The True Description of Cairo: A Sixteenth-Century Venetian View

The True Description of Cairo: A Sixteenth-Century Venetian View

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Oxford University Press, USA

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The True Description of Cairo: A Sixteenth-Century Venetian View

In 1549 a Venetian printmaker, Matteo Pagano, published a large engraving of an aerial view of the city of Cairo; it was accompanied by a Latin text ("Descriptio Alchiriae") written by the orientalist scholar, Guillaume Postel. The depiction of the city is sufficiently accurate to permit a detailed interpretation of the city to be made, and it remained the standard western representation of this fabled eastern city for the next 250 years.

Nicholas Warner provides a context for Pagano's view of Cairo, a translation of Postel's text, and a commentary on the contents of the engraving itself in addition to the accompanying narrative. An index of subsequent revisions, and a superbly produced enhanced facsimile of the engraving itself is included.

Volume 1 (208 pages) includes 36 large color plates, 5 black-and-white plates, and a modern facsimile of the original Latin text "Descriptio Alchiriae"; Volume 2 (208 pages) includes 68 black-and-white images, all details of the map. Volume 3—the map—is a "modern facsimile" of the original Map, i.e. with blemishes, etc. removed, packed in a slip case. It is the same size as the original, and folds out in a similar manner to an ordnance survey map. It is printed in two colors to match the original.

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ISBN-13: 9780197144060
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Publication date: 07/20/2006
Series: Studies in the Arcadian Library Series , #2
Pages: 456
Product dimensions: 13.10(w) x 9.90(h) x 3.10(d)

Table of Contents

Volume One
Chapter One. The Image of Cairo
Chapter Two. Pagano's View of Cairo and its Commentary
Chapter Three. Contexts
Appendix One. The Diffusion of Pagano's View
Appendix Two. The Letter of Pellegrino Brocado

Volume Two
Facsimile of the Descriptio Alcahirae
Caput Primum. Concerning the Origin of the Ismaelite or Muhammadan People
Caput Secundum. Consisting of a Description of the City of Missir of Massar
Caput Tertium. The Thirty-four Legends

Volume Three
The facsimile of the map in a slipcase

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