The Treasure You Seek: A Guide to Developing and Leveraging Your Leadership Capital

The Treasure You Seek: A Guide to Developing and Leveraging Your Leadership Capital

by Archie L. Jones Jr.
The Treasure You Seek: A Guide to Developing and Leveraging Your Leadership Capital

The Treasure You Seek: A Guide to Developing and Leveraging Your Leadership Capital

by Archie L. Jones Jr.


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Leadership, Harvard Business School professor Archie L. Jones, Jr. explains, is not about title or status, but about influence and impact. Leadership capital consists of the resources you have that can empower you to work with others to achieve your goal.

In The Treasure You Seek, Archie L. Jones, Jr. shares his lessons in leadership—focused on the notion of leadership capital and the 5 Cs (capability, culture, communication, connection, and confidence). Each of the 5 Cs is a tool for readers to develop and deploy leadership capital in order to achieve whatever success means to them—their treasure. In treating each of the 5 Cs, he lays out his own experience and walks the reader though the building blocks of developing and then leveraging that “C.”

This book is for aspiring entrepreneurs—which, to Archie L. Jones, Jr., just means “someone with a dream,” whether to start a business and build an empire, start a nonprofit to change the world, or simply to be upwardly mobile and change one’s own life. This book is not just for “leaders” in a narrow sense, but is for those looking to advance in their lives or careers, to take their game to the next level, as well as for coaches who are working with people in this position. Jones’ messages have resonated with corporate leaders, aspiring entrepreneurs, and students at many levels across the world.

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ISBN-13: 9798887502151
Publisher: Advantage Media Group, Inc.
Publication date: 03/12/2024
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.63(d)

About the Author

ARCHIE L. JONES, JR. is an accomplished investor, advisor, award-winning Harvard Business School Professor, author, and podcast host.

As the founder and CEO of NxGen COACH Network™ he draws from his leadership journey to empower and coach the next generation of global leaders. Through his book, The Treasure You Seek, podcast Training Camp for Leaders, and in the classroom, Archie provides insights and actionable advice to aspiring and seasoned leaders on topics ranging from entrepreneurship to board service.

For three decades, he has led successful private equity investments and value creation in public and private companies. Archie is a Senior Advisor to Six Pillars Partners, a member of The Executive Leadership Council, and was named one of Savoy Magazine’s “Most Influential Black Corporate Directors.” Archie is a Director of Fleetcor Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: FLT).

His social impact work with organizations such as Year Up and New Profit drive innovation and systemic change.

Archie is a NACD Certified Director, Certified Public Accountant and graduate of Morehouse College and Harvard Business School.

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

"Archie Jones breaks down how to define, assess and improve your leadership capital aka 'the currency of change'. His coaching superpower comes through the controversial read peppered with examples and questions for your reflection. The Treasure You Seek offers a framework for closing the leadership gap on the road to unlocking your full potential."

Laetitia Tiani Vessah
Principal, Leo Legacy; Harvard Business School Alumni/Former student of Archie Jones

“Good leaders provide direction, purpose, and reason for a group or organization to follow. They also share their knowledge, wisdom, and experience with others. Their leadership becomes a calling to serve others. Archie is a leader who has risen to his position through his actions and his words. His thoughts on leadership and influence are clear, specific, and on target in today's business and social climate.”

David A. Thomas, PhD
President, Morehouse College

“Archie has the rare ability to make anyone look deeper at themselves and see new possibilities for their lives. His leadership capital framework can apply to people and leaders from all walks of life, even those who may have never recognized that they are a leader themselves. If you don’t know what your superpower is yet, this book will help you discover it.”

Everette Taylor
CEO, Kickstarter

“There is no greater aha moment than figuring out your superpower. The Treasure You Seek is an inspiring book that clearly lays out a powerful roadmap to finding one’s superpower. This book is a must-read for anyone seeking to become a more effective and more fulfilled leader.”

Vanessa Kirsch
Founder-in-residence and senior partner, New Profit, Inc.

“As I read Archie’s book, all bells started to go off in my head! His early career leadership lessons are very impactful and resonate very much with me. At 32 years old I was one of the youngest CFOs of a NYSE listed company with a team of about 1,000 people under my responsibility. My early approach to leadership was purely transactional. I thought my job was just about getting my team to perform certain tasks that I directed them to do. I even made the mistake of trying to perform ‘management by email.’ I was so wrong! I wish I had Archie’s book early in my career and had then learned his concept of ‘leadership capital.’ I would have been much more effective and impactful! And it would have saved me many mistakes.”

Alvaro Rodriguez-Arregui
Co-Founder, IGNIA; Former chairman of the board, ACCION

“In The Treasure You Seek, Archie Jones navigates readers through his remarkable personal story and provides an essential, heartfelt, and strategic guide to leadership in today’s business climate. Archie powerfully illustrates the importance of harnessing community to both shape and achieve the “treasure” at the heart of a successful business world journey. The Treasure You Seek provides an emerging generation of previously underinvested business leaders concrete guidance on how to develop and own their trajectories and, ultimately, their success.”

Clara Wu Tsai
Owner, Brooklyn Nets; Founder, Joe and Clara Tsai Foundation

"I've known Archie since we were classmates at Harvard Business School. However, notwithstanding our relationship as peers, as I read The Treasure You Seek, I wished I too could have benefitted from his office hours! As Archie says, that's why he wrote this inspiring and uplifting book—to make his office hours experience available to as wide an audience as possible. Archie's 5 Cs Leadership Capital framework captures succinctly and powerfully outline the key elements that underpin professional and personal success! Leaders of all ages and experience levels can benefit from this book."

Victor Williams
CEO, NBA Africa

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