The Uncharted Voyage toward the Subtle Light

The Uncharted Voyage toward the Subtle Light

by Hua Ching Ni


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ISBN-13: 9780937064092
Publisher: SevenStar Communications Group
Publication date: 01/31/2008
Pages: 424
Sales rank: 700,987
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.30(d)

Table of Contents

At The Beginning     1
The Task at Hand     3
The Unobstructed Nature of the Great Path     6
Learning and Teaching the Great Path     11
The Spiritual Trap of the Easy Way     16
The Unrevealed Truth     20
The Light of Integral Wisdom     24
The Unbending Divine Nature     29
The Development of Spiritual Discernment     33
The Delicacy of Discernment of Spiritual Energy     39
Self-Selection and Spiritual Fitness     44
The Springs of Moderation and Wise Nature     49
The Dawn of a New Era     74
Natural Wisdom and the Mastery of Life     79
The Journey of a Natural Life     84
The Gentle Taming Power of the World     92
A Spiritual Mountain     96
The Golden Age of Heavenly Kingship     101
Radiant Pearl     105
Guidance to People Like Pearls     114
The Strength of One Truth     119
The Principle of Spiritual Life     123
The Everlasting Body of Truth     127
The Great One of Illuminating Virtue     132
The Voice of Truth     137
The Great One of Never Contempt for Anything     141
The Carriers of the Voice of Truth     145
The Great One of Whole-Mindedness     150
Natural Virtue and Integrity     155
The Power That Supports Teachers and Leaders     161
The Harmonious Path of a Natural Society     168
By Virtue or By Force     176
The Sublimity of the Family     183
The Natural Care of Life     192
To Do or Not to Do     208
The Origin of Creation     215
The Meaning of Cultivation     221
The Nourishment of Life     226
Understanding the Spiritual Truth     232
The Great Path of Selfless Service     241
To Multiply or Unify     248
Responsibility for the World     257
The Truth Is Never Rotten, But the Human Mind Changes Often     262
The Path to Freedom     270
Spiritual Growth Is Not a Private Asset Only     277
The Way Is Simple, The Choice Is Wide     291
Renewing One's Life By Returning to the Simple Essence     300
The Nurturing of Pure Spiritual Power     307
Are You Walking On the Path?     322
The Key to Eternal Life     337
The Guiding Principle of Spiritual Balance and Virtuous Fulfillment     344
Attending to the Small Is to Rescue the Important     352
A Childlike Heart     360
The Culture of Grandiosity     365
The Great One of Self Image     378
The Divine One of Self Completion     386
Echoes of Assurance     391
The Great Book of the Great Path of One Truth     401
The Concluding Meeting     406
The Commencement of the Spiritual Mission     412
A Few Words to New Spiritual Teachers     419

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