The Trailing Spouse

The Trailing Spouse

by Jo Furniss


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From the bestselling author of All the Little Children comes a novel of marriage, betrayal, and murder set in tropical, multicultural Singapore.

Amanda Bonham moved halfway around the world to be with the man she loves. Although expat life in Singapore can be difficult, Edward Bonham is a dream husband and a doting father to his teenage daughter, Josie.

But when their maid dies in an apparent suicide—and Amanda discovers the woman was pregnant and hiding a stash of drugs prescribed to Edward—she can’t help but wonder if her perfect husband has a fatal flaw. And if he can’t resist temptation under their own roof, what does he get up to when he travels?

Camille Kemble also has questions for Edward. Recently returned to Singapore, Camille is determined to resolve a family mystery. Amid a jumble of faded childhood memories, she keeps seeing Edward’s handsome face. And she wants to know why.

For one woman, the search for answers threatens everything she has. For another, it’s the key to all she lost. Both will follow his trail of secrets into the darkness to find the truth.

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ISBN-13: 9781503949218
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 08/14/2018
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

After spending a decade as a broadcast journalist for the BBC, Jo Furniss gave up the glamour of night shifts to become a freelance writer and serial expatriate. Originally from the United Kingdom, she spent seven years in Singapore and also lived in Switzerland and Cameroon.

As a journalist, Jo worked for numerous online outlets and magazines, including Monocle and the Economist. She has edited books for a Nobel laureate and the palace of the Sultan of Brunei. She has a Distinction in MA Professional Writing from Falmouth University.

Jo’s debut novel, All the Little Children, was an Amazon Charts bestseller.

Connect with her via Facebook (/JoFurnissAuthor) and Twitter (@Jo_Furniss) or through her website,

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The Trailing Spouse 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Macsbooks More than 1 year ago
The Trailing Spouse follows the story of three characters, each of whom have a relationship with a man, Edward Bonham. Amanda, his wife, who traveled around the world to Singapore to be with Edward. She is "the trailing" spouse, a phrase used to describe the spouse who follows the person with a job wherever that job takes them. Here, Amanda has left Great Britain to move to Singapore, a city built on illusion, beautiful yet filled with horrors. This imagery is present throughout the marvelously crafted story.  Camille Kimball has returned to Singapore to find answers from her childhood, her missing parents, and closure to her past. And, there is Josie, Edward's daughter who still is recovering from her mother's apparent suicide. Her relationship with Edward is a strange one, to say the least. As the story progresses, the web around these characters grows and becomes more intricately tangled until the climactic conclusion.  Furniss has woven a story that is both beautiful and frightenly realistic. Amanda is, at first, described as the very typical "trailing spouse" who is interested only in being in a glamorous place and with the money that most often goes with the move. These spouses have no rights, very little ability to work independently, in many countries - such as Singapore - they cannot have a bank account in their name or conduct financial transactions on their own. They are, therefore, totally reliant upon their spouses for all of their needs. After her maid, the helper, is found dead, Amanda's precarious life begins to unravel. As we watch her life come undone, we are left to ask ourselves "who is sane, who is not and how can we know who is telling the truth." The answers will shock you!  I will admit that I was fascinated with the story and its setting. I had heard from those who had traveled to Singapore about its beauty but, more often, about the illusion upon which this city is built. It has more millionaires and billionaires than any other country; it is, quite literally, one of the richest places on earth. And yet, its people have limited freedom and its immigrants, often used for servitude and menial jobs, are often abused and exploited. Furniss does an excellent job recreating this side of Singapore's tale. Her writing is skilled, filled with picturesque imagery and it was this  craftsmanship that elevated the book for me. However, there are parts that drag as a result of too much detail. There were times that I really did not want to read another word about Amanda's embryos calling out to her or dancing in the freezer.  While this storyline added depth to Amanda's character, it wasn't entirely necessary to the actual plot so, for me, it dragged on too long and too often. It does not take away from the overall suspense of the book, but it does keep it from being a non-stop, page turning thriller. Despite this, I loved the book and absolutely recommend it for all who enjoy suspenseful tales. You won't be disappointed. 
KerryACroucier More than 1 year ago
One man and so many questions. Amanda questions whether she really knew her husband, Edward. Camille has questions about her parents, and a chance encounter leaves her with a memory that leads her to believe Edward may have the answers. A twisting story set in the ex-Pat community in Singapore that will keep you wondering until the very end. The author paints an interesting picture of a country and community that I was not previously familiar with, and found intriguing in its differences. The descriptions and detail added to the depth of the story and combine with the complexity of the characters and an interesting story line to create a story that kept me unexpectedly captivated. #TheTrailingSpouse
DressedToRead More than 1 year ago
I was quickly drawn into the story with the alluring first chapter and the exotic setting of Singapore. Amanda is a trailing spouse. The definition of a trailing spouse is a person who follows his or her partner to another city because of a work assignment. She has joined her husband, Edward Bonham, so he can work in Singapore. As an expatriate, she is struggling to find her niche. She loves Edward and cares deeply for his teenage daughter, Josie. Their apartment sounds completely dreamy and Edward is constantly showering Amanda with expensive gifts from the countries he often travels to. Things are lovely for awhile and she is even trying to get pregnant and have a baby with Edward. In fact, she was secretly saving some cash in a “ginger jar” for future fertility treatments. Would a baby help her to fit in? Things get complicated when she finds the body of their maid (referred to as helper) late one night. It is ruled a suicide, but Amanda finds some clues that she can’t seem to shake off. She finds herself snooping into his business and tracing his receipts. Should she be doubting her husband? Can she trust him? Edward continues to travel and Amanda keeps facing night after night with “only suspicion for company.” Camille Kemble is trying to solve her own family mystery. When she meets Edward, some childhood memories are triggered and his face seems familiar. Both women want answers, does Edward hold the key? This book is beautifully written, full of intrigue, hidden secrets and an explosive ending that rocked me.
cristieu More than 1 year ago
Two women's lives collide in this suspenseful novel. The author wrote a brilliant book that has a well developed plot and characters. Definitely recommend!
lauriesophee More than 1 year ago
"So many changing face." This sentence grabbed me as the definite theme of this page turner. This is definitely a fast moving book filled with suspense! I had no idea until the end exactly what was happening and once I was enlightened- just wow! Amazing!