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The Unmasking

The Unmasking

by Kevin Flynn

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
The marriage of Ronda Hunter and Eddie Wyatt in 1975 seemed to be ordained by heaven, for the young Texans viewed their Pentecostal religion as the primary focus of their lives. They had arrived at their fundamentalist Christianity by vastly different routes: Ronda had been raised by parents who enforced strictures against drinking, smoking and dancing; she was trained to be a wife and mother who was subservient to her husband. Eddie, the child of a broken home, had found religion while imprisoned for robbery after spending time in reform schools. But within a few years of marriage, Eddie stopped having sex with his wife and became a serial rapist. He was convicted, divorced by Ronda and served a nine-and-a-half-year sentence before being paroled in 1991. After just 14 months of freedom, he was arrested again, charged with burglary with intent to commit sexual assault and other counts. He is awaiting trial. Rocky Mountain News reporter Flynn provides a disquieting, sensitive, in-depth depiction of Ronda's deluded love for her husband and her devastation at discovering his unsuspected criminality. As a subtext, we're also shown that the naive, trusting Ronda was almost destined to become a victim. (Mar.)
Library Journal - Library Journal
A repeat offender in his youth, Eddie Wyatt withstood six-month stays in the notorious Gatesville, Texas, reform school for petty theft and truancy. In prison on yet another burglary conviction, Eddie was given a religious tract by a cellmate that offered him a ray of hope and the possibility of altering the unstable course of his life. After his release, he immediately started to counsel troubled, aimless youth like himself at a Dallas Christian counseling center, where he met Ronda Jean Hunter, also a counselor. She befriended Eddie, knowing of his past, and before long married him. The Unmasking tells the heartbreaking story of their seven-year marriage. Eddie's deepening anger and despair, the author shows, isolated him from Ronda, pushing him back into drugs and alcohol, then into violent sexual assaults against women. Convicted on one rape charge, Eddie served time in prison (during which time Ronda filed for divorce) and was released in 1991. In November 1992, only 14 months later, Eddie was arrested on burglary and other charges. Texas revoked his parole; he awaits trial as of this writing. Flynn, a reporter for the Rocky Mountain News , has written a riveting book. A recommended addition to true crime shelves.-- Lisa Nussbaum, Euclid P.L., Ohio

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