The Transfiguration of Our World: How a Light Alliance Is Transforming Darkness and Creating a New Earth

The Transfiguration of Our World: How a Light Alliance Is Transforming Darkness and Creating a New Earth

by Gordon Asher Davidson

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This book provides a stunning and revelatory overview of the causes behind the current world upheaval, and the immediate and long term goals of a well-developed Plan for the transfiguration of the world. It explains how the world is being guided by a co-creative effort of humanity and an interdimensional Light Alliance, who are together transforming the darkness on our planet, and supporting the emergence of a civilization based on love, aligned with a higher spiritual Plan.
You will find startling new insights into the history and current state of the ancient struggle between the forces of light and darkness on our planet; the Cosmic decree from higher spiritual levels which is facilitating the inflow of powerful new energies and movements for planetary liberation; and a detailed outline of the unfolding Plan now being implemented for rebalancing our planetary life. This includes financial, political and media reforms, a more enlightened distribution of resources, the regeneration of the environment, and a renaissance of spiritual cooperation between humanity and the subtle worlds, including Galactic civilizations.
Based on 20 years of deep meditation and a nine month international teleseminar by the author, this book provides a corrective lens for humanity’s vision of the future, which, despite dark scenarios being imagined by some, is a future filled with light, joy and creative unfoldment for humanity and all of life.
The current response to the multidimensional crisis which all life on Earth is passing through is purifying the dark history of Earth and cleansing negative energies anchored within the substance of the Earth itself. It is removing all dark, controlling forces who have failed in their attempt to dominate and rule the Earth for their own selfish purposes. The story of their origins, the creation of their control systems, and their ultimate undoing and removal from power is clearly outlined in this book.
Many examples of reforms and shifts already underway in the world financial and political systems are discussed, showing the reality of how this Plan is being implemented. This book outlines in immediate and detailed steps our planetary evolution over the next two years, and how you can make your greatest contribution to it.
The Transfiguration of Our World is the story of the triumph of the human spirit and the truly indomitable power of freedom when allied with spiritual forces in the Cosmos who seek the liberation of all beings into their fullest Divine potential. It is the story of what is unfolding right now, today, here on planet Earth.

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Publisher: Golden Firebird Press
Publication date: 08/22/2014
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