The Trouble with Christmas

The Trouble with Christmas

by Amy Andrews

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"[W]ill generate holiday spirit in even the most Scrooge-like reader.” Kirkus Review, Starred Review

All Suzanne St. Michelle wants is an over-the-top, eggnog-induced holiday with her best friend in Credence, Colorado. But when her hoity-toity parents insist she come home for Christmas in New York, she blurts out that her sexy landlord is actually her boyfriend and she can’t leave him—Joshy loves Christmas. The more twinkle lights the better.

Rancher Joshua Grady does not love Christmas. Or company, or chatty women. Unfortunately for him, the chattiest woman ever has rented the cottage on his ranch, invited her rich, art-scene parents, and now insists he play “fake rancher boyfriend” in a production of the Hokiest Christmas Ever. And somehow…she gets him to agree.

Apparently, he’ll do anything to get his quiet life back. At least there’s mistletoe every two feet—and kissing Suzy is surprisingly easy. But in the midst of acres of tinsel, far too many tacky Christmas sweaters, and a tree that can be seen from space, he’s starting to want what he lost when he was a kid—a family. Too bad it’s with a woman heading back to New York before the ball drops…

Each book in the Credence, Colorado series is STANDALONE:
* Nothing But Trouble
* The Trouble with Christmas

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ISBN-13: 9781640638198
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 09/24/2019
Series: Credence, Colorado Series , #2
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 45,254
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Amy is an award-winning, USA Today best-selling Aussie author who has written sixty plus contemporary romances in both the traditional and digital markets. She's sold two million books and been translated into over a dozen languages.

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The Trouble with Christmas 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 39 reviews.
MaimeosAngelsEL 18 days ago
5 star review of The Trouble With Christmas (Credence, Colorado #2) by Amy Andrews   Amy Andrews is a relatively new author to me. This was a fun, entertaining read that had me riveted from the first to the last chapter.   There was humour and the banter that flowed was well written and amusing. I loved the main characters of Suzanne and Joshua as they were easy to relate to. I love cowboys and small town romance and this ticked the boxes for me. It was amusing to watch Suzanne and Joshua dance around the feelings that were developing between them. The secondary characters were great and enhanced this feel good story and I am looking forward to reading more in this series. The Trouble With Christmas is a romantic, sweet, heart warming story that is centred around the most magical time of the year. What’s not to enjoy?
sincerelykarenjo 5 days ago
This book makes my heart so darn happy. It’s hilarious, snarky, sexy, and oh so sweet in the best ways. The Trouble with Christmas by Amy Andrews is absolutely the perfect holiday romance story that will keep readers delightfully entertained and engrossed with all the silly shenanigans and the wonderfully touching moments. Suzanne St. Michelle is convinced that a change of scenery is exactly what she needs to awaken her muse. She rents a cabin in Credence, Colorado and hopes to paint the beauty all around her. But, her muse has other plans and inspires her to paint Joshua Grady, her handsome and sexy Scrooge-like landlord who wants nothing to do with her. With Christmas just around the corner, Suzanne’s mother is insisting that she come home. However, Suzanne doesn’t really want another boring Christmas with her parents, so she blurts out the first thing that comes to mind – her landlord is actually her new boyfriend and she really wants to spend time with him. To deter her mother from wanting to visit her, Suzanne exaggerates and explains that Joshy is super in to the Christmas spirit and has gone over the top cheesy with all the decorations. But, Suzanne’s scheme backfires and she has to do everything she can to convince Grady to play along with her lie cause her parents are spending Christmas with them. Having lost some very important people in his life, the holiday season is difficult for Grady and he just really wants to be left alone to do whatever he wants. The last thing he needs is an outsider disturbing his peace and complication his simple life. However, Grady just can’t stop thinking and fantasizing about Suzanne, the most annoying woman he’s ever met who can’t seem to stop chatting or pestering him. Grady knows she’s nothing but trouble and unnecessary distraction. Willing to do anything to get his quite life back, Grady agrees to go along with Suzanne’s scheme and pretend to be her fake rancher boyfriend who’s crazy in love with Christmas. Amidst all the mistletoes, sparking lights, Christmas traditions, and tacky couple activities, Suzanne and Grady suddenly realize that there's something special between them. What happens when they can't pretend anymore and deny their feelings for each other? I am utterly over the moon smitten with this cozy and fun holiday romance story. Suzanne and Grady are sooo great together and their chemistry is swoony to the max! The writing is fantastic, the pacing is just right, the setting is gorgeous, the characters are charming and loveable, and the fun surprises throughout the story will definitely make you smile. I enjoyed the bantering, the humor, the romance, the hooky Christmas parts, and all the touching moments. I honestly loved everything about this book, even had a few tears, and the ending is just so adorable and heartwarming. Loved all the characters in this book. Suzanne and Grady are complex and interesting characters that will steal a piece of your heart. I loved watching them challenge, inspire, and slowly trust each other. There’s definitely some hesitation, conflict, and drama between them, but I loved the way they came together. They’re so precious and perfect for each other and they deserve to have their happily ever after. They made me laugh out loud, swoon like crazy, and smiled like a dork. And if you want a little steam and sexy time, no worries... I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
kandksmom5912 12 days ago
This is the first book that I have read from this author and I found it to be really enjoyable. It is the second book of the series but it can be read as a standalone. I am not a big fan of the holidays but I do love a good Christmas movie or book. This story kind of reminded me of a movie that was the same premises except the heroine “kidnapped a boyfriend” and I love that quirky type of movie so this book was a real treat. Suzanne and Josh were a great couple and you can see the chemistry and attraction that they have for each other so clearly although they don’t want to admit to it. You can’t fight it because if it is meant to be, love will find a way. I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and Entangled Publishing and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.
readerjwilson 12 days ago
First, after reading what it was about, I was almost immediately interested in reading it. It at first seems like one of those Christmas books where the main female lead is trying to find a fake boyfriend for the holidays. But after reading this book, I learned that it takes that plot into a completely new direction. In this book, Suzanne is a New York artist, who paints replicas of other famous artwork. She comes to the small town of Credence, Colorado, hoping to find her muse. She is desperate to paint something original and all her own. Once arriving on the ranch where she will spend the holidays, she meets the owner, Joshua Grady, or Grady as he prefers to be called. There is an instant attraction between the two of them. But neither want to address it. Later, Suzanne comes to him, with an idea. She told her parents she wasn't coming home for the holidays, because she wants to spend the time with her new 'rancher boyfriend'. They say they will come to her. So she goes to Grady and makes him a deal. If he will pretend to be her boyfriend, and she will give him something he wants in return. Paintings shes painted of him. He agrees. The thing that is different about this story is the fact that Grady has avoided any type of holiday, or relationship for the last 17 years. He hates the holidays. I greatly enjoyed reading this book. It was funny, and sweet, and heartwarming. This was the first book from this author that I have read, but it will not be my last. I definitely recommend this book. Especially if you are looking for a quick, fun read.
Kay_D 14 days ago
Sparks Fly when a Painter gets a Surly Rancher to be her Fake Boyfriend Loved this quirky romance full of laugh out loud moments. Although they are so different, every time Suzanne and Josh are together, there’s a lot of sexually charged intensity simmering between them. The only thing that bothered me was the over the top cursing. I could have done with less of that as this story is able to hold its own without it. Regardless, I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more by Ms. Andrews. My ARC was provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.
TheBookFairyReviews 14 days ago
This is the perfect read to get you into the holiday mood any time of the year. The writing paints the images in you minds eye showing you the scenery of the valley and... so much more. The descriptions give you a clear picture of what Suzanne sees when she has her first look at Joshua without a shirt on swoon A story of how opposites can really make for a perfect match. The relationship the grows for Joshua and Suzanne, is one that is built upon attraction and patience. A development that neither of them were wanting or expecting, but happen because fate made it so. A romance that is cuddle worthy any time of the year. Grab a blanket to snuggle with and settle in for a romance to warm your heart.
TheBookFairyReviews 14 days ago
This is the perfect read to get you into the holiday mood any time of the year. The writing paints the images in you minds eye showing you the scenery of the valley and... so much more. The descriptions give you a clear picture of what Suzanne sees when she has her first look at Joshua without a shirt on swoon A story of how opposites can really make for a perfect match. The relationship the grows for Joshua and Suzanne, is one that is built upon attraction and patience. A development that neither of them were wanting or expecting, but happen because fate made it so. A romance that is cuddle worthy any time of the year. Grab a blanket to snuggle with and settle in for a romance to warm your heart.
Susanmc81 14 days ago
I loved this book! Joshua Grady has shut down his emotions after the deaths of his parents and first girlfriend when he seventeen. He is now 34, has served three tour in the army, and is running his uncle’s ranch In Credence Colorado. He likes his solitude, so he is not thrilled when his Uncle rented out the cabin on his property to Suzanne St Michelle. Suzanne is an artist from New York who wants to find her muse and also celebrate a real Christmas for once in her life. Suzanne is very emotional and has verbal diarrhea , the opposite of the stoic Grady, who barely speaks for days on end. Of course, Suzanne lies to her mother that Grady is her boyfriend and her parents decide to visit and they have to do the whole fake relationship thing. This is a delightful story. I loved both of these characters, and rooted for them to finally get together. I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley for my honest review.
MalkaShayna 15 days ago
After losing his parents and high school sweetheart in a fatal auto accident when he was only 17, and 12 years in the military, all Joshua Grady wants is to be left alone to run his ranch. He also hates Christmas, because the accident was in December. However, his Uncle Burl and Aunt Cora, who took him in after his parents' death, want more for him. So when recent Credence, Colorado resident, Winona's best friend, artist, Suzanne St. Michelle, needs a place to re-find her muse, spend time with her friend and have a real Christmas, Burt offers the vacant cottage on the ranch as a rental. Despite all efforts to resist, Suzanne's muse grabs onto Joshua. And when her parents find out that she is not coming home for Christmas, they invite themselves to the ranch. To keep them from coming, she lies and tells that she has a boyfriend and he loves a hokey Christmas, but that does not stopped their plans. She talks Josh into pretending to be her boyfriend. But this chatterbox woman slowly becomes an attraction, that he has to fight. He will not allow himself to risk loving and losing anyone again, and she is supposed to return to NY. As Suzanne fights for her artistic life, for her parent's marriage to be rekindled, she finds herself falling for Josh, but can she convince him that love is worth fighting for? This is the second book in the series, but can easily be read as a stand alone. I found both books to be a delight to read. Easy banter between the endearing characters, hilarious situations and an amusing plot make this a fun romcom. I read the entire book during one hot southern summer afternoon.
Lorizen 17 days ago
Hot! Amy Andrews writes them hot whether it's a rough and tumble rugby player or a grumpy grinch of a cowboy. She nailed this one serving us up Josh on a platter! What a piece of work! We meet Suzanne and Josh when she shows up to stay at the guest cottage on his ranch. His uncle rented it to her, Josh doesn't like company, Josh doesn't like people period. He stays away from town as much as possible, the less you show the less they'll know. That's Josh. He's a rancher. He lives that life. Suzanne is an artist, daughter of a famous sculptor and artsy father, she paints reproductions for a living and does very well at it. Problem is she hasn't been able to paint anything original in years, so she takes a break from the city and drives to Colorado hoping to find her muse. Oh she finds it alright.... in the form of Josh. She doesn't want to go home for Christmas, she planned the trip purposely to cover the holiday because she's tired of her parents and their idea of Christmas. So when she pointedly tells her mother she won't be coming home, Mom decides they'll go to her and that's where the story hits the ground running with her little fib about Josh being her boyfriend and how much he loves the holidays (not), in hopes of deterring her parents, they're coming anyway. Now she has to tell the guy who barely tolerates her what she's done, and Josh makes her an offer. One she can't refuse. I should add to that Suzanne bakes. When she's a tad stressed, she really bakes! The arrival of her parents pulls the story into the fast lane and wow these two, despite being oil and water really send off some fireworks. Add in a snowstorm that has them on lockdown for several days and you get a great story. Well written with two dynamic characters I couldn't have loved this more!
KerryACroucier 17 days ago
What a fun holiday read! It would be so much fun to read this on a cold day, next to a fire, with your favorite warm beverage next to you. Alas, I live in Southern California, so I will have to get my winter weather through the magic of novels like this one! Suzanne is an artist with a definite lack of confidence in her creative originality. How could she not? Her mother is a well-known artist with very high standards. Suzanne has come to Credence, Colorado on the advice of a friend in hopes of jump-starting her muse. The last thing Joshua Grady wants is anyone, much less an unattached woman, staying on his ranch. Unfortunately, it’s still his uncle’s place and he chose to rent out the cottage to the city girl artist – especially around Christmas, his least favorite time of the year. As soon as Suzanne sees Grady, her muse rears her head, of course. When her mother tries to convince her to come home for another non-Christmassy Christmas, what can she do to get out of it? Make up a fake relationship with a guy that loves Christmas in the most over-the-top way possible. When it backfires and her parents decide to come to her, she has to convince Grady to go along. Why he agreed, Grady will never know, but one thing is for sure, this will be a Christmas to remember! This is part of a series, but easily stands alone. The writing flows, the characters are fun, and I found myself laughing until there were tears. If you are looking for a holiday read, you can’t go wrong with this one. Amy Andrews “won Christmas” with this one! #TheTroubleWithChristmas #AmyAndrews #EntangledPublishing
Cali-Jewel 18 days ago
Loved this heartwarming holiday read filled with exciting charters, beautiful local, witty banter and undeniable passion.... a thrilling read from beginning to end with every emotional twist and turn. Really loved this journey and enjoy reading this series.
ReadsALot2 18 days ago
This is the first book I’ve read written by Amy Andrews. I really enjoyed this book. I love stories at Christmastime and I LOVE love-stories with snow/blizzards! This book has both. How much can a little white lie hurt or affect your life? Suzanne St Michelle finds out when, to avoid spending Christmas with her parents, she invents a Christmas-loving rancher boyfriend... based on a neighbor near her. As things turn out, her parents (who are having marital problems) decide to go to Suzanne's for Christmas. Now, Suzanne must come up with a boyfriend. Joshua Grady is a NON-Christmas- loving rancher. He also is not Suzanne's boyfriend. But, he agrees to go along with the "little white lie" to help her out. He's person #2 who is affected by the little "white lie". The characters seem real and they are very likable. They have some very stressful situations. But, it's a "warm-fuzzy" story. The story is fairly predictable as to what's going to happen, but it is written in such an interesting way that it becomes a page-turner. The author uses the "f" word a little more than I like. It's appropriate in some places but seems to be added more than needed. There are a couple of love scenes that are pretty explicit. It isn't x-rated by any means, but is for mature readers. I strongly like and recommend this book. It's great to read any time of the year, but with the Christmas season not far off, it's a perfect read for now. I will definitely read more of Amy Andrews’ books.
EileenAW 18 days ago
Suzanne and Grady’s unexpected love story in The Trouble with Christmas by Amy Andrews, book two in her Credence, Colorado series, was a fun, charming, amazing, and amusing story that I struggled to put down. Grady was lost soul, a loner, one who kept to himself and wanted to be out of the spotlight, at all cost. After all the adversity he’s dealt with, he just wanted to work his ranch. Suzanne was the daughter of a famous sculptor who feared her paintings could never live up to her mother’s reputation; so she painted reproductions of famous paintings. Suzanne wanted a normal, over the top, Christmas celebration instead of the minimalist-type her mother always insisted on. Spending it with her best friend in Credence, Colorado would only make it better and more fun; as would renting a cottage, on a ranch. When Suzanne’s mother insist she spend Christmas with them, she lies, saying that Grady is her boyfriend, she can’t leave him, and, oh yeah, Josh Grady just loves Christmas; so her parents will come to her. Josh must have lost his mind as he agrees to play her fake rancher boyfriend and allow her to decorate his house with the cheesiest decorations, ornaments and lights that can be seen from the space station. Décor like Elvis Santa on a motorcycle, Elf Barbie dressed as a pole dancer, cat garland, and so forth. Then there’s the mistletoe in every doorway and spaces in between. This fake relationship of two opposites makes for one hysterical story. While at the ranch, Suzanne found that her artistic muse had returned. The problem was instead of painting landscapes of the beautiful scenery, she was painting Grady’s face on the body of well-known models; David, a cherub, Atlas, and others. As Grady and Suzanne negotiate for the paintings, spend time together, and talk they discover a chemistry that is off the charts. Kissing, especially under all that mistletoe, is no hardship for them and there’s enough electricity arcing and sparking between them they could set off the New Year’s Eve fireworks. Ms. Andrews wrote a wonderful, funny and charming story that is not to be missed. She provided a tale rich with sexual chemistry, amusing banter, and endearing characters giving Grady and Suzanne a chance at love, happiness, and a future neither expected. I highly recommend The Trouble with Christmas to other readers and look forward to reading the next book in this series. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
AliciaSplendeur 19 days ago
Loved this book so much, I was sad when it was over. Grumpy cowboy, check! It's Christmas time, check! A chatty heroine, check! Suzanne heads to Credence, CO to visit her best friend and experience an over the top Christmas like she's always wanted. When her parents insist on spending the holidays together, she lies and says she's spending Christmas with her rancher/landlord boyfriend who loves the holiday. Of course, he wants no part in this scheme of hers but they come to an agreement. This means they will be spending more time together, each trying to fight their growing attraction. I enjoyed this book from cover to cover and didn't want it to end. I even found myself tearing up at certain points. Now, will the hot sheriff get a book of his own? #TheTroubleWithChristmas #NetGalley
Fleur_W 19 days ago
This is a book full of laughter, sadness, embarrassment, hope, cringy at times in the best way (I will never look at tinsel or well Christmas decorations the same again lol) rekindling love and potential love all wrapped up in one great read. Grady is a silent broody cowboy who just wants to be left alone to be well all silent and broody while Suzanne is all talky talky, finding her true self and muse driven ... broody cowboy muse driven to be exact. If you love Christmas and a great slow burn love story this is the one to go for as you will not only fall in love with Joshy and Suzy but also everyone in Credence.
tiggeruoSO 19 days ago
This book was not for me. That being said I had the hardest time getting into this book it just seemed to be lacking something, I really can't put my finger on it for the first 6-8 chapters. After that the book does slowly pick up and the story line is cute, but too me it just seemed like something was still missing the characters and situations seemed forced. There was so many curse words in this book you would have thought one of the main characters would have had to be a sailor or something. There is also a lot of adult language and sex so this book may not be suitable for all. I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley. I was under no obligation to post a review and have given my honest opinion
annie2015 19 days ago
3 Show more Review Suzanne its an artist who paints copies of masterpieces for museums, etc. They display her copies while the real painting stays safe in a vault (who knew that was a thing?!) She decides to visit friends in Credence, Colorado while wanting to see if she has what it takes to paint something new...not just a copy of of someone else's work. She also wants to experience an over-the-top Christmas...not the boring and uptight one her parents have planned back in Boston. She comes up with a crazy scheme to fool her parents with the help of her landlord and neighbor, Grady. There's only one smallish...ok, big...problem... Joshua Grady hates Christmas...and people. He just wants to be left alone so he can work his ranch in peace. He still isn't sure why he allowed Suzanne to stay in the first place. She won't leave...or stop talking. And now she's trying to rope him into some harebrained scheme about Christmas. Did he mention he hates Christmas? Yeah? bears repeating. He's not really sure what to do with Suzanne or her scheming, luckily, she has some ideas of her own. I really enjoyed this book. Suzanne and Grady are just perfect for each other. Yes it's a little Hallmark Christmas movie-ish, but that's fine with me. I loves me some Hallmark. I received a copy of this book through BookishFirst. My thoughts and opinions are my own and without bias.
Lfoster89 19 days ago
Wow! this book was a romance. I somewhat like this book. Grady was the male main character who did not like Christmas. I believe that Christmas is a holiday that people come together and spend time with each other. However, Grady did not want to spend time with anyone. This story reminded me of a hallmark movie. I love hallmark movie, but this movie would not be a good romance because the guy seemed very depressed and unwelcome. A woman named Suzanne came and help Grady. She wanted to cheer Grady up. I believe that is good that Suzanne wanted to cheer Grady up, but she did not look at the big picture on why he did not care about Christmas. Overall, the author writing was very addictive i could not put the book down. I gave this book a 3/5 star rating. people need to read the author book. They will understand why Christmas is very important in their lives.
Jamie_G_bookworm 19 days ago
I loved this book! The main character, Suzanne, is all about having a crazy, outrageous Christmas with her best friend. Her snotty parents have other ideas and want her to come home for their normal, boring Christmas. She panics and tells her parents that her sexy landlord is her boyfriend and that her "Joshy" loves Christmas. In actuality, he does not like anything about Christmas. He reluctantly agrees to pretend to be Suzanne's boyfriend and goes along with the charade. Their relationship is played out and is full of emotions. He doesn't want any woman in his life because of past experiences and Suzanne is loaded with baggage of her own. They do what they have to do to make it through Christmas and eventually wind up in each other's arms. This is a fun, interesting book with great characters who are engaging. I highly recommend this holiday read!
Kayreader 19 days ago
LOL fun!! I love reading Amy Andrews books and The Trouble With Christmas is filled with crazy holiday fun, a grinch-like rancher, crazy faux inspired paintings and one dominatrix Barbie Christmas tree topper. This is a holiday book you do not want to miss. What could possibly go wrong when Suzanne St. Michelle tells one tiny lie to her parents in hopes that they won't visit her while she's staying in Credence, CO this holiday season? What is this tiny lie you ask? She's dating the grumpy rancher, Joshua Grady, whom she's currently renting the cottage from. She may have also embellished the small lie and told her parents that Josh LOVES Christmas. That he is something like a Christmas fairy, sprinkling that stuff around like fairy dust in his good cheer. Josh in fact tries to avoid anything to do with the season, but I'll get to that. You see, Suzanne was only trying to keep her parents in New York. She only wanted to spend Christmas with her friend, in a very over the top way like a Hallmark movie. So there was nothing wrong with a little lie...right? Try telling that to the grinch...I mean Josh. Joshua Grady prefers solitude. He also prefers answering people with one word replies if asked anything. You see, Grady, as he prefers to be called, isn't much for conversation or people. So when Suzanne rents his cottage, he isn't thrilled, but he's able to stay away, so no harm no foul. But when Suzanne approaches him about this hairbrained scheme to be her fake rancher boyfriend when her parents decide to visit for the holidays...well he has more than just one word to say about that. He doesn't like the holidays for a reason and he certainly doesn't like his solitary alone time to be encroached upon...but she also offers up a deal that he can't refuse. If only the deal doesn't break Suzanne's muse in the process. I love the town and the townsfolk of Credence, Co. They add so much color and life to the story. Grady and Suzanne have great chemistry, along with a great back and forth that will have you chuckling out loud. The holiday items mentioned that are outrageously over the top had me laughing so hard. This was like watching Clark Griswald light up his home on TV, but better because it was Grady's. Amy Andrews filled every nook and cranny with a garish Christmas item and I loved the creative touches her mind came up with. Pulling Grady out of his grinch-ish mood was a fantastic transformation to read and I loved every moment.
linda quick 19 days ago
OMG, this book is soooooo good! It's laugh out loud funny and has a bit of snark. I just loved the story and, while I've long been a fan of the author, think this is her best book yet. She perfectly captured a Christmas tale that is so good it can, and should, be read any time of year. I loved the characters, from the artistic Suzanne and the gruff Grady, to the oh so proper Simone. This book is just a delight to read. It was so yummy that I slowed my reading pace down so that I could savor and thoroughly enjoy it. As satisfying as the ending was, I was sorry when I reached the last page and ran out of book to read. Put this one at the top of your TBR list as this is a must read. Better yet, pre order it so you can read just as soon as possible. The author is on my must read authors' list and, if you enjoy the genre, should be on your must read list as well. If I could give this novel more than five stars, I would.
JOANNA Lopez 19 days ago
Naughty or nice? Review of The trouble with Christmas. I would definitely say both. lol. Artist Susanne St. Michels rents a cottage at a ranch in eastern Colorado in order to reconnect with her muse and paint. The owner and landlord of the said ranch is hottie Joshua Grady. He is an ex-Marine suffering from a past he would love to forget. He is grumpy and miserable and absolutely does not want to have anything to do with his new alluring tenant. She is too bright and happy all the time and she is sexy as hell. Josh doesn't need that in his life right now. Susanne attempts to make friends with her brooding landlord which always ends with the pair bickering instead. Until she is desperate and needs Josh to be her fake boyfriend and fake "The cheesiest Christmas ever," campaign for her mother and father when her mother invites herself to the ranch for Christmas. Susanne guarantees that the "cheesiest Christmas ever." will drive her mother and father who are not for the commercialization of Christmas, back to New York before the week is through. Josh refuses in the beginning until he makes a deal she cannot refuse. Boy was this book steamy. I expected the sex scenes to be explicit however not this much, and I loved every bit of it. It was a good change of pace from the sappy, syrupy sweet romantic comedy I usually read. Though, I love them too. I thought this was a wonderfully fun book to read in any month of the year. I laughed out loud many times as i read this book. The dialogue was crisp and sharp. It reminded me of the old romantic comedies of the 30s, 40s. The witty banter and sharp writing. Like another reviewer said. Amy Andrews writing is impeccable. It was well-written and sharp. It grabbed my attention from the beginning to the end. This is the first book I've read from Amy Andrews and will not be my last. I will be looking out for more of her books on Amazon, Goodreads, etc. I would like to thank for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book.
Evampire9 19 days ago
All she wants in an over-the-top, eggnog-induced holiday with her best friend, but her parents insists she comes home for a boring Christmas in New York, so Suzanne St. Michelle does what any sane rational woman would do, she claims her landlord is really her boyfriend who really loves Christmas. He does not love Christmas or company or chatty women, unfortunately Joshua Grady finds himself agreeing to Suzanne’s charade. This ‘Credence Colorado’ holiday romance an emotional gripping tale with the most delightful hokiest Christmas ever to tickle the readers' holiday spirit . Although a bit hard to get into at first, the story soon picks up and the strong, captivating characters subtly draw readers into their story and before readers know it, they are hooked. The chemistry between Suzanne and Joshua is quite electrical and leaps off the pages but this relationship is one where the hero fights tooth and nail against opening his heart and letting anyone due to his past and the heroine has her own issues to deal with, so while this couple ‘fits’, the relationship is full of sparks, clashes and emotional turmoil that keeps things quite interesting. The plot of the story happens at a steady pace and is quite suspenseful as readers wonder how this unlikely couple will manage to pull this elaborate charade. This results in lots of chuckles and fun, especially as the couple go to some pretty cut throat negotiations to get through this holiday and readers just have to turn the pages to find just what will happen next as it spreads some holiday cheer the readers' way.
DebDiem 19 days ago
The Trouble With Christmas is a fantastic holiday romance by Amy Andrews. Ms. Andrews has provided readers with a well-written book loaded with an outstanding cast of characters. Grady just wanted to work his ranch and be left alone. Suzanne just wanted to paint her own paintings, not copy other's works. Suzanne and Grady's story is loaded with drama, humor, sizzle and holiday shenanigans that will put a smile on your face. I enjoyed reading The Trouble With Christmas and look forward to reading more from Amy Andrews in the future. The Trouble With Christmas is book 2 of the Credence, Colorado Series but can easily be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book that I received from NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.