The Truths of the Catholic Religion: Proved From Scripture Alone

The Truths of the Catholic Religion: Proved From Scripture Alone

by A Catholic Priest


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The method I have adopted throughout is,-First, to state the Doctrine of the Catholic Church on each point, as defined by the Fathers of the Council of Trent. Secondly, to demonstrate that such Article of Faith is clearly delivered in the Holy Scriptures. Thirdly, to annex copious illustrative reflections, notes, and references, from eminent Protestant and Catholic divines, literary characters, &c.
Whilst I humbly entreat indulgence for the defects and imperfections you will discover in this work, I ask of you to peruse it piously, consistently, candidly, prudently, and attentively.
Piously-by fervently supplicating the Father of Lights for those aids and graces, which are necessary to fix in the mind the light of truth, and to dissipate the clouds of prej udice.
Consistently-placing before your reason the real articles of the belief of the Catholic Church; studying their harmony, and tracing out their connexion; following the chain of proofs, which establish, and the series of authorities which enforce them-placing the Catholic of ages past by the side of the Catholic of the present day.
Candidly-with no bias upon your mind but the love of truth; no propensity in your heart but the desire of eternal happiness; and every prejudice and partiality laid aside; weighing the answers of the Catholic with the same care with which you weigh your own.
Prudently-consulting not a man who, ignorant and prejudiced, misrepresents and vilifies the Catholic Religion, but a clergyman who has studied in the Universities of the metropolis of Catholicity, and has been long in the habit of teaching the Catholic Doctrine, as professor of Divinity in the same metropolis, and other Catholic cities,-who therefore, it may be presumed, knowing it, win represent it faithfully. Attentivively- with that degree of interest which I proportioned to so great a subject, and to the expectation of future happiness. Inattention to the discovery of religious truth is· as real a moral depravity as is the neglect of religious practice. To conclude, should any expression appeal to you illiberal or severe, I trust you will neither attribute it to the feelings of my heart, nor to be prejudiced, bigoted mind, but justly appreciating my endeavours, you will believe that, animated by charity FOR ALL, my sole and earnest wish is, to instil and impress a conviction of truth. "Now to God and our Father be glory, world without enll, Amen." Philipians, 4,. v.20.

IN presuming to publish a Second Edition of these Scriptural Lectures, I beg to inform my Catho1ic and Protestant friends, that I have not merely confined myself to the amendments of the first, but, under advice, I have incorporated the notes of the former Edition in the text of the present; submitted the Scriptural proofs that so fully substantiate the "Trinity of Persons, and the Divinity of Jesus Christ ;" and, independently of many material additions to the body of the Work, annexed a Lecture on the " Veneration pard by the Catholic Church to the Blessed Virgin Mary," (the substance of a Discourse delivered in the Church of the Most Holy Trinity, Bermondsey, Sunday Evening, Jan. 5, 1840,) and another on the Supremacy of the Pope. Thus I indulge a fond hope, that if the First Edition, divested of the present improvements, was favourably received, the present will not be less acceptable. To conclude, I feel it a duty, in justice and can dour, to add, that in arranging the Lectures, I am very much indebted to the irrefragable writings of the venerable and learned Bishop of Melipotamus, the Right Rev. Dr. Wiseman, and to Fletcher, Husenbeth, Coombes, and Waterworth's excellent Apologies in defence of Catholicity.

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