The Triumphant Three

The Triumphant Three


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The Triumphant Three by George Man

Sandra has finished high school and is moving to France with her beloved Australian cattle dogs, Blue and Honey, to study art at the Sorbonne University in Paris, while living in a beautiful historical castle. Every girl’s dream come true!

Sandra and her amazing companions soon made headlines all over Europe thanks to their exciting adventures. They save the life of a tourist at the castle where they live and then foil a bank robbery in a nearby town, resulting in reward money and a life-changing operation for little Honey, who has been almost blind since birth.

Through lifelike paintings of her beloved pets and the landscapes that were backdrop to her life, Sandra achieves notoriety and success in the art world. With the money she earns, she has one goal for her and her beloved companions, and that is to buy her own piece of land in Outback Australia and to return to their spiritual home, Down Under.

Back in Australia, Sandra takes on the management of her friends’ cattle dog breeding program. While Sandra, Blue and Honey continue to face many challenges, The Triumphant Three prove their undying love for one another and the legacy of their heroism will live on forever in Outback Australia.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780648476269
Publisher: George Man
Publication date: 02/01/2019
Pages: 188
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.49(d)
Age Range: 6 - 12 Years

Table of Contents

  1. Acclimatising and Blue the Protector Pg 1
  2. An Amazing Team Pg 5
  3. A Miracle Pg 9
  4. The End of the Holidays and Honey Goes to School Pg 13
  5. Busy Times and Christmas in Holland Pg 17
  6. The Wake-up Call Pg 19
  7. A Sad Period and Time Goes On Pg 23
  8. An Auction with an Amazing Result Pg 25
  9. Of Course They Are the Best! Pg 29
  10. A Visit to Holland Pg 31
  11. A Very Special Offer Pg 33
  12. The Three Musketeers Pg 37
  13. France and the Bank Show Their Gratitude Pg 41
  14. The Last Year in France Pg 45
  15. Sandra Learns to Ski Pg 47
  16. Persistence Pays Off and Sandra Finishes Her Painting Pg 51
  17. The Avalanche Pg 55
  18. Where is Sandra? Pg 59
  19. A Young Lady in Trouble Pg 63
  20. The Triumphant Three Again! Pg 67
  21. Convalescing and The End of Her Studies Pg 69
  22. It is Not Goodbye Pg 71
  23. Final Preparations Pg 73
  24. One Last Surprise Pg 75
  25. Part Two: The Legacy The Journey and Lots of Learning Pg 81
  26. Sandra Settles In Pg 85
  27. Sandra’s Birthday Party Pg 89
  28. An Amazing Horse and Feral Dogs Pg 93
  29. Sandra’s Recovery Pg 99
  30. Many Visitors Keep Coming and Honey is Happy Pg 103
  31. Blue: The Story and Dishonest People Pg 107
  32. An Amazing Auction and The Three Meet Somebody Pg 111
  33. Two Busy Days and An Almost Unbearable Loss Pg 115
  34. Honey’s Funeral Pg 119
  35. A Masterpiece and Georgia Travels to Europe Pg 123
  36. Georgia’s Trip Pg 127
  37. A Happy Homecoming and An Unexpected Phonecall Pg 131
  38. The World Honours an Amazing Dog Pg 135
  39. Settling In and Blue Lays Down the Law Pg 139
  40. The Hawkesbury Show and A Frightened Horse Pg 141
  41. Sandra, Blue and Taboona Go Bush Pg 143
  42. An Amazing Day and A More Amazing Night Pg 147
  43. A Long Walk and A Special Dog Pg 151
  44. Christmas at Mitchell and Bushfires in the Outback Pg 153
  45. Amazing Courage Pg 157
  46. Lightning and Taboona Give Sandra a Message Pg 161
  47. Blue Pg 165
  48. The Legacy Pg 169

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