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The Unexpected Husband

The Unexpected Husband

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by Debbie Macomber

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Jury of His Peers

Caroline Lomax is on jury duty and, by sheer coincidence, so is Ted Thomasson. She'd known him when she was twelve and he was fifteen. Back then, she thought he was obnoxious—and she hasn't changed her mind. But other things have changed. Ted's become very attractive, for one. And he certainly knows how to


Jury of His Peers

Caroline Lomax is on jury duty and, by sheer coincidence, so is Ted Thomasson. She'd known him when she was twelve and he was fifteen. Back then, she thought he was obnoxious—and she hasn't changed her mind. But other things have changed. Ted's become very attractive, for one. And he certainly knows how to kiss.

Now Ted wants Caroline to see him as more than a boy from her past. He wants her to see him as the man she'll marry.

Any Sunday

Until now, Marjorie Majors has made a point of avoiding doctors. But an attack of appendicitis doesn't give her any choice. Dr. Sam Bretton's confident diagnosis and gentle care are exactly what she needs, and his bedside manner is pretty appealing, too. She's starting to fall for him—until he asks her to find another doctor.

Except his reason isn't what she thinks it is. He wants to be her husband, not her doctor!

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"Debbie Macomber is...a bona fide superstar." -Publishers Weekly

Debbie Macomber writes characters who are as warm and funny as your best friends."

-New York Times bestselling author Susan Wiggs

"Debbie Macomber is one of the most reliable, versatile romance authors around."

-Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"As always, Macomber draws rich, engaging characters."

-Publishers Weekly

"Macomber is a master storyteller; any one of these characters could have been a stereotype in less talented hands. Instead, these women and their stories are completely absorbing."

-RT Book Reviews on The Shop on Blossom Street

"Macomber's assured storytelling and affirming narrative is as welcoming as your favorite easy chair."

-Publishers Weekly on Twenty Wishes

"Macomber's latest...glows with genuine goodness and great emotional warmth."
—John Charles, Chicago Tribune on Hannah's List

"Debbie Macomber tells women's stories in a way no one else does."

"Macomber is an adept storyteller...many will be entertained by this well-paced story about four women finding happiness and fulfillment through their growing friendship."
—Publishers Weekly on The Shop on Blossom Street

"Told with Macomber's customary authority and skill, this story will engage many with its well-rounded characters and flashes of humor." –RT Book Reviews

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There was something vaguely familiar about him. Caroline Lomax's gaze was repeatedly drawn across the crowded room where the prospective jury members had been told to wait. He sat reading, oblivious to the people surrounding him. Some were playing cards, others chatting. A few were reading just as he was. It couldn't be Theodore Thomasson, Caroline mused, shaking her head so that the soft auburn curls bounced. Not "Tedious Ted," the childhood name she had ruthlessly given him because of his apparent perfection. The last time she'd seen him had been the summer he was fifteen and she was fourteen, just before her father's job had taken them to San Francisco. It wasn't him; it couldn't be. First off, Theodore Thomasson wouldn't be living on the West Coast and, second, she would have broken out in a prickly rash if he were. Never in her entire life had she disliked anyone more.

Determined to ignore the man completely, Caroline picked up a magazine and idly flipped through the dog-eared pages. If that was Theodore, which it obviously couldn't be, then he'd changed. She would never openly admit that he was handsome back then. Attractive, maybe, in an eclectic way. But this man… If it was Theodore, then his eyes were the same intense blue of his youth, but his ears no longer had the tendency to stick out. The neatly trimmed dark hair was more stylish than prudent, and if Tedious Ted was anything, he was sensible, levelheaded and circumspect. And rational. Rational to the point of making her crazy. Admittedly, her own father was known to be rational, practical, discriminating and at times even parsimonious. As the president of Lomax, Inc., the fastest growing computer company in the world, he had to be.

The thought of her stern-faced father produced an involuntary smile. What a thin veneer his rationality was, at least where she and her mother were concerned. He loved his daughter enough to allow her to be herself. Caroline realized that it was difficult for him to accept her offbeat lifestyle and her choice to go to culinary school with the intent of becoming a chef, not to mention that she'd opted for a lower standard of living than what she was accustomed to. She knew he would rather see her in law school. Regardless, he supported her and loved her, and she adored him for it.

A glance at the round clock on the drab beige wall confirmed that within another fifteen minutes the prospective jurors would be free to go. Her first day of jury duty had been a complete waste of time. This certainly wasn't turning out as she'd expected. Her mind had conjured up an exciting murder trial or at least a dramatic drug bust. Instead she'd spent the day sitting in a room full of strangers, looking for a way to occupy herself until her name was called for a panel.

Meet the Author

Debbie Macomber, the author of Hannah’s List, 1022 Evergreen Place, Summer on Blossom Street, 92 Pacific Boulevard, and Twenty Wishes, is a leading voice in women’s fiction. Three of her novels have scored the #1 slot on the New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly bestseller lists. Debbie Macomber's Mrs. Miracle was Hallmark Channel's top-watched movie for 2009. Winner of the 2005 Quill Award for Best Romance, the prolific author has more than 140 million copies of her books in print worldwide.

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Port Orchard, Washington
Date of Birth:
October 22, 1948
Place of Birth:
Yakima, Washington
Graduated from high school in 1966; attended community college

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The Unexpected Husband: Jury of His Peers and Any Sunday 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just love her books and just have bought over 20 more of the books ou have in your store. Very easy reading and things that coould and do happen in real life.
Yellowsam More than 1 year ago
This book was ok, but the lead female character made me mad for some reason. She comes off as spoiled, and kinda childish to me.