The Walk Ins; Becoming Human

The Walk Ins; Becoming Human

by Francis Peter Koppenhagen


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Meet Rai, he's a young and handsome Prince who has just got married, is on his honeymoon and is so in love with his young and beautiful wife, Princess Jez. Being famous royalty have made them both quite the 'cover-story' and their wedding was intended to mend broken alliances between Rai's people and Jez's. Unfortunately though, their honeymoon is abruptly interrupted, rather sadly for them both when Rai is given a special and most urgent mission by his Aunt and Queen, one that takes both Rai and Jez and changes their lives completely, forever.
Now Rai and Jez aren't human, they live on another faraway planet in another distant star system. Rai is around twelve feet tall, royal blue skin colour and has psychic abilities enabling him to control peoples' actions. Jez has similar abilities and she can alter peoples' feelings, she is only nine feet tall and is the palest white colour imaginable. Rai is from The Pleiades constellation and Jez is from a neighbouring planet named Dracos.
Accepting a perilous mission that is fraught with danger, they both naively agree to have their souls removed from their bodies and sent into the bodies of aliens on a faraway planet named Earth. They really don't have any clue what's in store for them, what they are risking, what they are giving up and especially don't realize the gravity of what they are getting themselves into. If they did, they probably; no make that definitely, would never have agreed.
All they know is that they love each other implicitly and are doing this for their Queen, to help save this planet called Earth from a hostile alien invasion. Entrusting that they will again somehow find one another, both are sent to Earth as souls and take on human hosts for the very first time. Nothing is ever easy though and both end up separated, alone and incredibly vulnerable to attack.
Book one of 'The Walk Ins' three book series tells how Rai progresses in his search to reunite himself with Jez and they both then continue on with their mission to save the Earth from hostile alien invasion. With all best intentions they undertake their mission with heartfelt enthusiasm but find the challenges they face to be incredibly daunting and dangerous.
They are told they possibly might be able to rally allies on Earth for some assistance, but only if they can reach them in time and convince them to help. That's also a feat in itself as the human allies were not so well treated the last time the 'aliens' were ruling on Earth. And now that Rai and Jez are in human bodies, their fragility makes them easy targets for other hostile 'aliens' to attack them and try to sabotage the mission. That's because there are many races on Earth, many varying alien races and all with sinister covert agendas. Some helping, others hindering but who can you trust when you literally know nothing and are weakened, alone and defenceless? Poor Rai and Jez just don't have a clue.
Drawing on expertise, courage and sheer good old fashioned bravado, both Rai and Jez make the best of bad situations in the hope that they can honour their Queen's request, help save humanity and get back to their real bodies on their home-world and ultimately resume their lives and hopefully their honeymoon...
... or will they?
It's a fast paced story, each chapter is told from either Rai's or Jez's perspective as their experiences converge and then ultimately continue their journey together. Twists and turns and revelations unfold to hook the reader in and make this a compelling and thought provoking story that will broaden the horizons of anyone who really dares to dream.
With Gods and angels, aliens and evil creatures, The Walk Ins pushes boundaries, opens up possibilities and makes our preconceived idea of the concept of Armageddon look like mere infantile child's play.
Will anyone on Earth ultimately survive? Will anyone left really care?
God only knows.

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ISBN-13: 9781469965758
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/14/2012
Pages: 546
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.10(d)

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