The Voyages of Delticos

The Voyages of Delticos

by Peter Tomlinson


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The Voyages of Delticos by Peter Tomlinson

THEY ARE FOUR - the scribe, the outcast, the stranger and one only half human.

But the storm-lashed little band in its pathetic wooden boat is the last hope of a dying people devastated by plague and famine and ravaged by a desperate army of marauding cutthroats.

Delticos, Kadrik, Bantius and the Man Half Made battle tyranny and lies, epidemic and dark superstition armed with only raw courage and the wisdom of ages to save a doomed race from extinction.

Peter Tomlinson throws us back into the mists of memory when the earth was young, yet old; simple, yet complex; gentle, yet violent, in a satisfyingly self-contained novel that is also the pinnacle of his acclaimed Petronicus Legacy series.

The Voyages of Delticos closes the circle of a ten-generation saga in which sages and warriors stand shoulder-to-shoulder in a war against ignorance and savagery to save the ancient world from an eternal dark age.

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ISBN-13: 9781905202607
Publisher: Bewrite Books
Publication date: 09/26/2007
Pages: 332
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.74(d)

About the Author

Peter Tomlinson was born on Merseyside, England. He was evacuated during the World War II blitz to a remote hill farm in North Wales. There was little entertainment for children in wartime and listening to stories on the wireless was important. The radio stimulated his imagination in a way that today's multi-media does not - the scenery is better.

After the war he received a rudimentary education where his most vivid memories are his teacher's well told stories, and just mooning around and daydreaming. It was during his secondary education that his involvement in story telling began. Whenever the teacher was engaged in administrative duties, Peter was brought out and told to stand in front of the class and tell a tale. This happened so often that making up stories on the spur of the moment became second nature.

He left school at the age of fifteen, worked briefly in a shipyard and as a messenger boy for an American Telegraph Company in Liverpool. He was conscripted into the British Army in his late teens and this is when his interest in writing really began. Whilst serving in Cyprus in the Royal Signals, he found time during endless hours on Morse radio links to jot down ideas for poetry and short stories. On demobilisation he completed his first novel (unpublished) and studied for a university degree in order to pursue an academic career.

Peter Tomlinson is a widely published poet. He reads his work to live audiences at poetry festivals. He is a BeWrite short story writer and has self- published two collections of his short stories and epigrams. The Stones of Petronicus is his first BeWrite Books novel.

He is happily married to Margaret and lives in rural England. Margaret acts as his in-house editor and nothing is submitted to editors without having passed her critical eye.

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