The Treatment of Gait Problems in Cerebral Palsy

The Treatment of Gait Problems in Cerebral Palsy



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ISBN-13: 9781898683377
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 02/29/2004
Series: Clinics in Developmental Medicine Series , #8
Edition description: REV
Pages: 464
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.80(h) x 1.41(d)

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Introduction James R. Gage; Part I. Clinical Background: 1. The neurological control system for locomotion Warwick J. Peacock; 2. Mechanisms and consequences of neonatal brain injury Adre J. du Plessis; 3. The nature and pathogenesis of spasticity Warwick J. Peacock; 4. A qualitative assessment of normal gait James R. Gage; Part II. Patient Assessment: 5. Physical examination and observational gait analysis Joyce Trost; 6. The motion analysis laboratory (equipment, organization) Roy Davis; 7. Kinematics of normal gait Michael Schwartz; 8. Kinetics of normal gait Roy Davis and Sylvia Ounpuu; 9. Dynamic EMG Henry G. Chambers; 10. Energy consumption Steven E. Koop and Jean Stout; 11. Musculo-skeletal modeling Scott L. Delp; Part III. Gait Pathology in Cerebral Palsy: 12. An overview of pathological gait James R. Gage; 13. Lever-arm dysfunction James R. Gage and Michael Schwartz; 14. Patterns of gait pathology Sylvia Ounpuu; Part IV. Treatment: 15. An overview of treatment James R. Gage; 16. Non-operative: a) physical therapy Sue Murr; b) Orthotics Deborah Quanbeck and Kathy Molina; c) Oral and injectable medications Linda Krach and Mark Gormley; d) Alternative treatments Linda Krach; 17. Spasticity reduction: a) Selective dorsal rhizotomy Warwick J. Peacock; b) Intrathecal baclofen Leland Albright; c) Rehabilitation post spasticity reduction Linda Krach; 18. Hemiplegia: a) Lower extremity - pathology and treatment Jean Stout and James R. Gage; b) Upper extremity - pathology and treatment Ann Van Heest; 19. Diplegia: pathology and treatment Tom F. Novacheck; 20. Crouch gait: pathology and treatment James R. Gage; 21. Quadriplegia: pathology and treatment Henry G. Chambers and James R. Gage; 22. Postoperative care Lynn Christianson; 23. Postoperative rehabilitation Sue Murr; Part V. Assessment of Outcome: 24. Functional assessment Tom F. Novacheck and Michael Schwartz; Epilogue James R. Gage; Index; CD-ROM.

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