The Time of Our Lives

The Time of Our Lives

by Portia MacIntosh

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Love is in the air…?
Luca is used to being the ‘single one’ at weddings – it happens, when all your other friends are engaged, married or taken. But when she bumps into Tom, her friend from university who broke her heart into a million pieces, she finds herself wondering what could have been. It’s ten years later, surely she should be over that Tom by now? So why is he looking even more gorgeous than ever – and why doesn’t he seem to be able to keep his eyes off her either?
And as the champagne flows and old secrets resurface, Luca realises that perhaps the time to take a chance on love and life is…now?
The laugh-out-loud new novel from bestseller Portia Macintosh!

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ISBN-13: 9780008328849
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 04/12/2019
Sold by: HarperCollins Publishers
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 300
Sales rank: 600,298
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The Time of Our Lives 3.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
gaele 29 days ago
Now in her early thirties, Luca is feeling just slightly as if time has moved on without her, particularly when an invitation to one of her uni friend’s weddings appears. Always the single one, and with no real prospects of that changing anytime soon, it’s time to pick up with the gang and see how things have changed for everyone else. And more than anything else, this light and quick read is a testament to the power of friendship and the effects of choices made years ago on the present day. With plenty of laughter, memories and lots of long-held secrets revealed, the dramas in this are low as these are real friendships not determined or decided by proximity or constantly seeing one another. These friends allow for missteps, don’t worry about position in the now, and always refer back to the fun and support they all shared years ago. The story mixes past moments with present: each character is introduced and presented with enough background to show the progression of who they were to who they are, without missteps. The refreshing nature of a supportive set of friends, with little actual drama but plenty of moments both laugh out loud and cringe-worthy kept the read pleasant and flowing. While there are no great surprises here, and only a touch of ‘love’ interests, the progression of the story felt natural and kept me cheering Luca onward as she, although later than the others, tries to find her own way into growing up and starting to actually live the life she hoped for (or dreamed of) so many years ago. Easy to read and sure to leave you smiling – this is a perfect hideaway weekend read, guaranteed to leave you refreshed and relaxed. I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
paulalala09 17 days ago
The chance for a second romance if fate will allow is the theme running through The Time of Our Lives. Luca lost Tom to Cleo. Was it her chronic lateness that caused it or was Tom just not that into her? At a wedding of their uni friends, Luca may finally have a chance to reconnect with Tom but her lingering hurt and doubt plus meeting Pete may throw fate for a loop. Cute read. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
whatsbetterthanbooks 29 days ago
Witty, addictive, and undeniably romantic! The Time of Our Lives is a lighthearted, comical read that takes you into the life of the ordinary, but content Luca as she dreadingly travels to the wedding of her old flatmates and embarks on a weekend that includes reminiscing with old friends, a blossoming new love interest, and being reunited with the one that got away. The writing is sentimental and whimsical. The characters are multi-layered, gregarious, and endearing. And the plot, using flashbacks to the past is an enticingly nostalgic tale full of secrets, friendship, chemistry, humorous moments, romantic drama, self-reflection, and hilarious mishaps. Overall, The Time of Our Lives is another uplifting, humorous, addictively entertaining tale by MacIntosh that is perfect for anyone who loves a will-they-or-won’t-they romance that’s not only heartwarming but laugh-out-loud funny.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Sweet ~ Relatable ~ Amusing tl;dr: The one that got away might have just gotten lost This charming romance novel mostly takes place during one of the worst wedding receptions ever. And, the only non-pregnant bridesmaid is trapped hiding from two ex's (a great one and a boring one.) This book had the same sort of tone as those funny britcoms, like Catastrophe and Lovesick. Plenty of mistakes and fixes, lots of snark. It really was adorable and had a nice-ending. Cute holiday read and safe for work. 3.5 Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for a honest review.
Gabrielle Hyde 3 months ago
I received an ARC of this novel from HQ Digital through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions on the novel are my own. I don't know exactly what I expected going into this novel, but I was anything but disappointed. This book had it all: humor, romance, and a life lesson at the end of it all. The novel follows Luca, a 31-year-old woman, who attends the wedding of one of her closest friends from university. There she meets up with several of her other friends for the first time in ten years. The night before the wedding, Luca meets Pete, a friend of the bride's, and hits it off with him. Being the one person in her circle of friends that is not in a relationship, she thinks Pete might be someone worth pursuing. But after being volunteered to be a replacement bridesmaid, she finds out that the best man is the only man she ever truly loved, and he broke her heart ten years ago. So now Luca must decide if she is ready to move on from the past with a guy like Pete, who seems to be everything she needs and more, or return to an old flame who seemed to be everything, but never came to be. I loved how this wasn't a cheesy rom-com like many stories are that are like this. The major focus of the story is romance, yes, but it didn't feel like the main focus. I felt that the main focus was about Luca and her deciding what to do with her life, with romance being a part of it. There were so many other things happening within the story that the romance didn't dominate (but wasn't a secondary aspect either, which I was more than happy with). The banter within the story is hilarious. The story is split up between the present day and the past, which is I think the most interesting part of the story, as it builds up what was the relationship between Tom and Luca. From the beginning, it's obvious that she is still hurting, and the chapters that go into the past truly tug at the heartstrings when it showcases why and how she got so hurt in the first place. But with all the melodrama, there was this wonderful lightness to the story because of the banter between Luca and her friends. They were dynamic and charming, but a little much at times, just like any great friend group from any story. The guys made me want to punch all of them for being so obnoxious, which I found great, considering that all of the male friends I had growing up made me want to do the same thing. And yes, I guess the romance was indeed swoon worthy. I hate rom-coms with a passion, but I honestly couldn't help but be swept away in a day (it honestly took me the afternoon and evening to read this novel). I loved Luca so much as a person, as she and I are similar people in fashion and personality. Tom was endearing and interesting to learn about, and Pete was incredibly charming. I found myself getting lost in Luca's story because I just wanted to be there to experience the entire thing (which was a lot within one fictional day, mind you). Overall, I immensely enjoyed this read, and found it to be both lighthearted and grounded in some important messages about love, friendship, and acceptance of one's mistakes and experiences. Rating: 5/5 stars
Towrin Zaman 3 months ago
This was a first pov chick-lit told in alternative timelines of now & then. 'Now' takes place during the wedding of Matt, a university mate of Luca, and one of the the 5 people who she shared a flat with for a year back in the day. Interestingly enough, the entire story takes place throughout the wedding night at present. 'Then' takes place during their university time. The beginning was promising enough. I could relate to Luca, her feeling of having achieved nothing worthwhile in her 31 years, while her friends were getting engaged, married and just living their life in general. Luca's the only single person in her group of university friends, and isn't actually very excited about attending the wedding. That's something someone in my age can relate to very well. But then things take a turn when she meets Pete the night before the wedding, also a guest at the event. But then at the wedding, she's asked to fill in for the one bridesmaid who had her labor at the last moment, she also meets Tom, the guy who broke her heart back at university, and the (pregnant) girl he had chosen over her. And he wants to catch up. The romance never clicked for me. Luca still has feelings for Tom, but I just never could fathom what was so great about him that even though these two never dated or ever even kissed back then, she still is not over him after 10 years. That leads to my problem with the story-telling. The author fails to scratch below the surface, especially in the past timeline. In an attempt to keep everything cut and dry, I feel the author failed in getting across the feelings of the characters to the readers, and evoke my interest. I also wasn't really convinced by the misunderstanding and the reason behind Tom and Luca not getting together 10 years ago. It felt like a weak plot device. But that happens at the end. Initially, I was confused who to root for between Tom and Pete. And I was unimpressed with the route the author took for Luca to make the decision. There was some drama between the group of friends, but that just didn't catch my interest. There were loads of shenanigans that I feel makes the story more fit for a rom com movie. There was promise to the plot, but the execution simply failed it.
Shelley-S-Reviewer 3 months ago
3.5 Stars This book was a bit of magic, a touch of humor, and a lot of romance. It reminded me of the chick-lit books that were popular many years ago but have become unfashionable. I absolutely loved the author's sense of humor. And, yes, Luca is a kooky most of the time, but you get used to it. This book wasn't profound literature, but it's a wonderfully humourous read and a lot of fun. While this is technically a story about Luca, a woman who is going through what can only be called a bit of an early mid-life crisis, it is more about the characters who shape her experiences. The main character does have her happy ending although I felt that ended up being a bit less developed. In fact, even the side characters have their own happy endings - kind of. So, I think this is one of those books about life choices and what happens when you decide to choose the risky and odd path instead of the normal everyday one most people experience. In summary, an nutty book yet one I seemed to enjoy.