The Unforgiven King

The Unforgiven King


Hardcover(Hardback ed.)

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ISBN-13: 9781916457232
Publisher: Sparsile Books Ltd
Publication date: 02/25/2019
Edition description: Hardback ed.
Pages: 338
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.88(d)

Table of Contents


Part I - The Woman In The Shadows

In which some things are revealed and others not 9

The principal players are introduced 13

Vengeance is taken 19

We learn the manner of a king’s dying and discover a thing or two 24

In which there are two marriages, many deaths and the birth of a child 29

The death of a good man 36

In which a lesson is learned on the value of property 41

To be a king 46

In which fates and fortunes are overturned 55

In which another side of Herod is revealed 61

Part II. - The Dream Of A King

In which Herod incurs the ire of a goddess 70

A Deo et Romae rex 78

An interval in which death is snatched out of Death 91

In which Herod shows the followers of Antigonus no mercy and sends

his brother a gift. 99

In which home is discovered to be the same yet altered 110

In which Joseph, the husband of Salome, finds favour with the Hasmonaeans 118

A kingdom is laid at the feet of Mariamme 127

A clash of Titans 134

The Fall 142

In which we begin again and the end comes nearer 150

In which Loshema learns the dubious nature of reward 156

Death of a prince 162

The beginning of endings 170

In which seduction and death are never closer 176

In which the world becomes a more uncertain place 183

In which the king of conquests makes a decision 188

In which Salome’s victory brings Herod terrible loss 194

Part III- The Queen of Heaven

Pheroras releases an avarshina 208

Pheroras’ Wife 215

In which the king’s wishes are thwarted by his brother 223

In which Loshema receives a gift of two pearls 229

The calm before the storm 237

The beauty of the world is in a touch 244

Letters 252

What is a Jew? 258

In which the young wolf tears at his father’s kingdom 267

In which torture reveals many things 276

Am I a monster? 281

In which the blood of a calf is not considered equal to two lambs 289

Appearances deceive 297

In which love reveals itself in surprising ways 306

In which perjury is more easily swallowed than poison 316

In which the time for parting comes 325

Epilogue. 334

Author’s Note. 335

Acknowledgements. 336

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