The Traveler's Handbook: The Insider's Guide to World Travel

The Traveler's Handbook: The Insider's Guide to World Travel


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ISBN-13: 9780762707270
Publisher: Wexas International
Publication date: 01/01/1901
Edition description: 8TH
Pages: 960
Product dimensions: 4.87(w) x 7.24(h) x 1.19(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1First catch your dream
The travelling life
Departures and arrivals14
The independent traveller16
The celebrity traveller19
How travel shaped my life22
Coming home24
The world of travel
The global suburb27
The ethical traveller30
Moral dilemmas of travel32
The world impact of tourism35
Can tourism save the planet?38
Tomorrow's destinations41
How travel has changed44
The future of the travel industry46
What kind of traveller are you?
The first-time traveller50
The woman traveller52
The family traveller57
The older traveller61
The honeymoon traveller64
The solitary traveller67
The escorted traveller70
The extreme sports traveller74
The mountaineer79
The equestrian traveller82
The sailor86
The cyclist90
The charity challenger96
The serious walker98
The student traveller105
The safari traveller110
The clubbing traveller116
The spiritual traveller121
The retreat traveller124
The travelling artist129
The cultural traveller132
The wine-loving traveller135
The gourmet traveller141
The vegetarian traveller145
The expeditionary148
The polar traveller152
The motorbiker158
The hitch-hiker160
The happy camper163
The luxury traveller169
The green traveller172
The gay traveller176
The disabled traveller179
Classic journeys
Overland through Africa185
Overland through South-East Asia191
Overland through Asia194
Around South America200
Inter-railing through Europe205
Part 2Being there
Working travellers
Business travel210
The expatriate traveller214
Working your way around the world221
Diplomatic service225
Teaching English abroad228
Being a tour leader232
Crewing boats236
The aid worker239
Travels with my camera245
Travel writing for beginners249
Writing on the road252
Taking travel photographs255
Selling travel photographs267
Underwater photography272
Culture Shock
Culture shock277
Keeping a sense of humour281
Breaking the barriers284
Respecting Hinduism287
Respecting Islam290
Respecting Buddhism293
Healthy Travel
Health planning297
The essential medical kit301
Common health problems304
Travel stress308
Eating and drinking310
Water purification312
Diarrhoeal illness317
Health in the heat320
Altitude sickness323
Sex abroad326
The pregnant traveller328
The diabetic traveller330
Battles with jet lag334
Fear of flying337
Staying Alive
Avoidable hassles340
Daylight robbery343
A safe hotel stay347
In trouble with the law350
Surviving a kidnap355
Surviving a hijack360
Surviving a skiing accident364
Surviving wild animals369
Survival at sea374
Survival in the desert377
Survival in the jungle380
Surviving the cold383
The executive target390
Surviving a civil war394
Espionage and interrogation397
Countries in conflict400
Specialist Organisations
Adventure & sports tourism872
Business travel876
Camping associations876
Cargo & freighter travel878
Cultural tours879
Cycling associations & agencies881
Diabetic needs882
Disability services882
Environmental agencies885
Expatriate services888
Expedition organisers889
Freight forwarders891
Gay travel891
Gourmet travel892
Hitch-hiking associations892
Home exchange & timeshare associations893
Honeymoon specialists894
Horse-riding associations & agencies895
Hostelling associations895
Hotels & accommodation896
Luxury tourism898
Microlighting associations899
Mountaineering associations899
Older travellers900
Overland travel900
Polar tourism902
Railway companies & tours902
Sailing associations & agencies904
Self-catering holidays905
Student travel awards & agencies905
Teaching English abroad907
Tourist boards in the UK909
Travel agencies for tailor-made trips913
Travel writing & photography associations913
Volunteer organisations914
Vegetarian societies917
Walking associations918
Wildlife & safari companies918
Women's organisations920
Transport Issues
Rail passes921
Air passes923
Airline head offices worldwide925
Airline offices in the UK936
Airline two-letter codes939
Motorists' worldwide documentation941
Off-road drivers' checklist943
Specialist vehicle suppliers946
Vehicle shipping companies947
International vehicle licence plates948
Metric conversions for drivers949
Wexas Membership Offer950

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