The Ultimate Talent: Creativity's Anthem

The Ultimate Talent: Creativity's Anthem

by Ray Cole




Companion rules explain how logic is used to maintain tied to reality- both In forming each individual idea and in mastering the multiple ideas at play in life's issues. With the refinements Cole has brought to the field of logic, these guidelines are readily understood.

Few books offer the intellectual depth of this one.  It provides the axioms, observations, and prescriptions that can serve as foundational elements for a scientific school of psychology.

Ray Cole has always wanted to understand how people form ideas. “At an early age I enjoyed listening to adult conversation. One time a friend of my dad answered a question by saying, ‘Yes and no.’ I was completely shocked, thinking ‘How can anyone answer that way?’ The friend explained that his answer depended upon circumstances. Looking back, that was a powerful introduction to the importance of context.”

Ray’s interest in the mind’s workings continued through his college and professional years. He spent three years with The Travelers Insurance Company in Hartford, Connecticut, then left to become a partner in a firm of compensation consultants. He worked at its suburban Chicago headquarters and the New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco regional offices. While there, Ray served a term on the firm’s Executive Committee, spent a year as president of The Conference of Consulting Actuaries, and co-founded a Montessori school.

In his spare time, he continued to pursue his interest in cognition. Ray recalls, “I would read late into the night on economics, politics, and philosophy, keeping an eye out for well-reasoned presentations. In particular Ayn Rand’s works made it clear to me that survival and prosperity depend on reason. I was inspired by this to advance the cause of reason.”

So inspired was he that soon after early retirement, he spent years writing The Ultimate Talent: Creativity’s Anthem. Colewas motivated in part by the realization that books that rationally develop the humanities can move the culture forward. He explains, “My book provides observatons that can serce as foundational elements for a rational school of psychology. I started with axioms and built upon them. This approach, appropriately modified, can be used to scientifically develop the underpinnings of other disciplines.

His current plans include writing articles that apply reason to contemporary issues and providing tutorial exercises he calls HOMEWORK™. He is also looking for authors to publish with his specialty press, THE RATIONAL CURRICULUMS ENTERPRISE™.

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ISBN-13: 9780989171571
Publisher: The Rational Curriculums Enterprise
Publication date: 10/26/2013
Pages: 120
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