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Ultimate Collection: 80s Anthems

The Ultimate Collection: 80s Anthems

The five-disc Ultimate Collection: 80s Anthems box rounds up 100 genre-spanning hits from the decade, with highlights arriving via radio hits from Dead or Alive ("You Spin Me Round [Like a Record]"), Soft Cell ("Tainted Love"), the Dream Academy ("Life in a Northern


The five-disc Ultimate Collection: 80s Anthems box rounds up 100 genre-spanning hits from the decade, with highlights arriving via radio hits from Dead or Alive ("You Spin Me Round [Like a Record]"), Soft Cell ("Tainted Love"), the Dream Academy ("Life in a Northern Town"), Cutting Crew ("[I Just] Died in Your Arms Tonight"), and Iggy Pop ("Real Wild Child [Wild One]").

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Disc 1

  1. It Takes Two
  2. White Lines (Don't Do It)
  3. It's Like That
  4. White Wedding
  5. Real Wild Child (Wild One)
  6. The Only Way is Up
  7. Sleep Talk
  8. People Hold On
  9. Axel F
  10. Breakin... There's No Stoppin’ Us
  11. Every Little Step
  12. Word Up!
  13. Trapped
  14. Cassanova
  15. Promised Land
  16. Steppin Out
  17. Weekend
  18. In & Out of My Life
  19. Dub Be Good To Me
  20. Wood Beez

Disc 2

  1. Kyrie
  2. (I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight
  3. I Ran (So Far Away)
  4. Somewhere In My Heart
  5. Cry Wolf
  6. Two Tribes
  7. World Shut Your Mouth
  8. I'm Gonna Do the Right Thing
  9. Life In a Northern Town
  10. Rober DeNiro's Waiting
  11. What is Love?
  12. It Must Be Love
  13. Sweet Little Mystery
  14. Down To Earth
  15. Breakout
  16. A New England
  17. Crush On You
  18. Caravan of Love
  19. Young At Heart
  20. Johnny Come Home

Disc 3

  1. House of Fun
  2. Dancing On the Ceiling
  3. And the Beat Goes On
  4. A Night To Remember
  5. Come Into My Life
  6. Shout To the Top
  7. Teardrops
  8. Do It To the Music
  9. Midas Touch
  10. Let's Go Round Again
  11. Let's Groove
  12. Hands Up
  13. Use It Up and Wear It Out
  14. Give It Up
  15. D.I.S.C.O.
  16. Heartache Avenue
  17. Pink Cadillac
  18. Can't Take My Eyes Off of You
  19. Swing the Mood
  20. Star Trekkin’

Disc 4

  1. Shout
  2. Jive Talkin’
  3. Baggy Trousers
  4. Pass the Dutchie
  5. Girlie Girlie
  6. Word Girl
  7. Iko Iko
  8. Every Kind of People
  9. Ai No Corrida
  10. Sign of the Times
  11. She Works Hard For the Money
  12. Funky Town
  13. Pull Up To the Bumper
  14. Fresh
  15. The Power of Love
  16. Ever So Lonely
  17. Up Where We Belong
  18. Move Over Darling
  19. Joanna
  20. Move Closer

Disc 5

  1. Relax
  2. Tainted Love
  3. You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)
  4. Karma Chameleon
  5. Duel
  6. Days
  7. When Smokey Sings
  8. Rhythm of the Night
  9. Change of Heart
  10. Push It
  11. I Think We're Alone Now
  12. Boys (Summertime Love)
  13. Love Shack
  14. Going Underground
  15. Breakaway
  16. The Race
  17. Swords of a Thousand Men
  18. Enola Gay
  19. Moments In Love
  20. Pacific 707

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Buffy Sainte-Marie   Composer
Billy Bragg   Composer
Eddie Cochran   Composer
Julian Cope   Composer
Billy Idol   Composer
Elvis Presley   Composer
Lionel Richie   Composer
Fred Schneider   Composer
Donna Summer   Composer
Maurice White   Composer
Labi Siffre   Composer
Dave Appell   Composer
Andy Fraser   Composer
Robin Gibb   Composer
Jerry Leiber   Composer
Terry Melcher   Composer
Phyllis Nelson   Composer
Jack Nitzsche   Composer
Sylvers   Composer
Joyce Sims   Composer
Alan Gorrie   Composer
Chris Jasper   Composer
Bob Crewe   Composer
Jerry Knight   Composer
Anne Dudley   Composer
Leroy Sibbles   Composer
Otis Blackwell   Composer
Ray Davies   Composer
Barry Gibb   Composer
Andy Razaf   Composer
Colonel Abrams   Composer
Larry Blackmon   Composer
Stella Barker   Composer
Mike Barson   Composer
Nidra Beard   Composer
Mark Bedford   Composer
Boris Blank   Composer
Leroy Burgess   Composer
Harry Wayne "K.C." Casey   Composer
Malcolm Charlton   Composer
Ed Cobb   Composer
Steve Coe   Composer
Andy Connell   Composer
Ritchie Cordell   Composer
Tom Cunningham   Composer
Jackie DeShannon   Composer
Jimmy DeKnight   Composer
Corinne Drewery   Composer
Sly Dunbar   Composer
Siobhan Fahey   Composer
Harold Faltermeyer   Composer
Lloyd Ferguson   Composer
Chris Foreman   Composer
Roddy Frame   Composer
Mike Frenchik   Composer
Martin Fry   Composer
David Gamson   Composer
Joe Garland   Composer
Green Gartside   Composer
Bob Gaudio   Composer
Steve George   Composer
Maurice Gibb   Composer
Peter Gill   Composer
Steven Greenberg   Composer
Roy Hay   Composer
Claire Hirst   Composer
Robert Hodgens   Composer
Trevor Horn   Composer
Mick Hucknall   Composer
Hurby "Luv Bug" Azor   Composer
Chaz Jankel   Composer
Johnathon J. Jeczalik   Composer
Tomi Jenkins   Composer
Will Jennings   Composer
Steve Jolley   Composer
Miranda Joyce   Composer
Nick Laird-Clowes   Composer
John Lang   Composer
Gary Langan   Composer
Sandy Linzer   Composer
Kal Mann   Composer
Lol Mason   Composer
Andy McCluskey   Composer
Darryl McDaniels   Composer
Dieter Meier   Composer
Michael Mertens   Composer
Jackie Mittoo   Composer
Alvin Moody   Composer
Brian Nash   Composer
John O'Connor   Composer
Michael Omartian   Composer
Mark O'Toole   Composer
Roland Orzabal   Composer
David Owens   Composer
Richard Page   Composer
Judy Parsons   Composer
Paul Weller   Composer
Phil Pickett   Composer
Kate Pierson   Composer
L.A. Reid   Composer
Paul Reynolds   Composer
Carlos Rios   Composer
Sylvia Robinson   Composer
Ali Score   Composer
Mike Score   Composer
Robbie Shakespeare   Composer
Lesley Shone   Composer
Russell Simmons   Composer
Lisa Stansfield   Composer
Ian Stanley   Composer
David Steele   Composer
Mike Stoller   Composer
Keith Strickland   Composer
Graham "Suggs" McPherson   Composer
Tony Swain   Composer
Nick Van Eede   Composer
Wayne Vaughn   Composer
Pål Waaktaar   Composer
Diane Warren   Composer
Bo Watson   Composer
Claudia Brücken   Composer
Patricia Daniels   Composer
Magne Furuholmen   Composer
Roland Gift   Composer
Melvin Glover   Composer
Eddie Tudorpole   Composer
James Harris   Composer
Paul Morley   Composer
Julian Brookhouse   Composer
Graeme Clark   Composer
Sarah Elizabeth Dallin   Composer
Babyface   Composer
Gilbert Gabriel   Composer
Robert Ginyard   Composer
Barbara Anne Hawkins   Composer
Neil Mitchell   Composer
Jon Moss   Composer
Sarah-Jane Owen   Composer
Marti Pellow   Composer
Richard Penniman   Composer
Ben Volpeliere-Pierrot   Composer
Keren Woodward   Composer
Graham Massey   Composer
Jim Bonnefond   Composer
Peter Burns   Composer
Matteo Bonsanto   Composer
Jennie Matthias   Composer
Jonathan More   Composer
Matt Black   Composer
Dorothy LaBostrie   Composer
Joe Lubin   Composer
Arthur Singer   Composer
Jessie Thomas   Composer
Marston Freeman   Composer
Vangarde   Composer
Hal Kanter   Composer
Mark Tibenham   Composer
Martin Price   Composer
Dana Meyers   Composer
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Freedman   Composer
Graham Lister   Composer
Timothy Lever   Composer
Michael Percy   Composer
Daniel "Woody" Woodgate   Composer
Michael Craig   Composer
Carl Smyth   Composer
Lee "Kix" Thompson   Composer
Paul Waaktaar-Savoy   Composer
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Steven Coy   Composer
Nick Thorp   Composer
Charles Calhoun   Composer
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Deborah Parkin   Composer
Zigman   Composer
John Vincent Greenan   Composer
Springsteen   Composer
Dana Manno   Composer
Toby Anderson   Composer
Jerry Capeheart   Composer

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