The Ultimate Guide for One World Order

The Ultimate Guide for One World Order

by Hrsikes Das Mitriya


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An intriguing story that offers solutions for the prosperity, benefit, stability and happiness of mankind.

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ISBN-13: 9781588209368
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 03/28/2001
Pages: 600
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.33(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 11
A Missing Clue1
For The Right Solution1
By Analyzing Today's Created1
Macaulay's Visit To India6
Meeting Between Macaulay And F. Max Muller8
Max Muller's Letters9
How The Atom Bomb Came To The West?27
16 Vedic Sutras Hold All Math31
Sanskrit Travels To China37
Hindu Face Swastika Crimes40
Use Of The Bible For Asinity And Obscenity60
The World's Most Self Destructive Force Organized Under The Name Of Religion61
Chapter 279
The Koran, The Bible And79
Vedic Concepts79
The Murders Of Sikhs' Gurus Under The Koran's Injunctions97
The Contradictions From The Holy Bible144
Cannibalism Taught In The Bible148
The Diabolism Of God148
Humans Sacrifice148
Circumcision Of Jews149
Sodomy Among The Believers151
Attack On The Us Embassy In Pakistan151
Slavery In Islam152
Taj Mahal-The True Story155
Islamic Psyche156
Teaching Of The Quran157
Relationship With Mon-Muslims157
Prescribed In The Holy QURAN159
Here What Goes In A Slaughter House171
Barbarities And Atrocities184
"What You See Is What You Get"185
Christian Astrology186
Hinduism Played The Major Role In The Making Of The Us Constitution186
Why Women Of India Put Red Marking(S) On Their Foreheads?188
Other Cheating Games To Prove The Authenticity Of The Bible191
What Is The Bible? Startling Facts193
Christian Hospitals196
Christian Intolerance197
Here Is True Christian Forgiveness200
Jesus Resurrection202
The Brief Interpretation Of The Sacred Syllable Aum (Om)208
Mr. Ernest Wood's Views213
Count Bjarnstjerne's Views213
Eight Vasus213
Eleven Rudras214
Twelve Adityas214
The Vedic Science Gave Rise To Algebra225
Chapter 3226
"The Way Of Life"226
Misleading, Separatist, Propagandas229
Divide And Control230
Another Confusion231
These Are The Facts232
Darwin's Missing Link240
Jesus Celebrating Passover, Jesus Said: "I Will Celebrate The Passover With My Disciples."249
The Demoniac & The Swine251
The Bible Directs Eating Of Human Flesh251
The Bible Has Seriously Contributed To The Following256
Koranic Injunctions' Effects260
Chapter 4271
Population Of The World271
Why World Population Explosion?277
Chapter 5280
Past Vedic Influence280
Period Of These Yugas Last As Follows280
Pope Admits Church Was Wrong About Galileo288
Painless Surgery290
Gun Powder291
Many Brain Games Have Been Invented From India292
Chapter 6303
Duties, Renunciation And Other303
Vedic Concepts303
Definition Of The Aryan303
Aryan Culture303
Renunciation And Duties313
Spiritual Masters316
Consequence Of Meat Eating316
Chapter 7318
The Bible In The Balance318
What Is The Bible? - Startling Facts318
Can We Believe The Bible? - Contradictions320
The Bible Contains, 2000 Contradictions321
Doctored Passages321
Puzzles For The Pious322
Believe It Or Not323
Bible Science324
Two Cosmogonies325
Two Flood Stories326
Three Ten Commandments327
Disharmony Of The Gospels328
Sermon On The Mount328
Reasons Condemned329
Improper Literature331
Barbarities And Atrocities332
The Diabolism Of God332
The Patriarchs333
Character Of Christ335
Human Sacrifice335
Insane Sex Ideas336
Injustice To Woman337
Chapter 8341
Macaulay Episode341
The Mother India351
(The Roots)351
Chapter 9352
The Missing Pieces Of The Puzzle352
Chapter 10358
Soul's Nature And Attributes358
The Five Senses369
Earlier Infiltration386
Who Is God?410
Chapter 11Summary420
Chapter 12423
Some Deep Thoughts423
Verse From Sri Isopanisad433
"Islamic Atrocities"434
Chapter 13455
Things To Remember455
Chapter 14479
The Holy Bible482
Jesus Resurrection: Fact Or Myth?483
Jesus Cursing A Fig Tree490
The Demoniac And The Swine491
Virgin Mary491
Drunken Wedding Party492
Jesus - A Winebibber493
Jesus' Blood Is Communion Wine493
Was Jesus A Homosexual?494
Sexually Intimate God496
A Cannibal God498
Incest Becomes Common500
Figurative Cannibalism501
Cannibalism In The New Testament503
Cannibalism In Revelation504
Drinking Blood504
Slave Trade Along The Color Line507
The Views Of Some World512
Famous Thinkers On The512
Conception Of God In512
The Bible512
Bertrand Russell512
Bernard Shaw513
James Anthony Foude513
Lord Byron-(the famous poet of England)514
Rupert Hughes-(Famous Author and Philosopher)514
Joseph Lewis515
Rev. Dr. T Sunderland, D.D.515
Thomas Paine516
Joseph Lewis517
Count Tolstoy517
Thomas Jefferson519
James Madison519
Demon's Qualities519
Chapter 15523
Suggested Readings523
Other Suggested Readings530
Why Wars?540
Taj Mahal - A Shiv Temple541

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