The Truth Behind 'The 27 Club': Famous People Who Died at 27

The Truth Behind 'The 27 Club': Famous People Who Died at 27

by Joy Renkins

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If you have never heard of 'The 27 Club', then I will quickly fill you in. It has been noted that a select group of musicians have all met untimely deaths at the age of 27 (the most recent of these being the late Amy Winehouse). So does the number 27 have any mystical significance in this? Or can the whole idea of 'The 27 Club' be put down to pure chance? Well, no-one can say for sure whether there is any real meaning to the number 27, least of all those who have been unfortunate enough to die at this tender age. You could also ask if there are any supernatural links to the number 7; after all, this has long been viewed by many people as a 'lucky' number... But looking at 'The 27 Club' in a logical way may help you to draw your own conclusions. Robert Johnson, Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain may all have died at the aforementioned age, but a great many other equally talented musicians have died at either side of this 'spooky' number.

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Publication date: 11/22/2017
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