The Unwritten Rules of Copywriting

The Unwritten Rules of Copywriting

by Dominic Gettins


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Copywriting is not taught in schools, yet it influences everyday life far more than logarithms or crop rotation. Copywriting is not taught in marketing departments or ad agencies, yet millions of pounds hang on its success or failure. But can a creative act be taught? Can you apply rules? Dominic Gettins believes so. "In The Unwritten Rules of Copywriting" Dominic Gettins divides the process of writing copy into eight practical steps:
• Know your target
• Do your research
• Answer the brief
• Be relevant
• Be objective
• Keep it simple
• Know your medium
• Be ambitious And they work. They are a proven success where used on courses and workshops, as well as in many successful advertising campaigns. Now you can apply them to your own work. If you're a seasoned copywriter this is a valuable source of ideas, quotes and examples reflecting the modern role of copy in advertising. If you're entirely new to the skill, you'll find rock-solid principles and the guidance you need to survive. And if you simply want to improve your written communication in the office, apply these rules and you'll be amazed at the improvement. These rules are not intended as edicts. They carry no penalties; they're merely a useful way to structure material and commit it to memory, and have been adopted by a number of organizations.

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ISBN-13: 9780749431419
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Publication date: 01/28/2001
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About the Author

Dominic Gettins' copywriting work has won many awards. His rules have been adopted by organizations, such as the BBC and Microsoft.

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