The Unlikely Life of Maisie Meadows

The Unlikely Life of Maisie Meadows

by Jenni Keer

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ISBN-13: 9780008309701
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 07/08/2019
Sold by: HarperCollins Publishers
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 925,484
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

After gaining a history degree, Jenni Keer embarked on a career in contract flooring before settling in the middle of the Suffolk countryside with her husband, an antique-restorer. She valiantly attempted to master the ancient art of housework but with four teenage boys in the house, it remains a mystery. Instead, she spends her time at the keyboard writing women’s fiction. The Hopes and Dreams of Lucy Baker is her debut.

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The Unlikely Life of Maisie Meadows 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
gaele 5 days ago
Youngest of four siblings and the only one that everyone in her family speaks with, Maisie has a need to clean and organize everything, has a Russian-Olympic level trick performing hamster named Nigel, and has just quit her marketing job at a local brewery after finding her boyfriend and boss with his tongue down another woman’s throat. Devastated from the loss, and not sure about her next step, she finds a job opening at a local auction house, Gildersleeves, which is populated with quirky and unique characters. Mistaking one of the owners of the business for a thief, she’s faced with her undeniable attraction but it’s all in vain: wrongly assuming that he’s involved with his rather OTT partner in the business, she doesn’t suffer the tongue-tied gaps, or the worries – he’s only friend material. But a box arrives with a tea set (or part of one) that she remembers from her childhood, the neighbor who was a source of sense and solace when her parents split is part of a lot going on auction: and she’s determined to buy the set, locate the other pieces and bring it together, much as she hopes to gather her family together to celebrate Christmas – trying to duplicate the last (and happiest) Christmas she remembered from just before the divorce. With the tea set purchased, as well as an unexpected “bonus” of four boxes of naked and deviant garden gnomes, she’s starting her journey to better understand her former neighbor, and bring the set to completion. Such a fun tale: Maisie is a wonderfully sympathetic character with clearly defined issues, a heart of gold, and a rather obsessive need to have control over her environment, except in her “spare” room – where paint flies and colors splatter as she burns off emotional tension with Pollack-like paintings. With each of her siblings, her dramatically emotional mother, philandering father and some lovely characters at the auction house, including Arthur and Ella, the story is light, fresh and humorous – with a surprising emotional depth as the extent of Maisie’s emotional stunting and fears come into focus. With plenty of laugh out loud moments (many from Nigel the gymnastically-inclined hamster), Maisie’s determination to have everything in a place and a place for everything – as well as some truly clever moments that bring the family of her former neighbor together, this was a wonderful escape read with plenty of laughter, light and love to make readers turn that last page with a smile, and a favorite read of the summer! I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Jenni Keer's second novel disguises itself as a light, fun read however, it seems to investigate family relationships - our biological and our chosen families. Maisie Meadows finds herself as the social media and marketing director of an auction house that employs a cast of quirky characters. Throughout the story, the reader can see where miscommunication is causing trouble but just like real life, Maisie has to learn lessons on her own.
Shelley-S-Reviewer 3 months ago
I do not normally read what would be classed as chick lit, but this was just so enjoyable. I adored Maisie Meadows. She made me laugh and want to know more about her. This is a story that just totally captivated me and I simply enjoyed it like none other I've read for some time. Praises to the author. I absolutely loved the character development of Maisie and I could relate to her so easily, despite the fact that her life circumstances and upbringing were so different to mine. I found the relationship development between Maisie and Theo both charming and involving and I was cheering for them all the way. Jenni Keer's novel gives the reader a view of how your parents divorce during childhood can have life long effects on a person. After reading this novel I can't help but give second thoughts to what could be behind the quirky and lonely people in our world. This is a story about marching to the beat of your own drum and learning that love and true friendship can carry you through even life’s darkest moments. Absolutely engaging and often hilarious, I didn’t want to put it down, and was sad when it ended. I highly recommend this utterly fabulous, charming and heartwarming novel.
KimReadsBooks 4 months ago
Oh wow I loved this! Jenni Kerr hits it out of the park again. Loved her first book and this one was just as enjoyable. Adorable characters, just a touch of magic, cute settings, and a hamster called Nigel. What more could you ask for? Maisie’s fractured relationship with her actual family and her budding relationship with her new friends and work family made for great reading. To be honest Jenni Keer could write a whole series about the stories of all the characters in this book and I would enjoy it. I would really love to read more about Arthur and Pam. Basically everyone in the book was amazing. A cozy and quirky read that will warm your heart.
Hershey07 4 months ago
The Unlikely Life of Maisie Meadows is a delight to read!!!! Maisie suddenly finds herself without a job after catching her ex with the new girl! She finds a new job in the auction house, Gildersleeves. She has no idea how this new job will change her life. In addition to the new job, she decides she wants to bring her dysfunctional family back together. Along the way, she will learn what family truly means and possibly find a new love. Theo is her boss, and as they spend more time together, they grow closer and love may be on the horizon. He is just one surprise that destiny has in store for Maisie. As the title suggests, it’s a life journey she had never expected. Not only is the book about Maisie, but it’s also about the secondary characters, such as Arthur, Johnny, and Theo, as well as Maisie’s family. Each has their own story to tell, but it never takes away from the book as a whole. She will learn how complicated family can be, such as “their virtues and their weaknesses.” It will make her see how imperfect yet perfect families really are. It has a little bit of magic in the form of a teapot, with lots of love throughout. This is an enjoyable book that will bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart!
Anonymous 4 months ago
Absolutely adored "The Hopes and Dreams of Lucy Baker," so i was excited to read this book. It didn't disappoint and I LOVED it!!! I admit, I even had some tears once maybe twice. At first I was going to rate it 4/4.5 stars, but the ending just got to me. The story was just so heartwarming and I loved all of Maisie's coworkers at Gildersleeve and the Mayhew sisters. Not only did the book bring me to tears but it also made me laugh. What does one do with a box or two of X-rated gnomes? At least Maisie finally found a home for them. Naked Man definitely made me smile, he definitely was shy and eventually found a friend who didn't mind his nakedness. Chuckled a bit when Nigel escaped and Theo thought he was looking for a child. My favorite part of the book were the characters, especially Arthur. He was such a sweet, old man. He loved posing for pictures for the website. Maisie's family was another story. When they were together like fought like cats and dogs. Lisa was just too much and caused a lot of her own problems. Working at the auction house was the best thing for Maisie and ended up meeting terrific people. Although, I don't think she should use that tea set again. Actually she should NEVER use it!! Definitely recommend the book. I loved everything about it- the story, characters and writing style. The book was simply wonderful!!! I can't wait to read more books by the author. Loved the book cover. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Avon Books UK through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
Honolulubelle 4 months ago
Favorite Quotes: He was not only showing the new girl from HR around the archives but also giving her a guided tour of his tonsils. Being single was all very well until your ovaries started idly flicking through pension options – not that she was anywhere near that stage, but sand still trickled relentlessly into the bottom chamber of her hourglass. Theo’s jeans weren’t distressed, they were positively traumatised Honestly, you’re so tightly coiled that if anyone springs your release catch you’re going to ping over the moon. … her house was sterile, her desk at work was sterile, bloody hell – after six months without a boyfriend, she was sterile. He doesn’t give up. All the time he’s in my peripheral vision, lurking like an unidentifiable odour. My Review: Jenni Keer is found treasure. This cleverly written and highly amusing book had more sparkles than a glitter bomb and was an utter delight to read. I adored every quirky character and savored each brilliantly chosen word. I fell right into this craftily paced and witty tale, which caused frequent eruptions of giggle-snorts and kept a well-earned smirk on my face throughout perusal. I was also quite resentful of any interruption to my reading and may have actually hissed at the ringing phone. Ms. Keer’s writing was deliciously clever, emotive, crisp, and extraordinarily engaging. She definitely has a gift for effortless levity and absorbing storytelling and I deeply suspect ownership of a magical pen or bewitched software, as she is an absolute powerhouse of a wordsmith. And in addition to being totally besotted with Ms. Keer, I scored three new additions to my Brit Word List with claggy – which is Brit informal for thick and sticky; banjaxed – which is slang for destroyed or ruined; and G Plan – which is an iconic British brand of furniture.
RoseisReading 4 months ago
The Unlikely Life of Maisie Meadows is the second book published by up and coming author Jenni Keer. This is the first book I’ve actually had the pleasure of reading from Ms. Keer. I loved it so much I went and purchased her first book! I always love discovering new authors and I look forward to seeing what Ms. Keer has for us in the future! Not being familiar with Ms. Keer’s writing style, I didn’t know what to expect. So I was pleasantly surprised to get caught up in this story from the very beginning, and quickly became invested in the storyline and all the characters. I found my self picking up the book throughout the day just to read one more page! As we start our story, Maisie Meadows has recently quit her job and broken up with her boyfriend, who also happened to be her boss. As she starts a new job at Gildersleeve’s auction house, she works at settling into her new job and dealing with her new coworkers. Oh my, what a fabulous collection of characters at Gildersleeve’s! From Johnny the eccentric, exuberant owner, to the painfully shy, quiet & thoughtful Ella, to the chatty but totally loveable Arthur, and then finally the down to earth, engaging and good-looking Theo, I absolutely loved them all. Gildersleeve’s auction house in itself was a fabulous backdrop for a story. It was a unique setting and one I’ve not read before. When Maisie stumbles across an old teapot that once belonged to a neighbor from 20 years ago, she works to reunite the tea set.  As Maisie discovers piece by piece the missing tea set from long ago, she begins to wonder if her family can also be reunited as well. This brings us another fabulous set of characters with the Mayhew sisters and Maisie’s parents and siblings and who could forget Nigel the hamster! He truly was the star of the book! ;-) I loved the teapot storyline and all that went along with it. There were so many wonderful stories intertwined into this book and I felt they all flowed beautifully together to make this story perfectly complete. This was a wonderfully well-written story based on family, friends, secrets, misconceptions, love, loss, in summary, it’s based on life! I devoured this book and absolutely loved the ending. I enjoyed my time with Maisie and her family and friends and would have no problem revisiting this fabulous group of characters again. I highly recommend this book and author!
sandylebo 4 months ago
I read an advanced copy of this book thanks to NetGalley and Avon Books UK. Every now and then, after reading a series of sometimes depressing and complex historical fiction novels, I like to dive headfirst into a fun chick lit story. (I categorized ‘Maisie’ as chick lit personally, although perhaps not everyone will share my sentiments.) Admittedly, I was expecting something a bit over-the-top corny as I often pick those types of titles, but ‘Maisie’ completely exceeded all my expectations. Lighthearted? I’d expect nothing less from a cover and title so colorful. Corny? A tad bit. But boy, did it have substance! My first thoughts: I am Maisie Meadows. Quirky, obsessive-compulsive, creative, family-oriented; and most importantly, someone who chooses and cherishes the tight-knit bonds of a small group of friends. A young, professional woman who seemed like she had it all together on the outside by her way of generating order and organization in her everyday life, yet itching for a release through her abstract “art.” But Maisie wasn’t the only enchanting character in this novel. There were countless others, each with their own importance to the development of the story, bringing their own personal magic and personality to the table. Some of my favorites included the dashingly scruffy and laidback Theo, the brash Irene, Naked Man, and, of course, Johnny Gildersleeves. (Hands down, I’d like to sit in an antique-filled living room and discuss my favorite heirlooms with Johnny while drinking red wine.) Sometimes the climaxes in these types of novels fall short. Not in ‘Maisie’, though! In fact, the entire plot unfolded beautifully from start to finish. Nothing felt rushed or brushed over and there were quite a few plot twists I wasn’t expecting. The writing itself was strong, a style I hope to master one day, and the dialogue and description had me cackling aloud throughout—again, often in scenes with Johnny or the silly misunderstandings the characters have about one another. I am happy the book has been published and I look forward to reading it again!
CLPadgett 4 months ago
I spotted this book on NetGalley, the website that makes advance copies of books available to reviewers. The title and the description captured me and even though I was drowning in books to read for contests and reviews, I clicked to request it. My request was granted and I’m so glad. Jenni Keer’s second novel, THE UNLIKELY LIFE OF MAISIE MEADOWS is a charmer. Maisie Meadows, the youngest in her family, is a bit OCD, a bit in love with her boss, and a bit obsessed with reuniting her far-flung and feuding family. By the end of Chapter Two, Maisie has a new job, new bosses, and no boyfriend. And she’s grateful her two new bosses are a couple so she won’t be tempted to date either of them, in spite of the fact that her pulse seems to ratchet up whenever she sees or touches one of them. There’s a touch of magic in the story. And it aligns with Maisie’s desire to get her family–if not reunited–at least speaking to each other, and/or in the same room, at the same time. To say any more about Maisie’s job, the magic that follows her, her relationships with all her co-workers would give away too much of the story. Keer created fully realized characters who could be my friends. Or my daughters’ friends. The story is well crafted, although readers will know well before Maisie figures it out, the truth about her bosses and co-workers. But that’s easily forgiven, given the fun story. I enjoyed this book a lot and highly recommend it! ------- I received a free advanced review copy of this book via NetGalley.
JChris 4 months ago
This is the second book by Jenni Keer. I read her first book also, and adored it! Her second book is a gem also! She writes stories with characters of various ages taking a leading role in the plot. I love the older population and think they carry a wealth of knowledge from their years on earth. In this book, Maisie, the youngest child of her family is struggling with life. She recently left her job, her siblings are all over the globe and she comes to realize that she does not have many people to call true friends. The story is about loving people that are your blood family, but not always people you want to be around and that your family can include the people you love and chose to be close to. It is also about being brave and taking risks to better your life. I think the author does a wonderful job of character development. I know the people in the book as if they are really in my life. I went through the joys they did and also the heartbreaking situations. The plot flowed extremely well and the book was very easy to read. I was all consumed in the story and as always, in a Women’s Humorous Fiction book, I was looking for a happy ending. There are several twists and turns and I kept questioning my beliefs of how I thought the book would end. It was a great journey! I totally enjoyed this story and I hope Jenni Keer has many more stories to tell in the future. I really like her writing style. I want to thank Avon UK and for giving me the pleasure of reading the ARC of this book. My opinion is my own and not influenced by receiving the ARC.
JenaBooks 4 months ago
When I read Author Jenni Keer’s first book, The Hopes and Dreams of Lucy Baker, here’s how I described it. “…a story that evokes a certain adorable mood. This debut novel is part fairy tale, part Wizard of Oz, and completely loveable and engaging.” Once again, the same magic spins its joy in Ms. Keer’s second book, a humorous fiction novel. When we meet Maisie, she has a boyfriend and a job. By the second chapter in the book, she has no boyfriend, and no job. But, she does have Nigel, who is a…oh I’ll let you find that out for yourself. It’s delightful getting to know young-adult Maisie. In addition to the no job and no boyfriend situation, she has a fragmented family. But, she’s not one to say “Why me?” She fixes her job situation by taking a marketing position at Gildersleeves Antiques. What a wonderful part of the story- Gildersleeves has plenty of quirky characters, along with an equally exotic assortment of cast-offs, collectibles and treasures. And that’s how Maisie discovers a teapot from her past, which belonged to the Mayhew sisters. Is the teapot magical? Will it help her solve her other problems? The charm and strength of Ms. Keer’s books are the characters. And in this book, she has given us so many quirky, yet redeemable people to get to know and love. From the employees at Gildersleeves, to the six Mayhew sisters, and Maisie’s mother, father and four siblings, we have an abundance of treats to savor. My favorites (in addition to Maisie) were Arthur, an older, lonely man and Maisie’s emotional mother, Beverly. Although I really shouldn’t pick favorites as I am leaving out two very wonderful and important gentlemen. And then there’s that one guy at the care home. Throughout the story, Maisie continues to put one tidy and well-organized foot in front of the other, and she ends up being a “restorative tonic” for all. With themes of family, friendships, aging, and antiques, which are really all tied together, we find what’s important to cherish in Maisie’s unlikely life. Is Maisie a bit slow to catch on to things? Yes. But, by the end of this charming and totally satisfying book, Maisie works it out. And when she does, I felt as happy as Nigel. Everything comes together and even the garden gnomes find a place to belong. In the author notes, Ms. Keer mentioned that she was relieved to have completed the notoriously tricky second book. Not to worry- the story of Maisie surpasses the loveliness of the first book. There are so many more characters, feelings and thoughts, and so many perfect phrases and word pictures. I did feel confused by the first chapter of the book- but it was like unpacking a mixed-lot bin of collectibles- once I sorted it out, the pleasures were revealed. Enjoy this gentle, endearing book! Thanks to Netgalley, Avon Books UK and Rachels Random Resources for a review copy. This is my honest review.
GraceJReviewerlady 4 months ago
A super read! One I've enjoyed so much that I'm going to make sure that I add The Hopes and Dreams of Lucy Baker to my list. Maisie Meadows thinks it's about time something went right in her life; she needs a new job, has a strong desire to gather her widespread family close once more and perhaps New Year's day is the perfect time to begin to plan for the future. Who knows what the coming year will bring? What a novel! Beautifully written in an easy, flowing style which pulls the reader in from page one and keeps them in a firm grip until the very final one. A gorgeous story about life, work, relationships, new friends and, last but not least, family. The differing storylines are easily intertwined, and it makes for a smooth and immensely enjoyable read. Funny, delightful, and truly entertaining - this one really struck a chord with me and I could not find fault even if I wanted to. I will certainly look out for this author's future novels, I loved this one so much and the fabulous cover really drew me in to begin with. It has 'winner' stamped all over it, and is a solid five star read!