The Vampire Hunters (Book One Of The Vampire Hunters Trilogy)

The Vampire Hunters (Book One Of The Vampire Hunters Trilogy)

by Scott M. Baker
4.4 5


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The Vampire Hunters (Book One Of The Vampire Hunters Trilogy) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Magluvsya03 More than 1 year ago
So lemme start by say… YAY!!!! KILL THE VAMPERS!!! Lol you guys know I’m partial the to werewolves and normally don’t side with the bloodsuckers lol so this book was SO PERFECT for me! It’s horror/urban fantasy and it’s fast, action packed, crazy scary good!! I literally was riveted and clutching my blanket reading this because the first chapter is EXPLOSIVE!! Literally best action opening scene!! Think Die Hard meets Dracula- the original- meets Charlie’s angels, without the heel wearing chicks!! LOL So Drake is bad ass, I don’t think there’s another way to say this! And he’s an animal lover!! what’s not to love and he’s a human who kills vampires- yep I’m in lust!! Allison is just a cool chick, who’s also bad ass just in a different way! This is really such an interesting and unique story with a crazy plot! So many things I didn’t see coming!! meanwhile, there’s the human cops who want nothing more than to bring Allison and drake to justice for things they think they’ve committed. But is it really murder to kill the undead who will eat you in less than a second? And I can’t believe the amount of stress and pain that these kids endure! Well they are adults but you know what I mean if you were looking for sparkly lovable vampers, you’re in the wrong place! These vampires are NOT IN ANY WAY nice! Hell, they aren’t even nice smelling! Ammonia and putrified meat- gag me with a large wooden spoon!! Ick!! And then there’s Jessica, who’s a journalist assigned to uncover everything about Drake. She really just wants to make it in life but sometimes that’s not the best plan LOL But I like her character too I will say this- Mr Baker, thank you for the gory, action packed, fantastic, seat defying, thrill ride!! And thanks for putting vampires back to the crazy house!! Lol I like shiny things, just not undead vamps I have a feeling I may get punched or mauled soon by my vamper loving friends real soon! Hahaha 5 PAWS!!
MarikaTX More than 1 year ago
Before starting this book, I kept thinking Buffy and her little gang of vampire hunters. I know, I know and I loved Buffy (while she was in high school) What I got was a fast paced thriller that is not for the faint of heart. Its a ride that leaves you breathless and wanting more in the end. Allison and Drake are former cops that are move to Washington DC to hunt and kill vampires. Through well developed backstory, you understand how they came to be vampire hunters. There is a small hint of Allison’s attraction to Drake that I hope is developed more in the later books. I’m a sucker for romance…even in a thriller. Mr. Baker has created a world that is fascinating as its horrible. The vampires are truly evil and vile. There are no sparkly vammpires in Washington. Only the depraved vampires exist in this world. We are introduced to the two most evil vampires that I’ve ever seen. Former lovers/vampires, Ion and Toni are fighting for totaly rule in their nest. I almost felt something for them reading their backstory but reality pulled me back in and wouldn’t let me. The plot and pacing are well developed and there is never a dull moment. The action scenes are brutal but necessary. Its a thriller dear readers, not a paranormal romantic suspense. Its good versus true evil and the battle that ensues. Graphic, with dead on dialogue, I finished this book in a day. I thought about it the next day and wrote the review. It left me thinking of what would happen if this world truly existed. I didn’t like what I thought but that was the point of reading. What if? Watch out for a rabbit named Van Helsing. That’s all I’m going to say about that. I know, tease that I am. I can’t wait for the rest of this series. Thought provoking, horrible but truly fascinating in a twisted way. *I received a copy as part of a blog tour for a fair and honest review*
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Beauty_in_Ruins More than 1 year ago
More than any other 'monster' in literary history, the vampire has experienced a significant evolution over the last few decades. It has been romanticized, eroticized, moralized, and humanized, until what was once a straightforward staple of horror fiction has become a genre all on its own. It used to be that you knew what to expect when somebody handed you a vampire book, but now you're just as likely to get a watered-down, young adult, faith-fuelled romance as you are a decent thriller. Call me a traditionalist, but I'll take the good guys hunting bad vamps any day of the week - which is precisely where The Vampire Hunters comes in. In case you couldn't tell by the title, Scott M. Baker has crafted a 'classic' vampire tale, one where a pair of ex-cops and their ex-criminal sidekick must do battle with creatures from the wrong side of the crypt. Drake and Alison are your typical vampire-hunter heroes, out-matched and out-muscled by their supernatural foes, and mistrusted and misunderstood by their human colleagues. They're well-developed, with just enough background details to carry the story along, and a solid working relationship that flirts with just the right amount of romantic tension. It's James who really brings the team to life, though, a late addition who fulfills the standard role of armourer/apprentice, but who has a back story worthy of its own book. There's even a mysterious benefactor, one with enough money and power to keep the team safe from police interference, and a crack journalist, slumming with a tabloid rag in search of her big break, to round out the human element. Similarly, Ion and Toni are your typical vampires, centuries old lovers-turned-rivals who are more interested in vengeance than in self-preservation. It's their back story that really brings the story up an extra notch, establishing not just their supernatural existence, but their cruel behaviour. The early flashback where they escape a horde of WWII flamethrower-carrying soldiers, in a stolen Russian tank no less, is precisely where I went from reader to fan. Toni carries much of the present day action, but the spectre of Ion is always there, ready to rear his ugly head at the right moment. In terms of action, this is a kick-butt tale that borrows from the best of action, thriller, and horror genres. The early chase scene, with Drake clinging tenaciously to the back of a vampire-driven tanker truck, is nothing but pulse-pounding fun until its fiery end. Not to be outdone, there is a crazy, claustrophobic, paranoid battle within a darkened theatre that concludes up the tale, one which probably carries on a bit too long, but which keeps the reader absolutely breathless until the sun comes up. There were some definite twists to the story that surprised me but, for the most part, this was exactly what I was expecting - a solid, enjoyable tale of ordinary heroes out to exterminate the vampires preying upon their city. Violent, gruesome, and vulgar where it needs to be, The Vampire Hunters is clearly a book where the author had as much fun in the writing as we do in the reading.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago