The Unexpected Daughter

The Unexpected Daughter

by Sheryl Parbhoo


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Three people's lives intersect in a tumultuous yet redeeming way that none of them could have ever predicted. Jenny is a young professional from the South with an upbringing she wants to forget. She meets Roshan, an Indian immigrant who has moved to the United States with his mother, Esha, to escape family ghosts. With strong cultural tradition, Esha has devoted her entire life to her only child, both for his own good and for her personal protection from a painful past. Roshan understands his role as his mother's refuge, and from an early age, he commits himself to caring for her. But when Jenny and Roshan embark on a forbidden, intercultural relationship, all three get tangled into an inseparable web-betrayal, violence, and shame-leaving them forced to make choices about love and family they never wanted to make while finding peace where they never expected to look.

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ISBN-13: 9780998231006
Publisher: Sheryl Parbhoo
Publication date: 12/14/2016
Pages: 390
Sales rank: 702,975
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Sheryl Parbhoo is a southern novelist and blogger. She was featured at the 2017 Decatur Book Festival and is a member of the Atlanta Writers Club and Georgia Writers Association. Her writings have been featured in Twins Magazine and Masalamommas Magazine, and she has been interviewed by PBSNewshour and quoted by Harvard Divinity School's Religious Literacy Project.
She first became known for her blog, Southern Life Indian Wife, where she shared stories about the masala and cornbread loving, multicultural family she has with her South African-born Indian husband. She currently blogs at and is at work on the sequel to The Unexpected Daughter, due to be released in Fall 2018.
Coffee is her best friend. She divides her time between her family and touring with the Trio Exhibit, book signings, and book clubs. The rest of the time, you can find her at Starbucks writing the sequel to The Unexpected Daughter with a triple espresso latte in her hand.
For more on Sheryl, including social media and contact information, visit

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The Unexpected Daughter 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Teresa Syms for Readers' Favorite The Unexpected Daughter by Sheryl Parbhoo is a very captivating story of how the lives of three people can be so opposite, and yet so similar. Jenny is a young professional from the old South, who carries with her the burden and baggage of a dysfunctional family she is trying to forget existed. She meets Roshan in college and an incredible bond develops between them. Roshan is an Indian immigrant who, with his mother, Esha, escaped their abusive past in India for a new life in the United States. Esha has raised her son as a single mother, after fleeing from her abusive and alcoholic artist husband. In one night of passion, Roshan and Jenny discover they are destined for each other. However, Esha has carved out Roshan’s life to the finest detail. The animosity towards his prearranged marriage to Priya causes turmoil and betrayal in his family life, which forces Roshan to find comfort in Jenny’s arms and alcohol. Surrounded by the pressures of his mother, his family and culture, Roshan slips farther into depression and alcoholism and turns away from his wife while trying to maintain a desperate relationship with Jenny. What a tangled web Roshan has woven. He is faced with making the choice of love or family. I found The Unexpected Daughter by Sheryl Parbhoo to be an incredible story of courage, love, obligation and heartbreak. Sheryl Parbhoo has opened a window into what life in a traditional Indian family is like. From the very beginning of the story, I was captivated by the creation of her characters, the extreme differences in the cultures, and I could truly feel the animosity that was created between Jenny and Esha. As the years passed for Jenny and Roshan, even though they were torn apart by his obligations to his family and wife, their love burned deeply. Only through the birth of their daughter years later, and Roshan’s explosive behaviour during an alcoholic rage, could the two cultures truly be drawn into one true, united family, with his mother, Esha, finally coming to terms with her own demons. The story is very well written, full of intrigue and controversy. I was completely drawn in from the beginning. The book was difficult to put down and I find myself hungry for Indian food.