unless it engages both the heart and the mind of the viewer. To be touched intellectually is to be affected; to be touched emotionally is to be moved. To be touched by both is to be raised to a new perception of being. Helping people achieve that is my goal in life."

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