The Treasure Within: An Archetypal Unfolding to Your Infinite Potential

The Treasure Within: An Archetypal Unfolding to Your Infinite Potential


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This important book is a deep exploration of the relevance and workings of archetypes in our lives and our work as it leads us along an archetypal developmental map to our authentic, natural self; to integrating our innate value, worth, and true authority; and to attaining our “Treasure Within."

Seasoned therapists Diane Steinbrecher and Shannon Pernetti offer this well-written, carefully structured, creatively illustrated guide as a “treasure” map to the unfolding of our infinite potential. With The Treasure Within, they build on the work of giants in the fields of psychology and psychotherapy such as Carl Jung, Erich Neumann, and Michael Conforti, and they add to the growing understanding of archetypal dynamics at play in the world. For example, they use Erich Neumann’s Archetypal Developmental Theory of consciousness and the application of Archetypal Pattern Analysis to light the way for exploring our archetypal alignments and the patterns they have created in our life—and they show us how to shift those alignments and patterns into a new, more generative way of being. Specifically, re-integrating the aspects of self left behind during our early life allows a shift that can lead into the later stages of adult development, bringing forth our rich potential and “Gaining the Treasure” of our soul, its many gifts and true purpose in life.

Organized into five main parts, The Treasure Within:

  • Begins with the foundational theories of Archetypal Pattern Analysis: archetypes, archetypal alignments, field theory, and patterns.
  • Delves into Erich Neumann’s Archetypal Developmental Theory of the unconscious and features examples of how this applies to our life and work through integrating unconscious patterns.
  • Explores different aspects of unconscious communication including dreams, images, narrative stories, and synchronicities along with how the wisdom of the body expresses our belief systems and patterns and can present through disease processes.
  • Highlights the specific capacities and perspectives of each developmental stage of both researched adult development and Neumann’s archetypal development map of the unconscious.
  • Synthesizes the many contributions to Archetypal Pattern Analysis by various domains of knowledge such as somatic work, the New Sciences (complexity theory, systems theory, chaos theory, and self-organizing systems), patterns in nature, neurobiology and epigenetics, and the world’s spiritual wisdom traditions.
  • And closes with two appendices—one focused on mindfulness and mindful awarenss, supportive practices for the later stages of development, and one geared specificially toward therapists.

Clinicians as well as interested laypersons will come away from reading this rare book with insights into how to attain and richly experience the Treasure of Life and how to express the numerous gifts we each have to contribute to humanity.

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ISBN-13: 9780692994320
Publisher: Archetypal Associates
Publication date: 11/30/2018
Pages: 470
Sales rank: 800,455
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.95(d)

About the Author

Diane Steinbrecher LCSW is an Archetypal Pattern Analyst, Hakomi Somatic Psychotherapist, and Addictions and Integral Psychotherapist working with individuals, couples, and families for over forty-five years. She also provides consultations and supervision to clinicians and those attaining licensure. Diane has studied with the founder of Archetypal Pattern Analysis, Michael Conforti PhD, since 1995. She has integrated Archetypal Pattern Analysis into her clinical practice and serves as a faculty member of the Assisi Institute: The International Center for the Study of Archetypal Patterns. She specializes in helping clients resolve the effects of childhood traumas as they begin to realize their natural state, the Self. Central to her therapy and teaching is reading patterns in behavior, thoughts, the body, and diseases that are viewed as a perfect expression of what is needed to shift these into generativity and one's wholeness. Diane also is the co-founder of Archetypal Associates through which she co-teaches "Fundamentals and Application of Archetypal Pattern Analysis" in ongoing groups and trainings. In addition, she is a Radiant Mind coach and group facilitator in Dr. Peter Fenner's Radiant Mind program and provides nondual psychotherapy and spiritual mentoring. In addition to her clinical work and teaching, Diane is on the Advisory Board for Peace in Schools, the first for-credit Mindful Studies program in high school curriculums in the United States. Plus, she is a therapist for the A Home Within program, offering free therapy for those clients who are or have been in the foster care system. Diane lives in Portland, Oregon, and can be reached at

Shannon Pernetti is an Archetypal Pattern Analyst and Integral Therapist who has been in private practice in Portland, Oregon, since 1975. Working with Dr. Michael Conforti since 1995, she co-teaches "Fundamentals and Application of Archetypal Pattern Analysis" in workshops and monthly training and application groups and is on the faculty of the Assisi Institute: The International Center for the Study of Archetypal Patterns. Shannon also is a Nondual Therapist and a Radiant Mind Coach. A skilled group facilitator, Shannon is a co-founder of Opening to Life, a Healing Arts Center in Portland, Oregon, and she is a Founding Board Member of Returning Veterans Project. She offers therapy, consultation, training, and supervision. Her work focuses on shifting core patterns and archetypal alignments to facilitate a fundamental unity with the Self. Shannon can be reached at

Table of Contents

PART ONE: Foundational Theories 23

1 Introduction to Archetypal Pattern Analysis 25

2 The Mystery of the Archetypal Domain 31

3 The Archetype of the Container and Archetypal Alignments 39

4 Patterns in the Natural World and the Psyche 45

5 The Profound Influence of Fields 59

PART TWO: Erich Neumann’s Archetypal Developmental Theory: Individuation and the Ego-Self Journey 75

6 Neumann’s Archetypal Exploration of Individuation 77

7 Neumann’s Creation Myths 91

8 Neumann’s Hero Myths 111

9 Neumann’s Transformation Myths 121

10 Archetypal Developmental Stages of Life 131

PART THREE: Application of Erich Neumann’s Archetypal Developmental Theory: Rescuing the Captive to Gain the Treasure 135

11 Rescuing the Captive: Its Importance to Living Our Full Potential 137

12 Application of Rescuing the Captive in Neumann’s Creation Myths 143

13 Application of Rescuing the Captive in Neumann’s Hero Myths 175

14 Application of Rescuing the Captive in Neumann’s 199

Transformation Myths

15 The Archetypal Approach to Gaining the Treasure 205

PART FOUR: The Unconscious Expression of the Psyche 211

16 Working with Pre-Cognitive Experience: Implicit Memory 213

17 The Archetypal Nature of Attachment 225

18 Early Development’s Relationship with Our Journey to the Treasure 233

19 Unconscious Communication: Translating the Expression of the Psyche 243

20 Images Appearing in Dreams, Visions, and Daydreams in Each Archetypal Stage 265

21 The Wisdom of the Body 281

22 Life Fields and Death Fields 291

PART FIVE: Three Parallel Maps of Development 299

23 Three Models of Developmental Knowledge 301

24 Evaluating Developmental Stages 323

25 The Difficult Transitions Between Stages 333

26 Attaining the Later Stages Held in Potential 339

27 Challenges of the Later Stages 347

28 Unfolding Our Infinite Potential with a Generative Inner Refuge 353

Epilogue 363


A Supportive Practices for the Later Stages of Development 367

B For Practitioners 377

Glossary 413

Notes 423

Bibliography 439

Index 449

About the Authors 465

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