The Thread Of Ariadne

The Thread Of Ariadne

by George Sopasakis


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"A philosophical journey into the true nature of consciousness.... intriguing ... challenging fundamental concepts about human existence...."

"[The TOA is] enticing and engaging in its simplicity.... a thought-provoking book...."
How long has it been since you last pondered timeless existential questions? Can one use the power of the mind to alter the evolving reality? What is information, consciousness, thought, memory, experience, time? How do they relate? Who is the "Bull of Heaven" and how does it affect us?
The Thread of Ariadne (The TOA) takes you on a mystical journey of serious intention and reason, a mind-stretching roller coaster ride through landscapes of ageless intrigue. Take nothing for granted. Through dynamic yet approachable language, follow the TOA to evidence and methodology that target a tantalizing improbability, the elusive control of reality itself.
Fate may indeed have its hand to play with us, but from this author's end, it appears we reserve the power to improvise, to rearrange the order and content of the sets, per our will, per our determination, to procure one preferred outcome, despite all adversities.
The TOA though offers much more than the mere recitation of suggestions. When was the last time you experienced the thrill of a first hand discovery, involving a real ancient mystery, one you could never dismiss? Furthermore, the book you are holding, not only faces the big questions, it also boldly pens some thought-provoking new answers.
Interestingly enough, in the midst of it all, a hidden riddle emerges, an ancient insight that will leave you with no choice but to confront it head-on, a dramatic encounter, meant to challenge the wits of anyone who dares.

Author Bio
For a long time now, George Sopasakis has been guided by curiosity to confront intriguing philosophical issues regarding the journey of life. The TOA was inspired by his travels to the Minoan ruins at Knossos, Crete and the Akrotiri excavation site on Santorini, Greece. He and his wife Tara currently reside in College Station, Texas.

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ISBN-13: 9781595268266
Publisher: Media Creations
Publication date: 11/20/2007
Pages: 208
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