The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health: How to Stay Vital at Any Age

The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health: How to Stay Vital at Any Age

by Dudley Seth Danoff

Paperback(Second edition)

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A judgment free explanation of men’s sexual health issues that will help men live a longer and more virile life.

Breaking the barriers of silence and embarrassment, The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health speaks candidly to straight men, gay men, lovers, partners, and wives. Drawing on fascinating case histories, board certified urologist Dr. Dudley Seth Danoff uses straightforward, easy-to-understand terms to offer a meticulous examination of the essentials of male sexual health, arousal, and anatomy.

Written for men of all ages, this book dispels common male myths and provides nonjudgmental, practical, safe advice for banishing stress from the bedroom and making sex fun again. Whether readers are looking to improve their genital health, last longer, or overcome erectile dysfunction (ED), this guide will help them determine the fundamental causes of male problems using methods that fit their lifestyle and health profile.

Readers will discover

The facts about BPH and prostate cancer, sexually transmitted diseases, male menopause, steroid use, testosterone replacement, and penile enhancement

The psychological and physical causes of ED

The truth about "blue pills" and other medical and nonmedical options for treating ED

Exercises and lifestyle changes for improving sexual control and confidence

Instructions on how to achieve a healthy and active sex life

Options for addressing physical problems and health-related issues

If you are bored in the bedroom, struggling with the challenges of getting older, or even overcoming cancer or a heart condition, there is a solution. The first step is learning more about how the penis works—including the impact a man’s mind can have on his performance.

This revolutionary guide will give men the confidence and ability to perform sexually in any situation at any age.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780983199885
Publisher: Del Monaco Press
Publication date: 07/15/2015
Edition description: Second edition
Pages: 248
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Dudley Seth Danoff, MD, FACS, is a diplomate of the American Board of Urology and a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, with a medical degree from Yale University and urologic surgical training and fellowship from Columbia University-Presbyterian Medical Center. He is a former member of the clinical faculty at the University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine and the founder and president of the Cedars-Sinai Tower Urology Medical Group. He is the author of Superpotency and The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health.

Table of Contents

Preface to the Second Edition xi

Part 1 Everything You Need to Know about the Penis

Chapter 1 Maximizing Your Penis Power 3

Men Are Penis Oriented 4

We Are Tragically Ill Informed about the Penis 6

An Epidemic of Penis Weakness 8

Why Are We Having This Epidemic Now? 11

A Wake-Up Call 15

The Secret of Penis Power 16

Chapter 2 The Truth about Penis Size 19

Looks Are Not Everything 20

One Size Fits All 21

Your Penis Is Not Too Small 22

Penis Power Is Not Related to Penis Size 23

You Are as Big as You Think You Are 25

The Big Myth: Penile Enhancement, Phalloplasty, and Penile Enlargement 26

Chapter 3 Erection and Ejaculation 29

Erections: Whatever Turns You On 30

Tumescence: Stand Up and Be Counted 32

Orgasms: Come Again? 33

Semen: From Whence It Comes 34

The Point of No Return 35

The Refractory Period: I Want to Be Alone 37

Chapter 4 Medical Conditions That Affect Penis Power 39

Impotence: "My Friend Has This Problem …" 40

The Nerve of It: Neurological Disorders 45

When It Cannot Go with the Flow: Vascular Disorders 45

A Little Prick for a Big Reward: Injectable Drugs 47

When Something Is Not Quite Right: Hormonal Disorders 47

Steroids: Big Biceps and Tiny Testes 49

Do Not Be Sicker Than You Really Are 49

Prescription Medications: Is the Pharmacist Really Your Enemy? 51

It's Not All Fun and Games: Recreational Drugs 53

Premature Ejaculation 55

If You Need Help, Come and Get It 56

Off the Record 58

A History of Treating PE 59

Chapter 5 Prostatic and Other Urologic Diseases 61

BPH: Don't Panic! 61

Alternatives to a Prostatectomy 63

Turn Up the Heat: TUMT 64

Call the Roto-Rooter Man 65

Prostate Cancer 66

Testicular Cancer 71

Kidney Transplants 71

The Good News 72

Chapter 6 Blue Pills and Other Medical Cures for Erectile Dysfunction 73

Blue Magic: The Saga of "the Pills" for Men 73

It's Not Candy 74

Use with Caution 75

You Are Not Alone 76

Do Not Let the Hype Fool You 78

From Pills to Pellets: The Muse System 79

Shooting It Up: Injectable Medication 80

Surgical Procedures 83

Pump It Up: Implants 84

For the Right Reasons 86

For the Wrong Reasons 86

Mechanical Devices 87

Aphrodisiacs and Other Substances 88

Chapter 7 Performance Anxiety: When It's All in Your Head 91

Accentuate the Positive 93

Even the Strong Are Let Down Sometimes 94

Lighten Up, Dude 96

Don't Worry, Be Superpotent 99

Depression Depresses the Penis 101

Mind Games 102

Fears 103

Chapter 8 Extenuating Circumstances: When Sex Becomes a Chore 105

The Hard Dick Syndrome 107

Hard on Demand 109

Be Careful! 110

"Blow" Is Not an Accurate Description 111

A Time and Place for Everything 112

The Sweet Smell of Success 113

The Most Unpleasant Aspect of Sex 114

Intimate Intimidation 115

When the Problem Is in Your Heart 117

Chapter 9 As Old as You Feel: The Life Story of the Penis 121

Penis Passages 123

The Early Years 124

Is It Ageless? 125

When the Going Gets Tough: Male Menopause and TRT 127

Who Needs Testosterone Replacement? 128

The Risks of TRT: Good News, but at a Price 128

Young at Heart, Young in Person 130

Andropause versus Menopause 131

Penis Posterity 132

Sex in the New Millennium 133

Chapter 10 Sexually Transmitted Diseases 135

Chlamydia: Silent but Troublesome 135

Gonorrhea: This Clap Is Not a Cheer 136

Syphilis: Next to AIDS, the Worst of All 137

Genital Herpes: Not the Scourge of the Twenty-First Century 138

Be Alert-It's Everywhere and It's Elusive 138

AIDS: The Scourge of the Twenty-First Century 139

Chapter 11 What Women Need, to Know 141

Ladies and Gentlemen: It Begins with Communication 142

Women's Top Ten Complaints 143

Penis-Oriented Women Have More Fun 148

Chapter 12 Penis FAQs 149

Part 2 Becoming a Superpotent Man

Chapter 13 What's Your Penis Personality? 167

Positive Penis Personalities 169

Negative Penis Personalities 172

Chapter 14 What Is a Superpotent Man? 177

Discovering Penis Power 177

The Character of the Superpotent Man 179

The Superpotent Man and Sex 181

Penis Power Is Defined by Who You Are and How You Control Your Life 188

Chapter 15 How to Become a Superpotent Man 191

Educate Yourself 191

Good Health Equals Good Penis Power 193

Penis Power Exercises 196

Maybe Elvis Was on to Something: Pelvic Control 196

The Harder They Come: Controlling Your Timing 198

The "Taint" Exercises 200

Techniques for Delaying Ejaculation 201

Eliminate Negativity and Self-Doubt 203

Do Not View Sex as a Performance 204

Make Friends with Your Penis 204

A Final Word to Women 205

A Final Word to Men 205

Acknowledgments 207

Notes 209

Index 213

About the Author 231

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