The Two Worlds of Helen Duncan

The Two Worlds of Helen Duncan

by Gena Brealey, Kay Hunter


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This is a reprint of the book first published 23 years ago which has been long out of print but much sought after by those who want to know the true story of Helen Duncan, the woman behind the last conviction under the Witchcraft Act, in 1944.
Written in two parts, the first part by her daughter Gena tells the true story of this remarkable woman. Her many gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and precognition have all been overshadowed by the publicity relating to the physical materialisation side of her mediumship.
Nothing has been written before, of her unselfish love for humanity, her devotion to her husband and family, her personal and private joys and tragedies, her physical and emotional suffering.
Gena relates the whole story of her mother’s mediumship, her early life, the deterioration in her health and her ultimate passing, due in no small measure to the stress endured as a result of police prosecution and imprisonment.
The second part of the book, researched by Kay Hunter details the trial at the Old Bailey in 1944 from the account made by Maurice Barbanell at the time.

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