The Twenty-five Years that Changed the World: Our Place in Time Volume II

The Twenty-five Years that Changed the World: Our Place in Time Volume II

by Kent Augustson


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This trilogy provides an appreciation of the diverse four major civilizations that frame our world today-Confucian China, Hindu India, the Muslim Middle East, and the Christian West-from their first meaningful interaction in 1100. This book, in covering 1400-1700, finds remarkably that the major transformative actions of each touch the years 1501-1526. Following the progress of these civilizations which, with their expansion, represent 85 percent of the world's population is the key to understanding our world today. They are faced with solving the ultimate challenge before us now-the use of power on the world stage.

Kent Augustson, with a master's degree in history from UCLA, worked for thirty years as a federal executive in Washington DC that featured presentations to the White House OMB and the US Congress where learned was the art of presenting the essence of the matter with enlightening accompaniments. With insights gained from living history while largely self-schooled in his extensive studies since UCLA, Augustson offers an original perspective on world history while always conscious of tying the past to today. Included are illuminating charts as well as maps with a portrayal of fascinating characters and memorable events.

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Publication date: 05/27/2021
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