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The Trainer's Journey to Competence: Tools, Assessments, and Models (The Skilled Trainer Series) / Edition 1

The Trainer's Journey to Competence: Tools, Assessments, and Models (The Skilled Trainer Series) / Edition 1

by Jean Barbazette


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ISBN-13: 9780787975234
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 08/26/2005
Series: Skilled Trainer Series
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 7.60(w) x 9.30(h) x 0.72(d)

About the Author

Jean Barbazette is the president of The Training Clinic, a training consulting firm, and author of Instant Case Studies and Successful New Employee Orientation, Second Edition, from Pfeiffer, and The Trainer's Support Handbook.

Table of Contents

Contents of the CD-ROM.



Chapter 1: What Is a Training Function?

The Purpose of a Training Function.

Centralized and Decentralized Training Functions.

Chapter 2: What Is a Competency?

Competency Defined.

How Competencies Are Built from Knowledge and Skill.

How Competencies Are Measured.

Suggested Uses for Competency Checklists.

Steps to Set Up a Competency Measurement Process.

Chapter 3: Trainer or Instructor Competencies.

Competencies Required of Trainers or Instructors.

Competency Checklists for the Trainer or Instructor.

How to Use the Competency Checklists.

Trainer or Instructor Development Plan.

Chapter 4: Facilitator or Coach Competencies.

Competencies Required of Facilitators or Coaches.

Competency Checklists for the Facilitator or Coach.

How to Use the Competency Checklists.

Facilitator or Coach Development Plan.

Chapter 5: Course Designer Competencies.

Competencies Required of a Course Designer.

Competency Checklists for Course Designers.

How to Use the Competency Checklists.

Course Designer Development Plan.

Chapter 6: Training Manager Competencies.

Competencies Required of a Training Manager.

Competency Checklists for the Training Manager.

How to Use the Competency Checklists.

Training Manager Development Plan.

Chapter 7: Training Coordinator Competencies.

Competencies Required of a Training Coordinator.

Competency Checklists for Training Coordinators.

How to Use the Competency Checklists.

Training Coordinator Development Plan.

Chapter 8: Being a Department of One.

Sorting Priorities.

Competency Checklist for a Department of One.

Making a Training Plan.

Presenting a Training Plan.

Chapter 9: How to Develop Internal CertificationPrograms.

Developing a Certification Program in Your Organization.

Choosing Between Internal or External Certifying Authority.

Defining Certificates and Certification.

Using Developed Competencies to Plan a Certificate orCertification Program.

Demonstrating Competence and Understanding VersusPerforming.

Introducing Training Competencies in the Organization.

Measuring Competencies: Self, Peer, and SupervisoryAssessments.

Setting Up Feedback and Development Processes.

Gaining Agreement on a Certification Program.

Using Certification Programs: Cautions.


Sample Competency Checklists and Development Plans.




About the Author.

How to Use the CD-ROM.

Pfeiffer Publications Guide.

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

"A valuable resource for anyone involved in training andperformance improvement. Jean has done a marvelous job analyzingthe key functions performed by training professionals. The clearand concise checklists, tools and templates should help the readerto better assess the successful behaviors needed to manage, design,and deliver effective learning solutions."
--Michael Nolan, president, Friesen, Kaye and Associates

"Barbazette has taken the mystery out of competencies...her bookis comprehensive, yet simple and straightforward."
--Judith Hale, Hale Associates, and author, Performance-BasedCertification

"It takes a senior practitioner like Jean to ‘tell it likeit is’ with this great sourcebook for those who want to growtheir current skill set."
--Dr. Beverly Kaye, founder and CEO, Career Systems International,and author, Up is NOT the Only Way

"Here is the beginning of a great series that experiencedtrainers have been waiting for. The templates are great job aidsfor trainers, course designers, training managers andcoordinators."
--Mel Silberman, president, Active Training, author, ActiveTraining and 101 Ways to Make Training Active

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