The Viking Stone Age: Birth of the Ax Culture

The Viking Stone Age: Birth of the Ax Culture

by Njord Kane

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The Viking Stone Age: Birth of the Ax Culture by Njord Kane

The Story of the Vikings during the early Nordic Stone Age time period.  The first ancient Norsemen. A span of some thousands of years concisely covering the evolution the Stone Age Norse people. A whole new world of understanding about the ancient Vikings has been opened up by new archaeological discoveries and studies. 

This was the birth of the Viking Battle Axe Culture, so well known during the Viking Age of Norse Expansionism.  The evolving culture of the primitive Norse that eventually created their first Battle Axes made from stone and copper during the Nordic Stone Age time period.

Easy to read and very interesting. Providing a quick and concise journey through major events of primitive Norse Stone Age history. Highlights of major aspects in primitive Norse knowledge and technology. Discussed are shared technologies between the Ancient Norse, Inuit (Eskimo), and other North American Aborigines that may have had made contact with The Stone Age Norse – lost in time.

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Publication date: 11/01/2016
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