The Ultimate Truth: The Raging Flames of The Consuming Fire

The Ultimate Truth: The Raging Flames of The Consuming Fire

by Michael Nkholo Makhura


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Truth are laws of definitions; without Truth, people believe anything; just as outside the Law people do as they please. When it comes to Righteousness, God s holy commands set the stage as everlasting foundations.

"only if these decrees vanish from My sight, will the descendants of Israel cease to be a nation before Me" this is what God says in Jeremiah 31;36. David in one Psalm put it this way, "I knew that Your Laws will last forever". In Luke 16;17 this is how Jesus set it, "It is easier for heaven and earth to disappear than for the least stroke of a pen to drop out of the Law".

Then comes Paul "Ministry of death which was engraved on the letter of stone" Corinthians 2;3:7. " weak and miserable principles" Galatians 4;9. "meaningless talk" Timothy 1; 1 ; 6, "a curse" Galatians 3:10. "We were held in prisoners by the law", Galatians 3,23. These are the core of what Paul says about God s holy commands, and he calls this the "good news".

This is what you should understand, you can not speak against what I say and still think yourself not referring to me. If I say something and in response you say that to be foolishness, in effect you have just called me a fool.

Paul agues that "no one was made perfect by the law"; yet we find in the very same second testament that Laz & Elisabeth, the parents of John the baptist were found righteous for they obeyed the commands of The LORD; Luke 1;6. "he follows My decrees and faithfully keeps My laws. That is a righteous man and he surely shall live" this is what God says in Ezekiel 18; 9. Moses put it this way "if you obey these commands, that will be your righteousness." I Michael say, The LORD is one, He alone is the only God.

...The end of times as spoken in Daniel and Revelation has here arrived; now open the book of life and find the Truth that open your eyes to the world of lies, you will wake to find the world you now live in is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, the truth shall set you free!!!

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Publication date: 11/25/2016
Pages: 310
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About the Author

I am Michael, live in SA. I am almost forty, but when I look at The Ultimate Truth, I feel like I have lived for over four hundred years. If the Truth in this work was not good enough, I myself would not want to have it published for any other reason except the very credence of its own content; but that we are now here means it does not get any better than this, and you can not ask for anything more. As much as I have written The Ultimate Truth, I know very well and vividly so that this is nothing but God s very own handiworks, so let the Truth in this work speak for itself, so that the glory of God would come to be witnessed by all.

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