The Three

The Three

by Christa Kinde


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In the Chronicles of the Kings, there are stories of a band of elite warriors. But before their daring feats became legendary, David’s mighty men were teenage boys serving an upstart king.

Benaiah toils in the burial trenches of stinking battlefields to earn enough food to fill his belly. He’s an outsider in the land of Israel, set apart from God’s chosen people by fair skin and eerie eyes. But an angel and a prophet unveil a startling destiny. When he travels with Samuel to anoint a shepherd boy from Bethlehem, Benaiah swears to see David safely to his throne. But not alone.

He must seek out the Three, a trio of warriors whose monstrous strength makes them unstoppable. Clues to their whereabouts have been laced through the lessons of Job. Poetic descriptions of a valley of horses and the storehouses of snow lead Benaiah into the hidden fringes of heaven. But his quest twists into a flight to the finish when whispers of the boys’ existence reach their Fallen fathers.

A covertly anointed shepherd boy. A trio of half-human mongrels. And the captain who would lead them into legends.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781631230608
Publisher: Christa Joan Milbrandt Kinde
Publication date: 05/23/2018
Series: Forsaken Sons , #1
Pages: 480
Product dimensions: 4.72(w) x 7.48(h) x 0.97(d)

About the Author

Head in the clouds. Feet on the ground. Heart in the story. Christa Kinde is a cheerful homebody whose imagination takes her new places with every passing day. Making her home between misty mornings and brimming bookshelves in Southern California, she keeps her lively family close and her trusty laptop closer. Christa believes in bright colors, good manners, crazy socks, word games, cat naps, postage stamps, and angels.

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The Three 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
JBronder 14 days ago
This is the story of Benaiah, half angel and half human. His appearance marks him as different so those around him don’t trust him. He is living by working in the trenches at the battlefield. But then a prophecy sends him on a journey to anoint the shepherd boy. Benaiah decides to do whatever it takes to help David get to his throne so he goes to gather the three men that are to be David’s warriors. I have to admit that I don’t know as much about all of the different stories in the bible but I do know the story of David and Goliath. I really liked this story. I felt for Benaiah for being shunned by his difference. I loved his travels and all the different things he does and the various people he meets. I have to say the thing I really liked was how you see humanity in these characters as they have their own abilities and weaknesses. Watching them grow as character and seeing them become the warriors gave this story that step from a religious story to one that I could relate to. I think this is a great start to a new series and I am very excited to see where it is going to go from here. I will definitely be checking out Christa Kinde’s other books as well. I received a complimentary copy of this book. I voluntarily chose to read and post an honest review.
ReadersFavorite 10 months ago
Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite The Three by Christa Kinde is the first compelling opening for what will certainly be a delightful Forsaken Sons series, a narrative with powerful religious undertones and biblical themes. In this first book, readers encounter fascinating characters on a transforming journey: Benaiah, whose life has been centered on working the stinking trenches of war for a living and an outsider to Israel, travels with Samuel to anoint the shepherd boy, David. He vows to work for David until he is safely on the throne. But to help the up-and-coming king, he must seek out The Three, a trio whose incredible strength defines their fearlessness and the awe they inspire in war. Follow this exciting narrative that combines royalty with adventure, a transforming experience of war and a tale of loyalty. Christa Kinde creates exciting characters and readers will want to follow Benaiah, an unusual character, half-human and half-angel, someone who suffers a lot because of the choices of his father. But he has a mission, a very important one. He is called to lead and under circumstances that make his sense of inadequacy and status as an outsider even more remarkable. Besides giving the narrative a powerful spiritual atmosphere, the author creates settings that reflect the lifestyle in biblical Israel. The smells, the feel of places, and the images leap off the pages and add a cinematic character to the story. The voice is strong and captivating. The Three features beautiful dialogues and a narrative style that is atmospheric, filled with religious symbolism and suspense. Christa Kinde uses humor to enhance the reading experience; the language is hugely poetic and interesting. I found this novel to be a success on multiple levels — it is researched, well crafted, balanced, and entertaining.