The Two Resurrected Witnesses and The 31/2 Days

The Two Resurrected Witnesses and The 31/2 Days

by Emmanuel Nsirim


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The resurrected two witnesses and the 31/2 days came into existence as a result of the dreams and visions, which started since 1995.
The book reveals the age long hidden mystery about the Lord's Sabbath, the condition of His people (The Seventh Day Adventist Church). The book also reveals the two witnesses of Rev. 11: 11, the three and half days, Elijah's message, the Fourth Angel message and The Kingdom of God.
The dreams and visions since 1995 led to the writing of two separate articles. One in 1997 and the other in 1999, and the subsequent binding of these vision events culminated into the publishing of this book for a more detailed understanding of God's people concerning Divine Things.
.......but after the three and a half days, a breathe of life from God entered them and they stood on their feet and terror struck those who saw them. Rev. 11: 11.
The book in your palm makes an interesting reading because it was miraculously written in a space of seven days between March/April 2001 and also first published between March/April 2004. It is well known that our God cannot do anything without revealing it to His servants the prophets Amos 3: 7. Therefore, the coincidence in the month of writing and that of publishing, reveals and warns God's people of the importance and significance of the months of March/April and September/October so that the consciousness will lead God's people to always watch out vigilantly for these two periods of each year for great events shall unfold in their private life and the world at large. This could either result to a favourable or an unfavourable experience.
....bind up the testimony and seal up the law among my disciples' Isaiah 8: 16.
However, may the Blessing of the Lord be on all those who will patiently study this book to the end and hunger to hear more the things of GOD - Amen.

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