The Time for Murder is Meow

The Time for Murder is Meow

by T. C. LoTempio


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Shell and her two furry sidekicks must cat-ch a killer to save their pet shop

Crishell "Shell" McMillan sees the cancellation of her TV series as a blessing in disguise. The former actress can now take over her late aunt's pet shop, the Purr N' Bark, and do something she loves.

While getting the shop ready for re-opening, Shell is asked to loan her aunt's Cary Grant posters to the local museum for an exhibit. She finds the prospect exciting—until a museum board member, who had a long-standing feud with Shell's aunt, votes against it. When she discovers the board member dead in the museum, Shell becomes suspect number one. Can she, her Siamese cat Kahlua, and her new sidekick—her aunt's Persian Purrday—find the real culprit, or will her latest career go up in kitty litter?


"[A] buoyant start to a new series ... Fans of feline mysteries will relish The Time for Murder is Meow's pet shop framework in this story of finding one's second act."—Foreword Reviews

"[An] entertaining series debut. ... Feline-loving cozy fans will be satisfied"—Publishers Weekly

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ISBN-13: 9780738760360
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Publication date: 08/08/2019
Series: A Purr N Bark Pet Shop Mystery Series , #1
Pages: 312
Sales rank: 35,494
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

T. C. LoTempio (Clifton, NJ) is the national bestselling author of the Nick and Nora mystery series from Berkley Prime Crime. Her cat, Rocco, provides the inspiration for the character of Nick the cat. She also writes the new Cat Rescue series from Crooked Lane.

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The Time for Murder is Meow 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
Karen-Hollins 1 days ago
The Time for Murder is Meow -" A Purr N' Bark Pet Shop Mystery" by T. C. LoTempio, is a good start to a new mystery series . Being a cat lover I am always drawn to mysteries involving one or two felines, and I wasn't disappointed. Shell and her two furry sidekicks must cat-ch a killer to save their pet shop Crishell "Shell" McMillan sees the cancellation of her TV series as a blessing in disguise. The former actress can now take over her late aunt's pet shop, the Purr N' Bark, and do something she loves. While getting the shop ready for re-opening, Shell is asked to loan her aunt's Cary Grant posters to the local museum for an exhibit. She finds the prospect exciting—until a museum board member, who had a long-standing feud with Shell's aunt, votes against it. When she discovers the board member dead in the museum, Shell becomes suspect number one. Can she, her Siamese cat Kahlua, and her new sidekick—her aunt's Persian Purrday—find the real culprit, or will her latest career go up in kitty litter? Protagonist Shell is hardworking, very likeable plus all the characters are well developed and, Kahlua and Purrday, (the cats) were adorable.. I enjoyed the setting of Fox Hollow, Connecticut. The mystery was well plotted and there were just enough twists and turns ad red herrings to keep me interested. I Figured out whodunit before Shell and for once I was correct. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys cozy mysteries featuring cats. I am looking forward to reading the next instalment. I requested and received an Advanced Readers Copy from the publisher and NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
KimHeniadis 8 days ago
T.C. LoTempio already has two cozy mystery series out, which the Nick & Nora Mysteries and A Cat Rescue Mysteries, so when I saw she had a third series coming out, A Purr N’ Bark Pet Shop Mystery, I knew I had to read it. LoTempio has a purrfect trio of well developed characters, a charming small town, and real interactions between people and their fur babies. At least it’s how I react to my cats. I liked how Purrday has a magical aura about him and how sassy Kahlua is. As with any great cozy, the characters are very important. As a reader, you want to find ones you can connect with so you want to keep coming back to the series to see what adventures they get into next. With this being LoTempop’s third series, she has established a real knack for this type of writing. I really enjoyed Gary Presser, Shell’s co-star when she was in Hollywood. And the rest of their group, Rita, Ron, and Olivia, or as I affectionately think of them, The Scooby Gang, really added a nice layer of community and detecting help. I’m looking forward to more of their adventures together and separately. The mystery itself was done well with details to try and throw the reader off the trail. I did know the killer before chapter twelve (don’t want to say which chapter exactly in the review), but it was still a fun read even knowing who dunnit. And as far as the motive, I had half of it guessed at the beginning as well, but the rest of the reason I didn’t learn about until the reveal. I’m excited to see what new mystery Shell and the Scooby Gang have to solve in the next book in the Purr N’ Bark Pet Shop Mystery series.
Anonymous 9 days ago
Usually I like mystery stories with a theme, but unfortunately not this one. The storyline was very predictable. You can tell everything that's going to happen. I personally found it to be boring for that reason. The main character was nice and easily able to be identified with. I will not read other books from this author. Other people may enjoy this book, but I am not one of them.
CozyUpWithKathy 9 days ago
Entertaining, smart, and funny THE TIME FOR MURDER IS MEOW by T. C. LoTempio The First Purr N Bark Pet Shop Mystery Inheriting her aunt's home and popular pet store was just the opportunity Crishell McMillan was looking for. With her popular TV series cancelled and no desire to join the reboot, she's ready to retire to a quiet life in Fox Hollow. Shell receives a warm welcome from several of the town's business owners and discovers she has a roommate as well, a charming Persian named Purrday, much to the dismay of her own cat, Kahlua. Not everyone in town is friendly though, especially Amelia Witherspoon, who has a striking resemblance to the Wicked Witch of the West, and not just in appearance. Within forty eight hours of arriving, Shell managers to anger a good portion of the museum board, finds herself getting bad press from the town's newspaper editor, and becomes a person of interest in the murder of Amelia, the museum board member who had a feud with Shell's aunt. In order to start fresh and re-open Purr N Bark without any hint of scandal, and perhaps pursue a relationship with a gorgeous detective, Shell gathers her friends to figure out who actually killed the wicked witch. The Purr and Bark Pet Shop Mystery series is off to a great start. I felt an immediate bond with most of the characters and loved spending time getting to know them. Shell McMillan is down to earth and completely real, despite being a successful Hollywood actress. She's friendly, honest, and determined, yet can get angry and act rashly. Her desire to resolve matters oftentimes gets her in more trouble! I especially love the unexpected arrival of her former co-star. She and Gary continue to make a great team. I look forward to the upcoming romance between Shell and Josh. Of course, Purrday, Kahlua, and Rocco are wonderful additions, smart cats and a lovable goofball of a dog are perfect assets to a cozy mystery. This book would have received my highest rating, except for two things. The author gave a significant clue leading me to know the identity of the murderer early on. However, I considered it may have been a red herring and it didn't diminish my enjoyment of the story. The flaw for me was when the killer suddenly becomes crazy. The rational murderer with a solid motive who at the end of the mystery is now described as being crazy is a major pet peeve of mine. Still, I absolutely loved everything else in the book! THE TIME FOR MURDER IS MEOW is a fantastic start to a new series. Entertaining, smart, and funny, the Purr N Bark series has wormed its way into my heart and I can't wait to spend more time with its residents! FTC Disclosure – The publisher sent me a digital ARC provided through NetGalley, in the hopes I would review it.
TheCozyReview 10 days ago
Series: A Purr N Bark Pet Shop Mystery - Book 1 Author: T. C. LoTempio Genre: Cozy Mystery/Pet Shop Publisher: Midnight Ink Page Count: 312 A new cozy series from Midnight Ink “A Purr N Bark Pet Shop Mystery” written by T. C. LoTempio, The Time for Murder is Meow will have readers clamoring for more. It is a dynamic fluid read that will keep readers guessing and happy. Shell has had enough of Hollywood; it’s time for something different. Although she mourns the death of her aunt, her inheritance is a boon. She loves animals, and running a pet shop is right up her alley. Shell is enthusiastic and can’t wait to get started. Unfortunately, a woman she was seen and heard arguing with is killed, and she becomes the number one suspect. Shell is at an age when a person begins to think of the future more often. She is beautiful but not arrogant, intelligent, but not full of herself. Readers will enjoy learning and growing with her as she begins a new life and sets out to catch a killer. She makes new friends and brings along an old one on her adventure into a new life. She also gets a few people very angry and upset. Readers will like Shell, Gary, and the gang immediately. They will cheer them as they dig into the murder of a person no one liked, and everyone had a reason to want dead. The cast of characters are fun; they each add something to the story and keep readers entertained. The two cats take center stage several times endearing themselves to the audience for what will hopefully be years to come. Characters, with fur and without, evolve over several books in any new cozy series but most of the cast of The Time for Murder is Meow is already well-developed and have fascinating personalities. The writing is good, easy to follow, and the plot stays true. Some of the less exciting details slow it down slightly. There are a few inconsistencies which should be fixed by press time. Overall, I am happy to recommend this new cozy mystery series.
Dollycas 10 days ago
Dollycas’s Thoughts Cat lovers rejoice! T. C. LoTempio is penning a new series! The Time for Murder is Meow introduces readers to Crishell “Shell” McMillan who has retired from acting to move to Fox Hollow, Connecticut to reopen the pet shop her aunt left her when she passed away. Not everyone is happy or understands how she could leave Hollywood behind but she knows this is where she is meant to be. Aunt Tillie was a true old movie buff with a vast collection of memorabilia. With a Cary Grant festival coming up Shell is asked by the local museum to loan them her aunt’s Cary Grant movie posters, some them signed by the actor! But one member of the board rallies her cronies to vote against the display. Shell learns that member had been in a feud with her aunt for years. When the woman calls Shell to set up a meeting she is surprised but agrees to meet if it gets her aunt’s posters displayed. When she arrives at the museum she finds her aunt’s nemesis dead and finds herself at the top of the suspect list almost as soon as the police arrive. Putting the reopening of Purr N’ Bark, on the back burner, she delves into an investigation of her own to cat-ch the killer like a dog with a bone. ___ Ms. LoTempio brings together a great group of characters that band together to help find the culprit that took down Amelia Witherspoon. The woman didn’t have a lot of friends but Shell didn’t know her at all. That brings in the group that welcomed Shell to town, Olivia, Rita, and Ron. When her former co-star Gary Presser calls to check in with her, he knows something is up and it isn’t long before he pulls into town. Together the group is determined to solve the case. Detective Josh Bloodgood admits that while Shell had motive and opportunity he really doesn’t think she did it, but isn’t happy she and her friends are snooping. All these characters are believable and fleshed out nicely for the first book in a new series. The human characters shine but so do the pets. Shell’s cat Kahlua soon meets Tillie’s cat Purrday. Will they get along?? Together due to their instincts and actions they play a key role in solving the mystery. I love when animals in cozy mysteries are involved and more than just pets. The author has constructed a nice whodunit too with plenty of suspects and surprises. I did solve the murder a bit before the reveal but totally enjoyed the story right up to the last page. As a fan of classic movies, I loved those references and would love to see Aunt Tillie’s collection in person. I hope we delve into other parts of it as the series continues. Lighthearted, fun, and entertaining. This series is off to an excellent start! I hope Gary sticks around Fox Hollow! He turned out to be my favorite non-feline character
LibMom 12 days ago
The Time for Murder is Meow is the first in the new Purr n' Bark Pet Shop Mystery series by T. C. LoTempio. This series focuses on an actress who inherits her aunt's Purr n' Bark Pet Shop and gives up her acting to start life over in the small town. Soon after arriving in her new hometown, Shell becomes embroiled in a controversy. She quickly forms some friends and some enemies among the townspeople. After coming across a dead body and becoming a person of interest in the case, Shell works to clear her own name and find the actual murderer. The Time for Murder is Meow is a great start to the series. You have cats, murders, and ex-actresses which combine to make a fun book to read. Of course the cats do help to solve the murder as well. I was not previously familiar with LoTempio as an author ,but I plan to read her other books and will be watching for the next titles in the Purr n' Bark series. Disclosure of Material Connection: I received The Time for Murder is Meow via NetGalley from Midnight Ink. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.
PhDiva 12 days ago
I’m three for three on cat-themed cozies in the past month and I couldn’t be happier! Two felines and their owner Shell help discover the identity of a killer amidst local politics, small-town gossip, and a cast of wacky townsfolk. Adorable, fun, and a great read to escape the trouble of life! At merely 38 years-old, TV actress Shell McMillan retires from Hollywood after her show is cancelled. Mourning the death of her aunt, Shell moves to Fox Hollow, Connecticut to take over the management of her aunt’s pet shop, Purr N’ Bark. Shell loves animals, and after inheriting her aunt’s cat, she has two cats of her own—Kalhua and Purrday. As Shell gets to work setting up for the grand re-opening of Purr N’ Bark, she also begins investigating why the board of the local museum refuse to display items from her aunt’s Cary Grant movie poster collection. Given the prestige of this collection, Shell is certain that something else is underlying the decision. When one of the board members Amelia Witherspoon is murdered, Shell’s suspicions seem to be confirmed. There is something going on with the board of the museum and she needs to get to the bottom of it. That is easier said than done though when Shell becomes the number one suspect in the murder after reports of her argument with the victim surface. Amidst the WASP-y townsfolk and local drama, the town of Fox Hall is actually quite charming and fun to read about. Shell is a fantastic leading character. From the outset, she might seem as though she could be tough to connect with given her fame, beauty, and fortune. But I found Shell to be intelligent, confident without being arrogant, and generous! The characters in this novel are all so well-developed and fun to read about, from the new people she meets in Fox Hall to her former co-star Gary. There’s even a potential love interest in the local detective that promises to carry over into future installments! Each character truly adds to the story and they were surprisingly well-developed for a first book. I loved that the book was kept light and humorous despite the murder (though given the title I should have expected the humor!). The two cats were fun additions to the story and will definitely appear in the future books. Altogether a fun read and an intriguing mystery that had me excited each time I got to dive back in! Thank you to Kaye Publicity and Midnight Ink for my copy. Opinions are my own.
4GranJan 12 days ago
Great Start to a New Series of Cozies I love this book! It is a very good cozy mystery, but what I love best is that the author writes it as if the audience has brains. So many lovely cozies are written in a style that feels like the author has intentionally 'dumbed it down'. Not with this story! There is a nice balance of details without it being TMI. The past is mentioned, but not dwelled upon in angst. A perfect balance was achieved. I enjoyed it so much that I am checking out her other books! I received this ARC book for free from Net Galley and this is my honest review.
DarcysMom 12 days ago
The Time for Murder is Meow is a strong first book for the Purr N' Bark Pet Shop Mystery series. The reader gets a solid introduction to the characters and setting along with an intriguing first mystery. Crishell "Shell" McMillan just had her tv series canceled, forcing her to evaluate what she really wants out of life. Should she continue with the grind of Hollywood or should she slow down and be able to enjoy life? Her beloved aunt's death gives her at least a temporary answer: move into her aunt's house and re-open her pet goods store. Hollywood should have prepared Shell for fast-moving gossip, but even she is surprised by just how fast gossip moves in her adopted home. Although she is making friends, she seems to have made an enemy of Amelia, one of the most powerful women in town. When Shell finds Amelia's body, she becomes suspect number one. Can Shell and her new friends find the real murderer? Or will Shell's new life be over before it even starts?
Chatting-About-Cozies 12 days ago
I thoroughly enjoyed this light cozy Mystery. I was entertained from beginning to end by the great protagonist, Shell McMillan, a former actress. I enjoyed the set-up of her inheriting her Aunt Tillie’s pet store and deciding to move to Fox Hollow, Connecticut for a slower, calmer pace of life. Shell has a beautiful Seal Point Siamese cat, Kahlua, and also inherits her aunts Snow White Persian, Purrday. Almost immediately, there is a division of opinion amidst the local museum board when Shell wishes to loan them Aunt Tillie’s extensive Cary Grant memorabilia collection. Shell wonders why board member, Amelia, is so spiteful? The author offers reader’s a plethora of suspects to mull over. Shell gets the chance to get to know handsome Detective Josh Bloodgood, the investigator of the murder. Shell’s former co-star and friend, Gary, shows up for a stay and makes for a great partner to help Shell ponder motive for the homicide and get her name removed from the suspect pool. The plot is clever and interesting, and I believe the author has debuted a great first story in a new cozy series, A Purr N’ Bark Mystery. Cat lovers are sure to enjoy the two cats! I look forward to reading book two when Shell re-opens the pet store. I reviewed a digital arc provided by NetGalley and Midnight Ink. Thank you.
BobbieLCLA 12 days ago
I received a free copy of THE TIME FOR MURDER IS MEOW (Purr N’ Bark Pet Shop Mystery: Book 1) by T.C. LoTempio in exchange for an honest review. Crishell “Shell” McMillan’s television series is cancelled right after she finds her producer-fiancé in bed with another woman. Fed up with the Hollywood lifestyle, Shell takes the opportunity to start afresh when Shell’s aunt unexpectedly passes away and leaves her estate to Shell. Shell moves into her aunt’s house with plans to reopen her aunt’s pet shop; however, the grand re-opening is suspended when she becomes a person of interest in the murder of the local termagant. With the assistance of her television sidekick, some new friends, and her aunt’s Persian tomcat, Shell sets out to clear her reputation so she can re-open the Purr N’ Bark without the shadow of scandal. This was a pretty good start to a new series. The characters were charming, and the story was engaging. I recommend this book to fans of small-town cozy mysteries with cats and other animals. #TheTimeForMurderIsMeow #NetGalley
Anonymous 12 days ago
If you like T.C. LoTempio’ s Nick and Nora Series you’ll be very pleased to know that the first installment of this series is fabulous as well! I love that The main character Shell is a retired actress who believes moving the small town of Fox Hollow from Hollywood will provide a slower lifestyle. It doesn’t take long before Shell is in the thick of a murder, and the hot topic of the small town gossip mill. With a series of great supporting characters, a wonderful puzzle to solve and a couple of smart felines this book was a pleasure to read. As a fan of all things mystery I loved all the references to vintage movies and mysteries. I look forward to visiting Shell and Fox Hollow again soon. I received an advanced reader copy in exchange for my honest review.
AMGiacomasso 13 days ago
I loved this book that starts a new series by T.C. LoTempio. It's engrossing, entertaining and full of potential. It's a light, well written and fun to read story, with a lovely setting and a cast of fleshed out and likeable characters. I think that Ms LoTempio does an excellent work in developing cat characters and those in this book are no exceptions as they're realistic and lovely at the same time. The mystery was good, it kept me guessing till the end and had no "too stupid to live" situations. I hope this series will continue as it's full of potential and could become one of my favourite. It's highly recommended! Many thanks to Midnight Ink and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
MKF 13 days ago
A nice start to a new series. Shell has moved to Fox Hollow to take over her Aunt Tillie's pet shop, thinking that life in a small town will be calm and the only challenge will be blending her cat Kahlua and her aunt's cat Purrday. Not! Little did she expect that donating her aunt's collection of memorabilia would lead to the odious Amelia first being difficult and then being murdered! Of course Shell didn't do it. Her BFF Gary, who came to town to try to lure her back to Hollywood, helps her find the real villain. THere's a nascent love interest in Detective Josh Bloodgood. All material to set this up for the next installment! Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC. For cozy fans who like animals (especially cats)!
KrisAnderson_TAR 14 days ago
The Time for Murder is Meow is the debut of A Purr N’ Bark Pet Shop Mystery series. When Crishell “Shell” McMillan finds herself a person of interest in the murder of Amelia Witherspoon (think Wicked Witch of the West with white hair), Shell sets out to clear her name with help from her new friends. She believes her experience in playing a spy on Spy Anyone will come in handy. Shell talks to a variety of people around town gathering information and clues. This gives us a chance to meet the secondary characters and learn about Fox Hollow. Shell’s co-star, Gary Presser arrives in town and helps in solving the crime. Gary was my favorite character and he outshone Shell. He has a great personality and provides engaging humor. Purrday, Aunt Tillie’s cat, is a delight and I like how he communicates with Shell (cats have a way of telling us what they want). I like how Shell talks to Purrday and her cat, Kahlua. Kahlua acted in typical cat fashion when first introduced to Purrday—by hissing. I am glad that the author took the time to introduce the characters and the town (set the stage so to speak). Amelia Witherspoon was a disagreeable woman which leads to multiple suspects and misdirection. The clues were a little too on-the-nose which allows readers to pin down the guilty party early in the story. I enjoyed the movie references and how Shell would compare an individual to a movie character or actor. I liked the descriptions of Aunt Tillie’s collection and the Victorian home she left Shell. Detective Josh Bloodgood provides a potential romantic partner for Shell. The Time for Murder is Meow is a lighthearted cozy mystery with movie memorabilia, a wicked victim, bewitching brew, a gregarious co-star, playful Purrday, and one anxious actress.
jjthor 15 days ago
A fun cozy pet friendly mystery! Shell is an actress that had given up the tv world and come home to re open her Aunts pet store after she passed. In between getting the shop ready and getting to know her neighbors she finds out more about her aunts life,friends nad enemies. When a murder happens Shell is the person that is a suspect so with the help of her feline sidekicks she must solve the mystery and clear her name. A fun story with great characters and storyline. looking forward to more from this author.
BuriedUnderBooks 17 days ago
3.5 stars A pair of cute felines are part and parcel of this fun cozy but fear not, those of you who cringe at the idea—they don’t really help solve the crime(s) unless you count some judicious nudges and they don’t talk to Shell That doesn’t mean she doesn’t talk to them; any self-respecting cat person knows that’s a given, right? When Shell inherited her aunt’s pet shop, she fully expected a quiet life, much less stressful than her former acting world, but she didn’t allow for the animosity she encountered from Amelia Witherspoon. Shell never knew her Aunt Tillie had a feud going with Amelia but, then again, maybe Aunt Tillie wasn’t as invested in the feud as Amelia still is. This crabby woman won’t even allow the local museum to have a showing of the marvelous Cary Grant memorabilia just because the collection belonged to Tillie and Shell is determined to change the woman’s mind. Unfortunately, she won’t get the chance because somebody has done away with the woman and Shell is the popular choice as the murderer thanks to rumors and gossip. Meanwhile, why is the publisher/reporter, Quentin Watson, of the village rag so interested in her shop and why is he pointing the finger at Shell as the killer? There are a number of likely suspects and, as you might expect, a potential love interest in Detective Josh Bloodgood who wisely doesn’t really believe she’s guilty but my favorite character is Gary, Shell’s former co-star, entirely because…well, you’ll see ;-). The mystery here is a bit lightweight, especially in Shell’s supposed motivation for the murder and I figured out who done it too early, but an appealing cast of characters and a healthy dose of humor make this a nice way to while away a few hours. I’m already looking forward to the next book.