The Ultimate African Solution, Race...First Brick

The Ultimate African Solution, Race...First Brick

by C C Crawford


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Ever since I came into being, I’ve often wondered about the real purpose for my existence. I observe the surrounding elements, the sun, the moon, the astronomical number of stars and galaxies, and to be a part of this universal expanse, makes me believe that there is much more to this equation, than being born, live, then die. I arrived on this earth through the African bloodline and it didn’t take long to notice the vast discrepancies amongst the races, where Africans are thoroughly overlooked on the world stage.

We are underrepresented in regards to important decisions been made above our heads and disrespect of the Black race is “IN YOUR FACE” blatant. A Black person born today will endure the same fate as Black people did a hundred years ago and the system is designed to maintain Africans in the same dependent position for many generations to come. Black people in the western hemisphere has been geared to only strive for an elusive equality, when reunification with Mother Africa should be our ultimate goal to achieve racial parity.

THE ULTIMATE AFRICAN SOLUTION will solve all of Black people’s problems and provide the whole African race with one hundred percent employment for this, and future generations. The negative effects that slavery and colonialism has on the African’s psyche, must be affectedly nullified first and foremost, in order to step up in race. There are numerous steps to take to overcome the mental struggles caused from the enslavement of the mind syndrome and ridding the African race of “self-hate” tops the list.

Africans!!! It is imperative that we revel in each other’s successes and instead of willfully keeping ourselves down, we offer helping hands to pick each other up. Africa is due reparation for the atrocities that our ancestors had to bear, in order for the two races here in question, to be able to truly coexist as nature intended. Fighting on their behalf, to make right them being wronged throughout five hundred years of recent history and still counting, will allow our deserving ancestors to finally rest in peace. THE ULTIMATE AFRICAN SOLUTION will be achieved without any human beings losing their lives. No one have to die.

BIO – Every human being has an innate right to live and be free. The importance of my personal life is insignificant compared with all things African. THE ULTIMATE AFRICAN SOLUTION is my life’s work, inspired by the teachings of Marcus Mosiah Garvey, hero of many and one of the greatest Africans to ever walk the face of the earth. He taught the diaspora how to trample down Babylon and overcome obstacles through self-sufficiency, despite dwelling in the pits of oppression. Thanks to my Mother Ella Steele for nurturing me, the Island of Jamaica for my education, “Non Potest”, the United States for teaching me life’s lessons and to all the ancestors, whose spirits have guided and protected me through this inevitable process. I fear no evil and I will continue to be comforted by the greater presence of God Almighty.

Keywords: Africa, Race, Black, Reparation, Baton, Continuity, Overcome, Slavery, Colonialism, Nigger, Solution, Emancipation, Jesus, Ultimate, Gun, Subservient

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ISBN-13: 9781506904955
Publisher: First Edition Design Publishing
Publication date: 03/30/2018
Pages: 210
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The United States of America is the greatest country on earth, consisting or three hundred and twenty million people, of which forty millions are African American and others totaling about forty percent, makes up the minority's population. People from everywhere immigrates to the melting pot, seeking a better quality of life.

All races are represented in this country and it is the standards to which greatness is measured. Governing so many races and cultures under one umbrella is a complex task and no country does it better. Opportunities are abound and as long as you are ambitious, almost everyone can be successful.

Black people in the western hemisphere are the descendants of slaves and to this point in time, 2015 to be exact, are caught up in limbo. There are no clear directions laid out for the descendants of the enslaved and respect from all the various races, religions and cultures is tenuous. How does Black people build a blueprint of change for the betterment of self for generations to come?

In as much as the government of this great nation has laws in place that governs majorities and minorities alike, the day to day living alongside each other, proves that equality will take as long as slavery lasted to be achieved. Equal rights works, except for the people of African ancestry, who are treated much more harshly and are often prejudged by law enforcement. There are obvious differences in dealing with the ex-enslaved population and second class treatment is systematic, self-evident and quite easily proved.

Looking from a minority's perspective, equality should never be the only goal to strive for in the western hemisphere. The present state of relations between the descendants of the slave-masters and colonizers of the continent of Africa, with the descendants of slaves and the ex-colonized Black people of Sub-Saharan Africa, equality is difficult to achieve. Africans are viewed as being beneath the world stage's standards and are presently mired in a state of subservience. The laws and rules that the masses live by, does not apply equally to Black people in the western hemisphere, or anywhere in the world, as a matter of fact.

Human rights are meant to be applied equally amongst all races, colors and creeds, so there must be some unwritten clause somewhere, which states that Africans must be treated with less respect than others in the population. Don't dare to step off the narrow track that you are afforded, then the uneven distribution of the law soon follow. It is widely known that the people, lands and dealings of Sub-Saharan Africa, are hidden from the population in the western hemisphere and are kept in reserved, only to be used to make the other races of the world better.

Take a look at the Europeans, they have a long history of prosperity working together. Whether they like each other or not, they collaborate, strengthen, build, support, employ, respect and regardless of whatever problems or strife they may have had, or even if they are working to resolve present issues, white people LOVE each other. They make sure that all European countries issues are thoroughly addressed, as they should, before they help out any causes or issues of the other races, especially people and countries of African origin. This proves that the historical successes of the Europeans were achieved and maintained by a race first mentality, making them the leaders in all aspects of the world.

They are some of the greatest scientists, inventors, engineers, leaders in medicine and many more accolades and necessities are accredited to their race through history. A people that must be proud of the incredible accomplishments that their forefathers achieved historically to present, so awesome and numerous, even I'm proud of their great achievements as an African American. Anywhere in the world where there are Europeans, you see richness.

I marvel at the grandeur of their great displays of architecture, their enormous wealth to afford the best military on earth, space exploration, their abilities to extract rich gems and minerals from the earth, because they know what to do with them. All these greatness and achievements are attributed to their race. These feats of brilliance, enhances the pride in which generation after generation of their lineage, revel in and preserve their fore-parents legacies for the continued dominance of their race.


This is about the whole scope of the world and how the descendants of the enslaved living in the western hemisphere, fits into the whole complexity. Life is not far removed from the standards of the enslaved past and contributions to uplift the standings of my race, are not accredited or recognized by the larger society.

All human are born exactly the same on the inside, possessing the same intricacies and abilities to be the most dominant specie, but for unknown reasons, our outward appearances evolved with distinct differences. This defines the races and it is obvious that there is a set pecking order. The race that remains most unified, acquires most of what the world has to offer and controls the majority of the land, without question is the European race.

Also mention are the Chinese people, they have also built their standings to respectability. The Jewish people are unified, have a strong history and foundation, while other race's aspirations are projected upward. It is necessary to improve on the present condition of the African race. Addressing the causes to our problems and devise solutions to bolster our psyches, will reposition our standings that we inherited.

Uplifting Africa is a monumental task. To tackle such a difficult assignment and get results, we must truthfully state facts about the involvement of other races. We are presently dependent on others for sustenance, unable to garner any pride through our achievements and gets very little respect on the world stage. Also we are unable to shore up the foundation, patch our canopy and stop the bleeding of our intentionally damaged race, as success comes from self=sufficiency. Productivity of necessities, while having themselves as costumers, is the foundation of their successes and Black people attentively takes lesson.



First and foremost, the importance of an honest portrayal of the world and its people, must be examined. The truth about who control what and where, pertaining to the present situation of the African race, must be told and changes are absolutely necessary for us to step up from abject obscurity, to true parity on the world stage. The solutions to this problem must be placed on top of our important agendas to be completed, in order to find our true direction.

The landmass of the earth is naturally divided up into five, six or seven continents, depending on how you look at it and there are hundreds of islands that are populated by various races and cultures. Most of the continents are controlled and run by the strongest race of people, undoubtedly, the white race. Australia, Europe, North and South America, parts of Asia and Africa are ruled and controlled by them, even Antarctica.

To create an understanding to achieve the desired objectives, pointing out these obvious facts, will ruffle the feathers of the unassuming and/or deliberate defenders of racial disunity, who benefits most from the African conditions remaining the same, thus maintaining dominance. It didn't take long to learn that I am of the third world and due to the non-existence of change, I'm quite certain that I will die as a member of the third world.

The African race is much closer to forfeiting, than making gains on the leaders of race. We are operating with the mentality of a people that have been lapped numerous times, defeated well ahead of the finish line. All the others know and understand that the quickest route to get ahead in race, is to siphon off their slice of the uncontrolled wealth of the Black race. Commandeering their share of the easy pickings for nothing in reciprocal, helps our oppressors keep their domination, though they're already in a superior position.

It is glaringly obvious that our stunted growth and stagnation, results from concerted efforts to keep the African race in a fleeced state. In order to truly succeed, we must become a part of the European system, while relegating our own race towards the outside lane of obscurity. The missing attribute needed to hasten this process and become one mindset, is already in our possession.

Break the chains of self-bondage, by demolishing the European, Asian and Jewish economic oppression, amongst others and control our own wealth, is our Ultimate Solution. Then, and only then, Africa will rise up alongside all, whose heavy burdens has been weighing us down throughout history.

guarded by the DEFENDERS OF RACE

The beneficiaries of a systems, are the real defenders of their inherited position within their race. Everyone wants to see their race thrive, whether or not they agree on the actions of its leadership. Misunderstandings of power by the lay people of any particular race, are the main differences assimilated by ruler-ship, so it is therefore not a sin nor a crime, wanting to see my race, making improvements for present and future generations. Even though human lifespan last for only a short duration in comparison to the earth's unlimited rotations around the sun, the attitude and actions of each individual, depends on their position within their particular race and all would believe that their off-springs will be better off for it.

Take a look at people in the know, luminaries in the spotlight and their lives a decade or two ago. Time rolls on and takes people through various stages of life, youthfulness, middle age, elders, and many have already transitioned, leaving the system in place to continue on with the baton. The systems is rooted firmly in its foundation, where generations after intertwining generations pass through these different stages, while the continent of Africa remains in the same subservient state.

Africa is deliberately hidden to serve the interest of white people and others with easy opportunities, which strengthens their foundations, keeping the same alignments in race. If one should return to the living a hundred years from today, the current standings that is set firmly in place, will only be replicated. With the dominance endured through slavery and colonialism, we are left wearing lead spikes and the maligned weight given to us by the dominant race to carry in the competition of life, makes improvements impossible.

The defenders of race will object to the blame attributed to their particular people. Life sustaining benefits that they gained through their incessant and uninterrupted domination of a weaker race of people, is accepted as normal. The defenders of race lacks knowledge of these means towards their successes, which plays a huge part in their outcomes and personal lives. By withdrawing our continuous support towards their dominance and attribute the equivalent to our own race, would forever improve our standings and change the fortunes of our future generations.

We must ensure that our continent is made visible and looked upon as more than the prize to be awarded to the victors of a failure and collapse of the current white people's system. The issues that affects the lives of African American post slavery and native African post colonization, can be easily attributed to the cruelty that the European race put us through, but the blame, so to speak, is greater than just them. The conversations to be had and work that is necessary to be done to uplift the continent, is far and above the business of the defenders of race.


Meandering slowly through life's journey with the heavy baton that has been handed to me by my seemingly unsuccessful ancestors, while bearing the heavy burdens of undignified oppressiveness, the odds of victory is overwhelmingly stacked against us. I'm agonizingly guilty, only to be faced with limited choices. By handing off this tainted, prickly and unfairly weighted baton to my off-springs to carry on in the race of life, when failure to close the gap will be the most likeliest outcome, our faith through the continuation of perseverance, must remain enacted.

We are mired in a state, where quitting the race and giving in to impediments and roadblocks deliberately placed in our lane, would be an easily accepted option. By dropping the weighted baton that our ancestors lugged and labored with, and not making any efforts to retrieve the stick, which would ensure at least a finish, is our personal contribution towards racial decimation.

Throughout their leg of life's journey, they never disregarded the efforts of their failures, by not turning around and maneuver through the busy lanes, to pick up their sticky stick and keep it moving. White people smooth over their thorns with the power of progress and continuance. They pass forward their baton lighter and less burdensome for their off-springs to carry, that's why they maintain this dominant lead in race.

Seeing that victory or equality is downright unachievable during our leg of race, the present generation would rather endure the subservient existence of the lopsided system we inherited and/or encountered since birth. If we adapt to those conditions, then moving forward towards self-sufficiency would be more painful. Tripping over the stumbling blocks purposely imposed in our lane to impede any semblance of upward mobility, further widens the gap in their lead.

The Europeans are downright petrified of the African race being uplifted. The unapologetic nature of their guilt riddled murderous past of our people, awarded them dominance over us. Systematic oppression used to maintain their standings as the mightiest and all powerful occupiers of earth, is amongst the many forces used to sustain their seemingly insurmountable lead in race.



The obvious conclusion must be drawn that the African diaspora has currently a detrimental problem, first amongst ourselves and furthermore within the conglomeration of the various races. Because the natives of the continent and the Africans born away from the continent refuses to fully acknowledge, recognize and accept ourselves, similar to how others easily identify us, leads to back-biting and mistrust within our race and weakens our standings on the world stage.

It is therefore most important to re-establish that link of self, which can be easily achieved through the interior strength of our new state of the African mind, "State Of Mind." Harsh discrepancies, dominant mistreatment and hate perpetrated against the Africans for over five hundred plus years and still counting, cementing a continuation along the present pathway of white people's obvious superiority, should be a cause for concern.

In the western hemisphere, the USA in particular, as a descendant of the enslaved that is living and breathing in oppressiveness, I am a thousand percent certain that without galvanizing our sights and aspirations, the necessary closure that the African race most desperately needs, will never come to fruition. The acceptance of subordination, states that the wickedness that the superior race inflicted on the faultless, is justified, should be easily forgettable by now, and have no effects on the descendants of the colonized and the enslaved.

The pain of resentment that we presently shoulder is due to their lack of remorse. The domination of our race by their systems and governments, created their strong foundation. By working for free during enslavement and the lack of fight to rectify this painful situation, states that past racial atrocities has little or no effects on the hearts and mind of present day Africans, though it shows in our day to day interactions.

If that is the case, then Hitler's atrocious actions against the Jewish people is forgettable. The African people need closure from the most terrible and degrading chapters in our race's history, in order to move forward. We are presently saddled with the baggage of colonialism and slavery, still unsuspectingly weighing on our sorrowful minds and heavy hearts.

There will be disagreements amongst the African diaspora of-course, as with so many other issues concerning our race, but this subject matter of closure, regarding the demeaning time period and the connection to our mindset, is evidently necessary. This is felt through the in-explicable pains and emotional hurt that we carry. When an act of racial intolerance is inflicted on us from a standpoint of racial superiority, tension flares up and binds our existence of continued suffering, because we're living under the same oppressive system, only in a different time period.


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