The U.S. Presidency

The U.S. Presidency

by Bill McAuliffe


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In the United States, ours is a government "of the people, by the people, for the people," according to Lincoln's famous Gettysburg Address. But how did the federal and state branches of government get to be so complex—and why did a separation of powers evolve in the first place? Aiming to demystify many of these issues in terms modern students can understand, By the People examines the history of American government, making use of maps, charts, call-outs, and other infographic-packed features to spotlight memorable facts and bolster the surrounding narrative. "We the People" sidebars provide biographical sketches of key figures, from senators and presidents to justices and mayors. A historical survey of the United States presidency, from its beginnings to current issues, including its role as executive and influential presidents such as Andrew Jackson.

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ISBN-13: 9781628322729
Publisher: Creative Company, The
Publication date: 02/07/2017
Series: By the People Series
Pages: 48
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Table of Contents

Introduction 4

George Washington said that when he became the first president of the United States, he felt like "a culprit who is going to his place of execution."…

Chapter 1 Still a Work in Progress 7

Before 1787, no one had ever heard of a government being led by a president. Kings and queens were common around the world then.…

Chapter 2 The People in the White House 17

Some would prefer that the president stick to the few duties outlined in Article II. But that job description doesn't say what the president cannot do.…

Chapter 3 Uncovering Powers 27

The President's responsibilities are far more extensive and detailed today than they were two centuries ago. When Washington was president, he met with a cabinet of four people.…

Chapter 4 The Path Of Presidential Power 37

Every four years, voters In the U.S. decide whom they want as president. According to the media and the candidates, every election is a critical one.…

George Washington First American President 9

Thomas Jefferson Scholarly diplomat 10

Andrew Jackson Militant "people's president" 19

Abraham Lincoln Eloquent Civil War leader 20

Theodore Roosevelt Tireless 20th-century reformer 29

Woodrow Wilson from academic to wartime chief 30

Franklin D. Roosevelt Longest-serving president 39

Richard Nixon Only Person to Resign the post 40


Endnotes 46

Selected Bibliography 47

Websites 47

Index 48

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