The Transforming Power of Affirmative Prayer: It works if you work it!

The Transforming Power of Affirmative Prayer: It works if you work it!

by Grace Reynolds Victor


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ISBN-13: 9781452563923
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 12/10/2012
Pages: 316
Product dimensions: 8.80(w) x 5.90(h) x 0.80(d)

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The Transforming Power of Affirmative Prayer

It works if you work it!
By Grace Reynolds Victor

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2012 Grace Ann Reynolds Victor
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-6392-3

Chapter One

The Confirmation

The universe supports us by giving us confirmation! A few days into a work week, a colleague of mine described in a serene tone her recent rough weekend. She said she decided to read the town newspaper to distract her from worrying about her relationship problem. She picked up the local paper and saw the article title, "Zucchini Zest," and thought, "oh, some silly zucchini story, but I will read it anyway," sand she did. She described to me how the article brought her to an awareness of her focus. She then decided not to focus on worrying about her relationship. She went on to mention that the article had made her feel so good that she wanted to see who had written the article. She then checked and realized it was me.

At this point, we laughed heartily, and she added that the story had really helped her. Her compliments triggered doubts in me. I wondered if I could ever write another article that would have that great of an impact on someone. This seemed too big for me as I allowed doubt to have a party in my head.

Apart from the fears and doubts, I was unsure of how I should serve spiritually. I had feelings of discontent, which grew into anger, boredom, sadness, ambivalence, and extreme tiredness. I experienced a "dark night of the soul." These feelings lasted a whole year. The physical symptoms of this experience were intense. I felt like I was in a life-or-death situation. I had to yield, deepening my spiritual practice and following the Spirit's guidance. I felt somewhat peaceful when I wrote, and I decided that writing was a great part of my real service. I decided also that before I wrote spiritually, I would write a cookbook. I began the process, and a series of gentle nudges made it clear that it was not the time for a cookbook.

The Dreams

A vivid early morning dream brought much-needed clarity. My grandmother, who had taught me to pray and who had already made her transition, was in this dream. She, along with some women and I, were clad in white from head to toe. She was at the pulpit in the sanctuary in her home, leading a prayer service, as she had actually done when she was alive. She sent three half-used yellow pencils over to me via one of the "sisters" there. I was about ten or twelve years old in this dream. I received the pencils and began to smile childishly. My grandmother looked at me sternly, letting me know that she was not joking. Although everyone in the room was communicating, no words were exchanged. Upon awakening, I had an awareness that I must also write about inspirational topics like the ones my grandmother used to speak about.

When I had the following daydream, I also knew that my dark night of the soul experience would begin to end. I do not sleep during the day, so it was very unusual when I went from alert to intensely sleepy within a few minutes. I initially resisted, but the unusual sleepiness was too much to fight off. I reluctantly threw myself across the bed and immediately fell into a deep sleep. I dreamed I was observing two black lionesses, an adult and a cub. Mental words came to me, explaining the scene. The adult, whose fur was dull and somewhat matted, was faithful. She had worked hard and was worn and tired. She walked slowly with her head down and went toward a corner to rest. The cub had shiny black fur, and she was happy and frisked around with lots of energy. I also understood that since the older lion was tired, she was retiring and the cub had taken over for her. I had awareness, and as the weeks passed, I began to feel physically stronger and mentally courageous.

It had been a while since my daughter had given me the book, One Day My Soul Opened Up, by Ianyla Vanzant. I remembered scanning it and having little interest in it at the time, so I had put it on a shelf. Customarily, I read many inspirational books. One day as I continued to heal, my eyes happened to glance up at this book on the shelf, and my inner voice said, "I must read this book." I immediately followed through and realized that I loved it; in many instances, it seemed the author was speaking to me! It was thoughtfully designed to support one's spiritual evolution in the most effective way. I could hardly wait for each new day to complete the required exercises.

My soul continued to open up, and I continued to feel stronger. I was led to several retreat workshops led by gifted visionaries, including Dr. Vanzant. Since young adulthood, I have immersed myself in the writings of Ernest Holmes and Charles Fillmore. Later I continued in the writings of Raymond Charles Barker, Emily Cady, and Robert A Russell, to name a few, as well as more modern-day visionaries such as Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Tama Keeves, John Randolph Price, Gay Hendricks, Paul Ferrini, Dr. Michael Beckwith, Carolyn Myss, Shakti Gawain, Gary Zukaf, and Dr. Leon Masters, to name a few. I allowed myself to be mentored by Dr. Dyer through his book The Power of Intention. I later used it as a mentoring tool as well.

The Benevolent Laws of God

Affirmative prayer is a practice through which we experience the working of the law of mind. The Spirit of Jehovah in us works through this law. We see the demonstration where thoughts become things. This has been my experience through the writing of this book, whether it was a thought I quickly had to write down, a vivid dream, a page in a book that caught my eye, words that came to me in silence, something someone said to me, or something I had to forgive while working on the chapter of forgiveness. Working with faith, I have never failed to see the law of mind at work.

One such event occurred when I decided to mention my peer and her experience after reading my published article, "Zucchini Zest." I had not seen her in about five years. I had a strong desire to ask her permission to include her account of the experience reading my article. I wondered where I could find her. Within three days, in just one second of synchrony, I walked into a clothing store and happened to look up, and she happened to look out of the fitting room. Our eyes met. We laughed heartily again, and I asked her permission to include her account in my book, and she happily replied, "Yes, and I cannot wait to see it in print!" When we live and pray affirmatively and follow God's will for us, the whole universe conspires to propel us forward, often in a synchronistic manner.

Light along the Way

Throughout my experience of feeling spiritual discontentment and the process of writing this book, I have proven that as I become obedient to the direction of God's Spirit within me, all dictates of the little ego become nullified. One great idea followed another. Knowing that all creation benefits from God's ideas crowns it all. I admitted to myself and others that I have a natural gift for writing, and since I have embraced the affirmative way of praying, I feel impelled to write about it. The more I write about it, the more enthusiasm overtakes me.

Deciding to write, I clearly knew the love, beauty, power, and grace of God were too amazing to be kept hidden. All of mankind deserves to be blessed by this wisdom. Feelings of peace and freedom supported my belief in this work. Ideas began to flow through dreams and thoughts that came to me as I drove, exercised, sat on a plane or train, or even waited in a checkout line at a supermarket. I keep myself armed with notepads for these juicy moments of inspiration!

My intention is to use my gifts in service to God and all creation as I fulfill God's dream. I realized that as creations of God, we are all created to be more and never less and no one is excluded from this gift of grace. Fear of success had caused me to hide and slip into a box of self-sabotage, which showed up as denial, blame, anger, and excuses. In this box, I learned that when one is not expanding spiritually, he or she can easily be lulled into the sleep of mediocrity. I surrendered to God's call and, though with some resistance, made it out of the box.

Although I have moved into the unknown, I feel a sense of inspiration; moments of awareness are more frequent. I believe God has a sense of humor because at times I have ideas that make me laugh heartily. I am grateful for courage to live from a place that differs from the one my little ego dictated. I know this work supports others as well as me, helping me prove that Jehovah-Jirah is indeed our provider. Serving this way fulfills my heartfelt desire. One of my favorite sayings is, "Writing juices me up." It also brings me joy, which I offer to all.

Chapter Two

The Law of Attraction

"As a man thinks in his heart, so is he" (Prov. 23:7). I have defined the law of attraction as the law that all conditions and circumstances in affairs and body are attracted to us to accord with the thoughts we hold steadily in our consciousness.

The law of attraction regulates what comes to us or goes from us according to our use of other laws such as the laws of faith, obedience, love, etc. These laws cannot work on their own; we are the ones who must obey these laws in order for the law of attraction to work positively on our behalf. In his book God Works through You, Robert A. Russell said that the law of mind is the Law by which Spirit acts. Pg. 88. We know that the Spirit of God acts through us. I believe the entire purpose of teaching the affirmative way to pray would not be fulfilled if the nature of the law of attraction was not explained. Affirmative prayer, like our thoughts, sets the law of attraction into motion; however, the consciousness or condition of mind of the person praying must be of love. Mindlessly repeating affirmations, denials, and treatments would be futile without love as the basis.

Too many people misunderstand the work of the law of attraction. As a result, they believe they can have a need or want fulfilled by simply and haphazardly visualizing the desired thing dropping into their laps. Nothing could be further from the truth. When 8 The Transforming Power of Affirmative Prayer Christ taught that we must not worry about what we should eat or drink, etc., he further stated, "But seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added to you" (Matt. 6:33).

We must seek first by going to the soul level of our beings to know what God wants us to do, have, or become. We can do this through prayer and meditation. Prayer is a two way communication process, therefore after we pray we ought to become still and listen. In this place of stillness, we open our minds, become receptive, and listen to our inner guidance from God's Spirit within us. The more we practice this process, the clearer it becomes.

Any teaching or doctrine that fails to teach that our consciousness must be based on love in order to make lasting manifestation through the law of attraction is irresponsible and misleading. This shortcut method does not allow for the individual to engage in mental and spiritual preparation and growth. It is the same principle as building a house on sand; the storms and tides of life can quickly erode what little stability it may have. People need to renew, strengthen and condition their minds. They must also do the outer works of faith.

The outer works of faith could involve cleaning up impulses of discord, doing forgiveness work, releasing fear, living in a state of gratitude, developing one's self-esteem, patience, and love for self and others. The laws of God are immutable! God is just and cannot play favorites. We all must obey these laws if we want to attract our good. When we obey these spiritual laws of God, we support ourselves us in developing the consciousness or mental equivalent to the desired thing. Visualization while having a Christ consciousness is the key to having the law of attraction work favorably on our behalf.

Visualization and the Law of Attraction

Visualization is commonly used to enhance the outcome of any situation. This is possible because it entails imaging or seeing the manifestation first in the mind's eye. When tapping into the working of the law of attraction through imaging or using one's imagination, the scenery in mind triggers brain responses that help the body feel as though what is imaged is physically real. The emotions help to seal the desire as always accomplished!

We need divine guidance to help us create through imaging. We need guidance to create the mental mold in which the desire will take shape and harden. If the mold is not God ordained, it will not be durable; the ego's winds of doubt will be able to blow it over.

Visualizing for a desired thing without first seeking God's will is akin to forcing the hand of God; this way is always futile. If the desired thing is manifested, it may not last; it may bring misery or attract people with ill will. There have been numerous stories about people who gained sudden or unexpected wealth and then ended up losing the money quickly or becoming unhappy. When the mind or consciousness is not prepared for wealth because of habitual poverty, these people may have an underlying resistance to wealth. As a result, they can self-sabotage their new wealthy state. People often have an unconscious need to hold on to what is normal, habitual, familiar, and comfortable regardless of whether it's positive or negative and does not support their liberation. Praying with thanksgiving and allowing God to guide the use of such wealth is the wisest thing to do.

In order to allow the law of attraction to work favorably for us, we must first become a vessel worthy of containing the results of our answered prayers. We must deliberately think thoughts and do the things that honor God, us, and others. When we seek and receive guidance through our prayers or meditation, we must follow it. We must not make the mistake of thinking that through the law of attraction only good things come to us. If our consciousness is of ill will or any other negative state, through the law of attraction we will manifest a corresponding negative equivalent. Please slowly reread the previous sentence. The secret to manifesting and maintaining a God ordained life of grace and ease is to follow the spiritual laws of God first.

Prosperity is our birthright just as much as the gift of choice is our birthright. We can choose to let the law of attraction work to attract our good and then let our thoughts, words, and deeds become grounded on the foundation of agape love. We cannot seek shortcuts to our success by visualizing it without first doing our spiritual work. In order to have a consciousness of agape love, we must embrace and practice the spiritual laws of love, forgiveness, faith, and thanksgiving. We must also embrace compassion, kindness, and service to ourselves and others. We must surrender anger, fear, greed, jealousy, hate, resentment, and unforgiveness. Failure to do these things ensures that a person will soon become a house divided against him or herself. This creates situations where this person will experience difficulty manifesting and/or maintaining his or her good.

When you know you have created the fertile mental atmosphere within yourself, the following treatments and affirmation can nourish the consciousness. Feel complete acceptance for the following practices. Always be courageous and creative to create more personal practices. You may be happily surprised at how creative you can be!


• There is nothing in me that interfere with the manifestation of my desires. My complete being welcomes the grace of God's Spirit working through me. Nothing can go from me but love, truth, and goodwill. Nothing but good comes back to me.

• Being in time with my infinite God, I am open and receptive to divine ideas. I allow the still, small voice to guide me, and I intuitively know what to say or do. I respond immediately and willingly. I know that as I act I am allowing Christ to act through me. All my affairs are illumined by the healing light of Christ. For this privilege, I am grateful.

• Divine abundance now manifests in my affairs. This brings me opportunities to do what is life giving and uplifting for me and others. I now expect, accept and embrace new ideas and avenues for self- expression, love, joy and peace. All is well and I am grateful.

• My body is a wonderful creation of God. Every system, organ, cell and function vibrates with the perfect health of God. It has perfect assimilation and perfect elimination. I declare that my body is God's temple and only Divine life can inhabit it. My consciousness is filled with thoughts of health; I love health, I appreciate health, I am grateful for health.


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