The Twilight Zone Space and Time: 25 Greatest Stories

The Twilight Zone Space and Time: 25 Greatest Stories

by Callahan Barrow


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The Twilight Zone Space and Time our the greatest stories of the unexplained man myth and magic. Stories are 360 degrees literally of thoughts words and actions. You cannot fathom the beauty bravery and wisdom that will leave you flabbergasted. Very interesting intelligence action on esoteric knowledge and arcane facts. Visions of paradise and the phenomenal events that happen. Stories range from near death experience to black mass as God the Father Almighty. Mystical account of the Freemasons 33 degree vision of paradise and the television secret. The 99 degree vision of thy kingdom come, the best boxer in history Joe Louis and the Kennedy assassination. Bull appeared from nothing, theory on a dinosaur Jurassic Park, teleportation, tilting the earth on it's axis and the 1947 Roswell UFO crash. Number 1 uncanny enigmatic stories that are most paradoxical in our time. A series of mysteries that will lead to a 1000 years of paradisium.

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Publication date: 04/27/2010
Pages: 180
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25 Greatest Stories


Copyright © 2010 Callahan Barrow
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4520-1514-9

Chapter One


Death is a very sad deplorable feeling, humans become sorrowful when someone dies. Death is the universal fear the conclusion to life says Sigmund Freud. World and the life has different aspects on death, there are many forms of death: dying at birth, stabbing, bullet wound to the head, old age, heart attack, natural disaster, car accident and plane accident. Many of the world religions give promise of hope at death. Judaism says when you die you go to either heaven or hell, Islam states that it's heaven or hell too. Roman Catholic teaches that after death it is heaven, purgatory or hell. Buddhism teaches reincarnation and Hinduism teaches reincarnation after death. No one for real can actually tell anyone or everybody where you would go when you die. No one in recorded history has ever given an account on life and death as accurate, detailed as my story.

Death is literally one degree of knowledge, wisdom, understanding, thoughts, words and actions. These are some examples of people with a degree soldiers, police officers, national guardsmen that kill or have a near death experience are one degree. University degree is equivalent to a degree at death. In Freemasonry the first degree of order they lay you down, do a ritual on you, they put you in the presence of dead people's skulls of the most righteously notorious people and you get the feeling of raw evil. In the first degree you usually see the white light you are baptized in the faith of Freemasonry. You have a near death experience your soul leaves the body then returns to the body, you are the first degree of being a Freemason.

I Callahan Barrow had a near death experience at the age of 18 on Friday January the 13th 1995 perhaps another story from the twilight zone a mystery of mysteries. Twilight moral of this story is there is such thing as life beyond the grave. I was lying down on my bed, awake with my eyes closed. Then I gradually had a trance, a hypnotic state of mind, I saw black darkness before me at first as my eyes were closed. I went through a black tunnel and saw the most beautiful light at the end of the tunnel. I had experienced everything that had ever happened to me as my soul left my body and travelled towards the perpetual white light. After awhile I submerged with the white light this was not blinding to my eyes or view point of what my soul had seen. I became one with the light then a very powerful burst of positive energy surrounded me, it was the most wonderful experience in my life. The light poured abundance of spiritual wisdom into me, it gave the feeling of the all time high which is love sweetness.

Near death experience is an altered state of consciousness which is a super conscious state of mind. I was omnipotent all powerful state of being, omniscient a state of all knowledge past, present, future and omnipresent everywhere at the same time. I remember looking down at the entire manifold of the universe and a feeling that I was sitting on a throne and then all of sudden I could see myself fall from spiritual paradise the white perpetual light, my soul travelled to the other end of the universe. Black hole pulled at me gravitated towards the earth, I heard a loud growl, a very loud growl like the darkness of the universe and the earth were a living monster that was like the devil. I was on earth again and opened my eyes and I was awake in my bed. I thought I experienced the state of God, heaven, hell what a story to tell.

Life and death have two parts to it, one your soul goes to the abode which is the afterlife the white light or darkness. Second part two you are being reborn on earth or another planet after the abode white light or darkness according to a past life. White light is heaven, paradise, super conscious state of mind soul and then there is darkness like the shadow of moonlight. When you sleep at night the darkness or blackness in your sleep is the equivalency to the darkness of the universe where your soul moves to for a while after death. The white light is a state of mind which is heaven. Rebirth on earth or another planet happens according to your past life on earth. There is also heaven, hell and purgatory on earth, America is ultimately heaven, then Europe, Australia, purgatory is South America, Middle East, Russia and Hell is ultimately Africa, then India, China rest of Asia and Antarctica. All these continents on earth shall become united for spiritual material paradise that will be one heaven for everybody.

In the Roman Catholic bible Douay and King James it says that the soul returns to God that is if you are going to heaven the spiritual white light or reborn in the physical land of America. Bible says God destroys the soul in hell that is the physical land of Africa or the spiritual darkness of the universe which is like moonlight state of mind. In the old testament of the Jewish book it says we left the law to return to the law which means that the soul in the beginning left the white light heaven to return to the white light heaven. The Jewish book states that you go to heaven or hell which is Sheol, the sect of Judaism known as the Cabbala heaven is sephiroth keter and hell is malkuth.

In the Islamic holy book the Koran God judges you to either go to heaven or hell and there are two angels one on your right side and the other one on your left side counting all your rights and your wrongs. My interpretation of this is the Mind is of God and all minds are connected to God therefore God is equivalent to two angels counting both your rights and wrongs. Subconscious part of the mind is 90 percent which is equal to or is the mind of God. Brain has two hemispheres of mind on the left side and the right side therefore this is equivalent to angels on your left side and right side. In the Koran it says there are seven heavens and I think it refers to the seven continents on earth, North America, Europe, South America, Australia, Asia, Africa and Antarctica. The lower heavens were said to be materialistic and the higher heavens were said to be spiritual, that could be the hierarchy of the universe. That means America is spiritual and Africa is materialistic this is confusing and contradictory it is not clearly understood. Materialism may have lead to Africa's anarchical state in the land of the Oz.

The Buddhist books the Sutras state there are also seven states of heaven to hell and Siddhartha Gautama achieved that state of mind that was the enlightened on Buddha that is God on earth the seventh state of mind and being. Buddhist believe in Nirvana which is heaven a state of the abode, the white light, Nirvana they say is state of absolute nothingness. Buddhist faith in the cycle of reincarnation the soul of a person is reborn many times until he attains spiritual freedom a state of Nirvana. A person is reborn according to the individuals past life, a person is given the time, place and circumstance of new body according to past actions. Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world that dictates the belief in karma and samsara. Karma means law action and samsara means the reaction of the law. Karma wills the individuals rebirth and samsara is the choice of actions in life that will bring you to higher form in a next life. Karma, samsara is rebirth according to ones past life deeds and reborn again in higher form in the future. Hinduism believes that heaven is a material paradise called bramaloka and higher than bramaloka is a spiritual heaven that is krishnaloka a place of divinity, sublime joy, peace and love.

Heaven is white light mind soul consciousness and Hell is darkness mind soul unconsciousness or sub consciousness. In the white light you are omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent which is all powerful, all knowledge and ever present. The super conscious state which is white light heaven, God and your mind, soul, reach 100 percent of consciousness therefore you do not need a body, you are very intelligent. In scientific notation it is 10 to the power of 1 that is the IQ of 100 you use 10% of intelligence. Then 10 to the power of 2 the IQ is 200 and you use 20% of your intelligence and 10 to the power of 10 you use a IQ intelligence quotient of 1000 that is 100 % of intelligence in the brain.

The white light you are at that state of heaven super intelligence known as omnipotent you are at the all powerful state, you are the absolution, one with God you are all powerful omnipotent. You are omniscient that is all knowledge of past present and future time. You are omnipresent you are ever present everywhere at the same time your soul consciousness is all over the universe, synchronized harmonically with mother nature and father nature of the universe. You are in all things, the oceans, the sky, the land and the moon and the stars you are one with everything. In physics the theory that unites everything in the universe is called string theory the 10 dimension theory. The finest of finest particles that bond the entire manifold of the universe together physically and spiritually, you are everywhere at the same time believe it or not.

The darkness is the black hole a state of the unconsciousness and subconscious state of mind but in the reverse of all knowledge and in terms of omniscience you are negligent, ignorant of knowledge and information according to how bad a person past was. You are 0% of consciousness, conscious in the unconscious state of mind. You are not ever-present, omnipresent you are present nowhere exception of darkness. You are not all powerful omnipotent but you are powerless unconscious of the universe, you are in the darkness which is not necessarily scary but suited according to how much light or darkness, good or evil you received in life. The darkness is the like the black hole but the abode of the darkness of the universe and is like moon light darkness. That is also a state of God which is the devilish side of him in hell. You are left there temporarily until you choose to be reborn.

In the white light you unite with all the souls that ever died, your soul becomes one with all the other souls and you are one with God and you are God. You judge yourself being a soul and being God. In Hinduism it says a soul is part of God, just like a wave is part of the ocean you are one.

Chapter Two


The Freemasons are a 33 degree order who are black knights of the Ku Klux Klan associated with the white order of Ku Klux Klan and are part of the Nazi Satanic evil party which is natural law. They are a secret society that came to America from England and are like many occult organizations. Freemasons are 33 degrees; beauty, bravery, wisdom, thoughts, words and actions. Cosa Nostra is prestigious name of the Italian mafia which is 66 degrees; beauty, bravery, wisdom, thoughts, words and actions. In the sense of force they are like Islamic communist ideology, the Cosa Nostra started in 1963 when Kennedy was assassinated. Jewish Cabbala is 99 degrees; beauty, bravery, wisdom, thoughts, words and actions. They believe in only Jewish domination of the whole world while other people stay in service, labour for ever. By far Roman Catholic law of love, ideology is the best and greatest with 360 degrees; beauty, bravery, wisdom, thoughts, words and actions. Our saviour Jesus Christ who believes in paradise for all mankind. For every race, gender, age, class, intelligent, labourer can share vision of 360 degrees for equality, love, peace order for all humanity.

The Freemasons are the largest and oldest fraternal organization in the world. Masons use the allegory of symbolism, 33 degrees in knowledge, wisdom and understanding at thoughts, words and actions. Freemasonry is 33 degrees at white beauty, bravery and wisdom. Complete name is Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, a gentleman's club only males. Roman Catholics rarely join because it's against church doctrine. Masons and Catholics Knights of Columbus met together in May, 1978 at the Elks club at Walla Walla Washington. There are 6 million masons in the world. When a person first joins the masons he joins the Blue Lodge consist of 3 degrees. In the beginning the first degree is the entered apprentice; second degree is fellow craft, third degree master mason. From the 4th degree up until the 33rd degree you achieve that on your own time through service. Masons in the modern era state their ambitions are to promote brotherhood, morality, order not the kind we think of. Masons are about their words and handshakes a wrong handshake can get you killed. Mystery behind the Freemasons is how they get the job done in anything. In the West it is a first come first serve basis but internationally Freemasons abandon third world nations.

Freemasonry founded in London, England 1717, tracing the origin to Enoch, Tower of Babel and Jerusalem. Masons built King's Solomon's temple in Jerusalem, Israel 1000 B.C. Masons built the Ark of the law that held the 10 commandments in Solomon's temple. Masons were also noted to be associated with the Roman Catholic order of the Knights Templar 12th century A.D. and even the Egyptians. Modern Freemasonry history is rooted in the middle age in Scotland, England, France and the 1500's during the Renaissance.

Freemasons are about building of kings and building of nations. They share a common vision of paradise on earth not kind people think. Masons built up a monolithic metropolis empire that is made up of cities, nations that make up the entire empire. Freemason in definition to itself means a mason, which means stone builder, brick layer, brick after brick one on top of the other, from the bottom to the top. Masons are about building cities and nations, building of government buildings, hospitals, universities, office buildings, shopping malls, factories, houses and roads for only Caucasians.

In the Freemasons there are many people in history that are part of this order. George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Fredrick the Great of Prussia, Wolfgang, Mozart, Voltaire, George Bush senior were all Freemasons. Freemasons are the most common Fraternity they are associated with many 33 degree organizations. Freemasons are just like the Illuminati, Knights Templar, Rosicrucian's, Golden Dawn, Order of De Molay, International Order of the Rainbow for Girls, Order of the Eastern Star, Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine and the Daughters of the Nile.

In the U.S. government one third of American presidents are Freemasons that are 33 degrees and more than two-thirds of the U.S. congress are Freemasons. In the U.S. Supreme Court which has 7 Judges that are all Freemasons. Roman Catholic Bishop is sometimes invited to their meetings. Masons one of their biggest secrets is the Television secret. A Freemasonic lodges a building where they meet. There's a lodge in each city and a grand lodge in each state. The great royal secret of the Freemasons is that they share a common vision of white Nazi Satanic paradise that has never been revealed to the public in the history of 300 years of Freemasonry. White paradise is gay that's what the 3 and 3 means, which is not of Roman Catholic full mass. White paradise is natural law before integration into another race in the world. White paradise is natural law like jungle law which is also natural. Freemasonry, Aryanism, Nazism and Satanism believe in white power, wiping out other races like during World War 2 and making slaves out of the human race which is purely Satanic Darwinian jungle law that is violent and evil.

I Callahan Barrow was 21 the years of age in the year 1997 in the month of January. I saw the Freemason vision of white paradise that was natural law. Perhaps this was just another story from the twilight zone. I did not believe in this vision but believe in a greater vision than this. I was innocent but you have to start somewhere, I was also a 33 degree brown mason before integration and perfection of the vision of thy kingdom come. I saw a beautiful blue sky, hot sunshine, green jungle, hundreds of young people in white nakedness with everybody having really good time of their lives. Vision symbolizes the reality of white men and woman naked and a white woman doing fellatio on a white man in a green jungle. This symbolizes the entire white empire with infrastructure, buildings, Whites as masters and rest of the human race as servants in anarchical state in the world.


Excerpted from THE TWILIGHT ZONE SPACE AND TIME by CALLAHAN BARROW Copyright © 2010 by Callahan Barrow. Excerpted by permission.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 1ST DEGREE NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE....................2
Chapter 3 BROWN VISION OF 33 DEGREE PARADISE....................18
Chapter 4 JUNGLE CATS TO HUMANS....................36
Chapter 5 TELEVISION SECRET....................42
Chapter 8 BILL CLINTON'S PAST LIFE WAS ADOLF HITLER....................60
Chapter 12 TED KENNEDY EX-BROTHER OF CALLAHAN BARROW....................82
Chapter 15 JFK'S BRAIN CONNECTED TO THE COMPUTER WORLD WIDE....................100
Chapter 16 360 DEGREES IS BLACK MASS AS GOD THE FATHER ALMIGHTY....................106
Chapter 19 DINOSAUR THEORYY OR FACT BELIEVE IT OR NOT....................124
Chapter 20 TILTED THE EARTH ON AXIS....................130
Chapter 21 THE KENNEDY'S ARE THE REBIRTH OF THE BARROW'S....................136
Chapter 23 ROSWELL UFO CRASH 1947 IN AMERICA BELIEVE IT....................146
Chapter 24 THE BLOOD YYZ CHROMOSOMES....................152
Chapter 25 CALLAHAN BARROW'S PAST LIFE IS PRESIDENT JFK....................158
ABOUT THE AUTHOR....................166

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