The Time Bike (The Hall Family Chronicles Series)

The Time Bike (The Hall Family Chronicles Series)

by Jane Langton


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The new bike isn‘t pretty...

Not like the slick, red, twenty–one–speed bike that was stolen the very night Eddy had received it as a birthday present. The bike that Prince Krishna sent is old–fashioned and has a wicker basket –– the kind of bike no self–respecting boy like Eddy would be caught dead riding. Soon, though, Eddy doesn‘t care how the bike looks, because it has the ability to travel in ways he never thought possible –– in the fourth dimension. Eddy can‘t wait to take the ride of his life, visit important dates in history, and find a way to bypass exam week. But trips through time can have unpredictable results, and they‘re not always without danger...

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ISBN-13: 9780064407922
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 06/28/2002
Series: Hall Family Chronicles Series
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 5.12(w) x 7.62(h) x 0.38(d)
Age Range: 9 - 12 Years

About the Author

Jane Langton studied astronomy at Wellesley College and the University of Michigan and did graduate work in art history at the University of Michigan and Radcliffe College. Ms. Langton is the author of a dozen books for young people, including seven other fantasies about the Hall family of Concord, Massachusetts: The Diamond in the Window, The Swing in the Summerhouse, The Astonishing Stereoscope, the Newbery Honor Book The Fledgling, The Fragile Flag, The Time Bike, and The Mysterious Circus. Also well known for her mystery novels for adults, Ms. Langton lives in Lincoln, Massachusetts.

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Chapter One

It was Eddy's birthday, so of course it should have been a good day.

And for Eddy it was a good day, because his birthday present was a bicycle, a new Timuri bike in Killer Tomato Red with rock shocks and compression damping and rear derailleur and rapid-fire shifters and twenty-one combinations of gears that worked with handlebar grips.

It was the bike he had hardly dared hope for, it was so expensive. But Uncle Freddy and Aunt Alex had found the money somewhere. When Eddy came running down in the morning, there it was in the front hall, shiny and red and beautiful.

He took it out before breakfast and raced up Walden Street to the center of Concord, whizzed around the corner of Main Street to the library, veered left on Sudbury Road, and sped home by way of Stow Street and Everett.

All the way around he hoped to see admiring glances from the sidewalk, but the only person who noticed him was his old friend Oliver Winslow. Oliver saw Eddy on his new bike and whistled through his teeth.

But of course there was another reason why it was a good day. The other reason began in the middle of the afternoon, when the telephone rang.

Aunt Alex had been waiting and waiting. Her voice trembled as she said, "Hello?" And then she gasped, "Oh, thank you, thank you. I'm so glad."

And then she dropped the phone because Uncle Freddy himself was walking in the front door.

Aunt Alex threw her arms around him. "You won, you won!"

Uncle Freddy beamed and kissed her and said, "Well, as a matter of fact, I guess I did."

Eddy ran in from the back porch, where he had beentinkering with his bike. "You won, Uncle Freddy? You beat old man Preek?" He dropped to his knees and threw up his arms. "Bow down, ye nations! Bow down before Selectman Frederick Hall!"

"Oh, Eddy, don't be stupid," said Eleanor, clattering down the stairs. But she was grinning too. "Oh, Uncle Freddy, congratulations."

It was true. Uncle Freddy had beaten the other candidate for the office of Concord selectman. He would now be a member of the board that ran the town.

But it had been a fierce and nasty campaign. His opponent, Ralph Preek, had accused Uncle Freddy of everything awful.

The most dangerous was that he wouldn't know how to handle the town budget of forty million dollars, whereas he, Ralph Q. Preek, was the manager of a bank and an expert on financial affairs.

Mr. Preek's attacks had not worked. Yesterday most of the voters had gone quietly into the Hunt Gym and all the other Concord voting places and chosen Frederick Hall as their new selectman.

"Oh, Fred, I'm so glad," said Aunt Alex, her eyes wet with tears.

But then Uncle Freddy's smile faded, and he said solemnly, "He won't forgive me, you know. He'll get back at us somehow, just wait and see."

"But what could he possibly do?" said Aunt Alex.

"I don't know. He'll think of something."

The bad thing didn't happen until everyone in the house was sound asleep.


Eddy's new birthday bike was gone.

Horrified, he stared around the front porch. Last night he had left it leaning against the railing. This morning it wasn't there.

There was nothing on the porch but the electric lawn mower with its coil of orange cable and a bag of chicken feed and a bamboo rake with missing teeth.

Eddy's new Timuri bike with rock shocks and compression damping and rear derailleur and rapid-fire shifters and twenty-one combinations of gears was gone, all gone.

He went rampaging through the house, looking for Aunt Alex and Uncle Freddy. Or Eleanor! Maybe Eleanor had taken it. He wouldn't put it past her.

Nobody was in the house. Eddy stormed out the rear door to the back porch and saw Aunt Alex feeding her chickens, scattering cracked corn around their fenced-in yard. They were Black Rosecomb bantams with many-colored feathers. The rooster stalked around among the hens, sticking out his shining black chest and arching his green tail.

"Aunt Alex," began Eddy angrily, but the jaunty little rooster chose that moment to lift his head and shout, "ARK-ARK-ARK-AROOOOOO."

"Aunt Alex!"

Looking up at his furious face, Aunt Alex stopped scattering corn and unrolled the chicken-wire gate. "Eddy, dear, what is it?"

"My bike! Have you seen my bike?"

"Oh, dear." Aunt Alex followed Eddy back through the house to the front porch, and together they stared at the place where last night there had been a bicycle, where now there was only a railing with a lot of lathe-turned spindles.

Eddy glowered at the bubbles of paint on the top of the railing, the bubbles he had so often flattened with his thumb. "You see?" he said, his voice choked with tears. "Somebody stole it right off the porch."

The Time Bike. Copyright © by Jane Langton. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.

Table of Contents

Good Day, Bad Day
The Crate
The Gift from India
The Time Bike
Fishing in the Steam of Time
Barging into Next Week
Eddy Flunks Out
Action and Reaction
Oliver Finds Out
Back to Yesterday
History Repeats Itself
Stolen Again
The Bike Comes Back
A Favor for Uncle Freddy
Henry Himself, In Person
The Department of Missing Correspondence
Derek Alabaster
A Better Party
Gone Again
Eleanor's Turn
Home Again
Two Dangerous Visitors
The Buccaneer of Time
The Return of the Green Horror
The Engineering Genius
The Finger of Destiny
Stop, Stop!
The Missing Deed
A Ship on the Seas of Time

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The Time Bike (The Hall Family Chronicles Series) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a book about this child named Eddy.It was Eddy's birth-day and he got a brank new bike the Timuri it was tomato red with rock shocks and compression damping. He loved the bike until it got stolen. In the next couple of days Eddy reseaved a package from Srinagar Kashmir who lives in India. The package had a bike in it but, Eddy didn't like it because its wasn't his Timuri it was just an old lame bike with a basket on the front of it and to springs on the seat. Until, one day he was bringing the old bike to the back yard in his shed. Eddy lifted the bike up and he say these numbers on it, the numbers were in the shape of a clock but it wasn't a clock at all it had a 10, a 100, and a 1000 on it and days/years. Eddy turned this nob that was on it to 10 and he went back twenty seconds. Eddy could now make the past change so the future changes too. But the Time Bike was stolen now to and Eddy thinks it was Hunky Poole. Hunky was a short thick boy who's real name was Harold. He denied the fact that he had stolen the bikes and said the four letter word right in front of the officer. Hunky finally admitted that he stole the bikes so Eddy got then back. The next day or so Eddy woke up in the middle of the night by the sound of hid Uncle in the atic. He waited for his Uncle to get out of the attic but by then Eddy was wide awake. It took Eddy hours to get back to sleep. He finally got to sleep for a hour or two. At the end Eddy and his family couldn't see a thing but they could still hear the cooster crow "ARK-ARK-AROOOOOOOOOO!"
Guest More than 1 year ago
I ratedthis book a five because I think it is interesting and well written. I think it was amusing and made me want to keep reading. It is also definatly a creative book. This book is mainly about a boy named Eddy that was given a special bike from Prince Krishna as a gift. Little did Eddy know that the bike was a time bike that will take you to the past or future if you press the gears. One day when Eddy went to look at the bike he pressed the gears and it took him back about two minutes and he heard his aunt and sister talking and discussing something that he had already heard before he went back two minutes. He then found out that he had a time bike. Eddy started going back to the future when he found out that his bike could do that and soon his sister found out it was a time bike as well. Another day Eddy's friend Oliver road the bike and pressed the gears when he wasn't supposed to. When Oliver got back the bike was wrecked. So Eddy had to fix it and put the parts back together. Next thing you know the bike is fixed. The setting in the story is mainly at Eddy's house, past or future somewhere else. In the end Eddy puts the bike somewhere safe in the attic because he doesn't want to use or ride it anymore.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The reason I only gave this book four stars is because it gets confusing at some times. But other then that, this book was the best. It was wonderful, funny, and well written. From the beggining to end, past to the future, I believe that both kids and adults will always enjoy this book.