The Trials And Miracles Of A Sinner

The Trials And Miracles Of A Sinner

by John R. Mcqueen


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We're born, we live, and then we die. It's what we do in between those times that count. If you have ever been Raped or Molested or even had incest happen to you. If you have ever been cheated on or lied too. If you have ever been apart of Adultery on either side! If you have ever had a tragic

Incident happen to you or a family member! If you have ever been in trouble with the Law! If there have been Demon's in your life. If you have ever needed an exorcist for someone you knew! If you have lived such a Wild life that you don't think God can ever forgive you, then this is a Book you must read. GOD IS WAITING TO HEAR FROM YOU NOW! THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR HESITATION!

I've lived my life to the fullest, but it was not always Godly. Everything I've been through happened for a reason though, because now it has become my testimony. The power of Jesus Christ was sufficient even for a sinner like me. I hope that each one of you who read this find inspiration, and a renewal of your own faith by reading this book. I have started McQueen Ministries which is based out of Southeast Missouri, but continue to spread the word as I still drive over the road. God Bless you all.

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ISBN-13: 9781615795833
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication date: 12/10/2009
Pages: 276
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