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The Vanishing of Owen Taylor

The Vanishing of Owen Taylor

by Kyle Michel Michel Sullivan
The Vanishing of Owen Taylor

The Vanishing of Owen Taylor

by Kyle Michel Michel Sullivan

Paperback(2nd ed.)

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Was it murder? Suicide? Or did Owen Taylor disappear to avoid prosecution for rape? No one knew, and his one plea for help was a cryptic note sent to his nephew, Jacob Blaine ... at his old address in Copenhagen.

Jake was not having an easy go of it, right then. He was stuck in Texas, his estranged mother was battling cancer, his dream job in Denmark wanted him to come back ... NOW, and what was worse -- his lover, Antony, was acting as if he wanted to end things between them. It was shredding him inside.

But Jake owed a lot to Uncle Owen, so he made a quick trip to Palm Springs to see what he could do ... and found a city being torn apart by a religious organization named PSALMS. Owen had fought them with some success ... however, his disappearance changed the whole dynamic.

The more Jake dug into what was going on, the more he found lies, deceit and treachery. Some very wealthy interests were revving up hate and distrust of the city's gay population, and behind it all was a shadowy figure who would do everything possible to keep their true motives hidden.

Even if that meant making Jake vanish, as well.

This is a follow-up to Rape in Holding Cell 6.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781734418194
Publisher: Kmscb
Publication date: 05/21/2021
Edition description: 2nd ed.
Pages: 344
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.72(d)

About the Author

Kyle Michel Sullivan is a writer and self-involved artist out to change the world until it changes him ... as has already happened in far too many ways. He has written books that range from sunshine and light (David Martin) to cold and dark (How To Rape A Straight Guy, which has been banned a couple of times) to flat out crazy (The Lyons' Den) to rom-com mainstream (The Alice '65). He has now ventured into SF-Horror-Suspense with The Beast in the Nothing Room and taken Capitalism to its logical extreme in Hunter. The Vanishing of Owen Taylor is a follow-up to another of his dark books, Rape in Holding Cell 6 (which has also been banned a couple of times; sample follows) ... but in this one, Jake is the protagonist instead of Antony. He is now working to complete A Place of Safety, his Irish novel, using Tolstoy as his guide, and is also finishing up a character-study about a stained glass artist in Dair's Window. His goal is to build characters as vivid and real as possible, and has a lot of fun doing it - mixed with angst, anger, and amazement ... but that's the lot of a writer.

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