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Walk [Bonus Tracks]

The Walk [Bonus Tracks]

4.6 6
by Hanson

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Going independent was not only the best choice for Hanson, it was in many ways their only choice: they needed to prove that they could stand on their own as a band, to find their way into adulthood on their own. As they were leaving their adolescence behind, they began to battle the major labels, who thought the band should go in a different


Going independent was not only the best choice for Hanson, it was in many ways their only choice: they needed to prove that they could stand on their own as a band, to find their way into adulthood on their own. As they were leaving their adolescence behind, they began to battle the major labels, who thought the band should go in a different direction than the trio itself did, eventually leading them to form their own label, 3CG Records, releasing Underneath in 2004 as their first indie release. It showcased a band with exceptional pop smarts -- the kind of instincts that make for great pop records but don't really have much of an outlet in the 2000s outside of independent releases. Its 2007 follow-up, The Walk, is very much in the same vein, except it reveals the band developing a bit of a middlebrow adult contemporary streak, best heard in the plodding wannabe anthem "Watch Over Me," which is a bit too self-conscious in its good intentions. As always, Hanson shines when they devote themselves to pure pop, and The Walk has several exceptional moments here, including the deliriously good "Running Man," which shivers and shakes like classic '70s soft rock; the sleek, funky "Tearing It Down"; the bubbly, infectious "I've Been Down," propelled by a classic electric piano riff that brings it close to the bastard son of Steve Winwood and Billy Joel; the closing "Something Going Round," which updates "MMMBop" by keeping things lean and muscular. Even "Got a Hold on Me," heard on the bonus track-laden American version, demonstrates where they could go with their ballads, in how it marries a spooky verse evocative of Radiohead (complete with an extraneous cancer reference) to a poppy chorus -- it feels more natural, and is more memorable than much of the muddled middlebrow ballads here. Fortunately, that midtempo murk may loom large in the memory but doesn't really make for too much of the record -- enough to be noticeable, but not enough to make The Walk anything less than another very enjoyable pop album from Hanson. It's just that there's an excellent, tight, concise pop masterpiece buried within this slightly overstuffed but worthy record.

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Entertainment Weekly - Leah Greenblatt
When did Hanson become Maroon 3?....the apple-cheeked brothers have a shockingly similar (if decidedly less slick) funk-rock fixation. [B+]

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Three Car Garage

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Hanson   Primary Artist
Zac Hanson   Acoustic Guitar
Danny Kortchmar   Conga
Miles Zuniga   Guitar,Soloist
Isaac Hanson   Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Percussion,Electric Guitar,Vocals,Synthesizer Strings
Taylor Hanson   Percussion,Piano,Drums,Horn,Hammond Organ,Vocals,Clavinet,Bells,Wurlitzer,Toy Piano,Synthesizer Strings
Walker Hanson   Hand Clapping
Kenneth Wyatt   Bass,Harmonica
William James McAuley   Acoustic Guitar
Zachary Hanson   Acoustic Guitar,Percussion,Piano,Drums,Electric Guitar,Vocals
Diana Hanson   Hand Clapping
River Hanson   Hand Clapping
Palesa Khokeletso   Choir Director
Chris Rezanson   Triangle,Bells,Sampling
DD Dliwayo School Choir, Soweto, South Africa   Vocals
Zoe Hanson   Hand Clapping
Jessica Hanson   Hand Clapping
River Hanson   Hand Clapping
Ezra Hanson   Hand Clapping
Avery Hanson   Hand Clapping
Kate Hanson   Hand Clapping
Nikki Hanson   Hand Clapping
Iris Ministries Zimpeto Center Choir   Vocals
Penelope Hanson   Hand Clapping
Mackenzie Hanson   Hand Clapping
Natalie Hanson   Hand Clapping
Kevin Wyatt   Bass Guitar

Technical Credits

Zac Hanson   Composer
Danny Kortchmar   Programming,Producer,Audio Production
Hanson   Audio Production
Isaac Hanson   Composer,Engineer
Taylor Hanson   Composer
Bleu   Audio Production
Craig Alvin   Engineer
Adam Zappa   Engineer

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The Walk 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I didn't get the import cd. I bought the actual album while in the UK... So, this is my review minus the Import bonus tracks... OK, I'll be the first to admit that I was not a fan of Hanson in their "mmmbopp stage". However, they have now matured to a band that writes and plays not what other people want, but what they feel is right for them. I didn't know they were around any more until I saw their Great Divide music video on the tv. As I watched that video I had no idea who the band was, but I certainly had to find out. Much to my great surprise it was Hanson. I went back and bought their previous album Underneath and it was good, I liked most of the tracks. Then when this album came out I had to check it out. Up to the release I downloaded the podcast from iTunes and watched their Underneath podcast which exposes the American Music Industry and the corruption that the average consumer doesn't know about. Then they had a podcast for The Walk which featured the making of just about every track. I kid you not, by watching this podcast I had a greater appreciation for all bands that wrote and played their own music. Now about The Walk. This is an absolutely great album that I think a lot of people would like if they didn't know it was by Hanson. As a band they have such a negative stigma in America and if you liked them as a kid, well, you just didn't let anyone know. This album is completely different. I played some of the tracks for friends without telling them the artist and they loved it. When I told them it was Hanson they were blown away. I can listen to this album without skipping over any tracks. **Great Divide** - Has a gospel feel to it without going too far. They incorporate the rock nicely with the guitar and drum beats that really pull everything together. **Been There Before** - This is honestly my favorite track, it has an infectious beat that gets everyone moving their heads. Really great melodies and interesting lyrics. **Georgia** - A typical track of sorts, but has an upbeat tempo that keeps you entertained. **Watch Over Me** - This is just a great track lyrically. "She waits and takes her place in line, never bothers asking why. The mirror sheds no light at all. The days turn into lesser days until there's only night and light wouldn't help... she's too far gone." It is a song that everyone can relate to, everyone knows someone like that. A person that is stuck in a rut and daily seems to be going in the same direction. It would be a sad song, but Isaac has that gruff voice that strains in the high notes and makes into a bit of an alternative track. **Running Man** - A "party track" as it says in the first couple seconds. Totally upbeat, not totally rock, but the vocals are excellent. **Go** - Ok, there is a music video out about this one so I'll let you form your own opinion... YouTube it. **Fire On the Mountain** - Powerful message and it isn't hidden, they put it out there and if you have any background in the subject you'll get it.... "We sit secure in time-honored traditions made. Never wondering where or when the Sickle may come. If we don't seek our knowledge to be greater men. When the rain Starts falling gonna drown before we get our feet wet." **One More** - The piano ties holds this track together. A bit slower than most of the other tracks, except Go. However, it isn't that horribly slow mushy track. This one also has a great message. **Blue Sky** - Comes in nicely after a slower track and is upbeat with a bit of the African choir that can be heard in Great Divide. **Tearing It Down** - While Blue Sky had almost a painful note in the vocals this track is a bit more smooth. However, the track doesn't stop - you can always hear the drums and the guitar through everyt
Anonymous More than 1 year ago