The Ultimate Seduction (Harlequin Presents Series #3264)

The Ultimate Seduction (Harlequin Presents Series #3264)

by Dani Collins
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The Ultimate Seduction 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Barb-TRC More than 1 year ago
The Ultimate Seduction by Dani Collins is the second book in her The 21st Century Gentleman's Club series. This is a very sexy romance of two people, hardened by a tragic past and both very different, that are drawn to each other sexually, but with no chance of a future. We meet our heroine, Tiffany Davis in the beginning. Tiffany has spent the last few years recovering from a tragic accident that killed her husband on her wedding day, leaving her with horrendous scars, both physically and emotionally. She has had much surgery to fix some of her disfigurement, and now she knows she must begin to go out in public again, especially now that she is charge of a conglomerate her husband left her. Tiffany is very conscious of her scars, and tries to cover some of it with makeup. Her family is also wealthy, and well known, as her father is pushing his own political career. With the President of a small country visiting, her family insists she attend a private masquerade party to meet the president and convince him to allow her company to help him make his mark in the United States. Tiffany does not want to go out to a public event, but is pushed to do so. The fact that it is a masquerade ball, makes it easier. Ryzard Vrbancic is our hero, and is the President of Bregnovia. When he visits America, he often attends these events to meet privately with those who could help his country. When Ryzard sees this masked woman enter the ball, he is immediately mesmerized. What follows is a night of wild hot scorching sex between two people who had much to hide in the darkness of their room. Tiffany allowed herself to be succumbed by this stranger (not knowing he was the man she was to meet), as it built her confidence that someone was attracted to her. Ryzard was enamored by Tiffany and was determined to find out who she was. He could not get her out of her mind. In a short time, Ryzard finds Tiffany and doesn’t allow her to cover up her face. To him she is beautiful with some battle scars. Of course, living life in a small country driven by war and revolution, Ryzard has seen much destruction. His heart though is frozen, by a memory of lost love, and this prevents him from ever falling in love again. What we have are two people emotionally damaged, both deeply attracted to each other, as the sexual chemistry between them extremely volatile. Ryzard takes Tiffany with him, at first just to spend time on his boat, but then he brings her to the countries he is visiting, not letting her go. Tiffany finds herself falling in love with Ryzard, the man she originally felt contempt as she thought of him as a dictator. She learns differently that he is good man, who wants best for his country and his people. But Tiffany fears that Ryzard is using her to get her father to help him become accepted in the United States. This is a very emotional romance of two people who come from different backgrounds, yet both need to rise above their emotional scars. The romance was very nice, and I did root for Tiffany and Ryzard to find a way to get past their deep issues. I sympathized with Tiffany throughout, as she was in a horrible position to overcome. Ryzard, though he was so good to Tiffany, helping her, his determination to not take their relationship to the next level was a bit annoying. Dani Collins has written a very nice and emotional storyline that was very real. Overall, this was a very good story.